Ridgid SeeSnake Monitor CS65 Full Keyboard & 1 Terabyte Hard Drive

Ridgid CS65

Some time ago the good folks at Ridgid launched a brand new 200’ SeeSnake reel RM200 ($6217) which promised to create an all in 1 portable cordless system for doing pipe inspections. Unfortunately at the time they did not launch it with any monitors that could be mounted on board so the initial response was a little weak. More recently the CS6 ($1951) monitor came out which bolted right on the top and powered everything with the onboard 18V battery and all was good. There were however still a goofy looking pair of tabs on top (see below) which served no purpose until now. With the launch of the Ridgid SeeSnake CS65 Monitor ($3906) that includes a full QWERTY keyboard and 1 TB internal hard drive these tab serve to lock the monitor in place for easy transportation.

Ridgid Monitor CS65

SeeSnake CS65

This new Ridgid monitor mounts nicely to the RM200 reel however it would not be very comfortable to use while mounted like the smaller CS6 unit. The CS65 will be pretty revolutionary because with 1 Terabyte of storage you can save a ton of video footage right in the monitor. The multiple USB slots allows you to easily swap files. The full keyboard means you can enter more detailed notes at the time of the job and keep everything way more organized. The CS65 monitor is the same price as the CS10 ($3906) monitor which still offers a larger viewing screen but doesn’t have the keyboard or hard drive.

CS65 Ridgid

When looking into a full Ridgid SeeSnake System or even a partial upgrade it is always a good idea to contact the pros at Ohio Power Tool 800-242-4424. Also if you are in central Ohio area Thursday, September 24th the folks at Ohio Power Tool will be hosting the regions Ridgid Roadshow with special discounts, freebies, lunch, live demos (including the CS65) and of course a calendar girl on site to sign calendars and snap a picture with.

Ridgid SeeSnake CS65

Cordless CS65



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