Ridgid SeeSnake CS6 Monitor with rM200 Video Inspection System

Ridgid CS6

About a year ago the folks at Ridgid launched a new SeeSnake camera reel called the SeeSnake Max rM200 42348 ($6155, Ohio Power Tool) which had a brand new design, more compact, standard self-leveling, easier to transport, easier to maintain, and promised to have an all-in-one battery operated system… someday. Well it looks like someday is here with the new SeeSnake CS6 Digital Monitor 45138 ($1932, Ohio Power Tool) that will now attach to the rM200 and power the full system off the new Ridgid 4.0Ah batteries.

CS6 Video Monitor

The new monitor records onto USB thumb drives like the larger CS10 and our thought is we will be seeing this setup become the most popular for Ridgid in the very near future at around 20-30% less than a more traditional configuration. For questions on any of the Ridgid SeeSnake Camera Systems call the pros at Ohio Power Tool 800-242-4424, also for more info on the CS6 check out the Ridgid press release and video tutorial below.

ELYRIA, OHIO – The RIDGID® SeeSnake® CS6 Digital Recording Monitor is the latest addition to the company’s lineup of Diagnostics and Inspection products. Designed for fast and efficient field work and equipped with SeeSnake HQ Software, the CS6 is the first handheld RIDGID monitor designed with all of the durability and recording functionality of a traditional monitor.

Ideal for residential or commercial work, the new recording monitor captures still images and video clips and allows users to quickly and easily edit, archive and deliver reports direct to customers through USB thumb drives or via print, DVD and online.  Additional features include a 5.7” daylight-readable LCD screen to provide crisp, clear in-pipe images; a water-resistant keypad for direct control of camera and monitor functions; an on-screen keyboard for basic titling and text entry and an integrated microphone and speakers for adding voiceovers to and playing back over custom reports.

The CS6, which conveniently docks onto the SeeSnake Max rM200 Camera System for transportation and storage, is compatible with the full line of RIDGID SeeSnake Reels.

“The CS6 packs the essential features to document a job extremely well in the field,” said James McGregor, Director of Global Marketing at RIDGID. “The direct-to-USB feature is especially important because it allows users to provide an on-the-spot record of the inspection to their customers, a service that will help their business stand out.”



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