Skil Quick Select 360 Pocket Driver


I got my hands on a Skil Quick Select 360 ($49, Amazon) Pocket Driver , and I have to say that it is a nifty little tool. It is basically the Skil 4 volt pocket driver (that also can double as a wine opener) that comes complete with a 12 bit carousel fully integrated into the tool. You can see all the different screw heads that this thing can turn in the pictures below.


With only 4 volts this isn’t exactly a heavy duty screwdriver, but the fact that they are all attached to the screwdriver and don’t come out makes for a great addition to any dorm room, apartment or any other situation where you  need a versatile tool that does not take up a lot of space. They are also chargeable via micro USB or the same charger that most Android phones take. Last I checked there were available for under $50, so you can also pick one up on the cheap if you have a need for such a tool. Also would make a great gift for anyone who might not have a lot of tool expertise.



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