Ridgid SeeSnake CS10 – Thumb Drive Video Inspection Recording

It seems like the technology keeps changing when it comes to Ridgid SeeSnake Monitors and recording equipment. For a long time VHS was king, well after DVDs were the standard for movie watching. Eventually it all switched over to DVD but now there are several more recording options. The Explorer with microREEL uses SD cards, LT1000 saves direct to a laptop and now the new SeeSnake 12” Monitor CS10 ($3868, Ohio Power Tool) can record directly onto USB thumb drives.

This does not mean the DVD recording option will go away as the DVDPak ($2648, Ohio Power Tool) is definitely still the most common and economical way to leave a customer with a copy of the video. Because DVDs are pennies vs thumb drives at a few bucks a pop we think this will stay the same for the near future but as more of the videos are passed online with emails it may not be an issue that much longer. The CS10 also has a much larger screen at 12.1” and dual battery bay for all day life of the system.

The system also integrates perfectly with the SeeSnake HQ (download free now) which makes it easy to go from the monitor to a computer easily with the thumb drive. From there you can save the job details, send pictures and videos anywhere. Watch the video below for more information on the CS10 but with so many recording options you may also want to consider talking to the SeeSnake experts at Ohio Power Tool 800-242-4424.




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