Skilsaw 8” Metal Cutting Saw OUTLAW SPT78W-22

Skilsaw OUTLAW Wormdrive

When it comes to cutting metal in the field there are several different options between bandsaws, grinders, recip saws, chop saws, circular saws, torches just to name a few. A metal specific circular saw such as the Skilsaw OUTLAW SPT78MMC-22 ($319) offers some significant advantages in many different applications, lower sparks than grinding, minimal burrs, cold-cut won’t warp the metal, continuous cutting can make long straight cuts, long blade life, deeper 2-3/4” cutting, collects majority of the metal chips, just to name a few. This 8” saw uses the Skilsaw Wormdrive 15 amp motor that had been trusted for years on the job when power and performance are needed, packed with the Diablo Cerment II blades for a metal cutting dynamic duo!

In use this saw performs incredibly well, with nearly the same motor Skilsaw uses in the Sawsquatch 10-1/4” circular saw and their new 10” Table Saw so no question the WormDrive is a beast. But that means it is also a bit on the heavy side. We really like the handles and weight distribution so ergonomically it works very well. There is pretty good visibility to the work surface, aided by the clear window at the point of contact. The chip collector does a respectable job of gathering most of those tiny metal shavings which are no fun to clean up later. The OUTLAW is without question a solid professional tool for metal cutting.

Skilsaw 8' Metal Saw


Being the new kids on the block the OUTLAW does have an uphill battle with some established players in the market. Specifically this saw goes head to head with the Milwaukee 8” Metal Saw 6370-21 ($299) which got an update recently to a 13 amp direct drive motor and 2-9/16” depth. The other option, MK Morse 9” Metal Devil NXT CSM9NXTB ($372) which offers a larger 3-1/4” depth and a 0-45° bevel if you should need to cut metal on an angle. We have also seen cordless options between 5-3/8” to 5-7/8” from Milwaukee, Makita, Bosch and others but as of yet no cordless 8” metal saws. We would not be surprised to see a Dewalt FlexVolt or Makita 18Vx2 model in 2018 or even a Skilsaw OUTLAW cordless for that matter.

Skilsaw Metal Cutting OUTLAW

SPT78MMC-22 Skilsaw



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