SKILSAW WormDrive 10” Table Saw SPT99-12

Skilsaw Table Saw SPT99

The team at SKILSAW has been very focus on innovating in corded power tools, which has gone mostly overlooked by other big names in power tools that are consumed with moving everything cordless. The SKILSAW power trains for the most part use high performance motors and WormDrive system are the foundation of most innovation and really work to squeeze every watt of possible power out of your standard 110V service. This new SKILSAW 10” WormDrive Table Saw SPT99-12 ($499) features the most powerful jobsite saw motor we’ve come a crossed, a very nice cart as well as some other nice features which we think will make this saw a very popular jobsite solution.

Our first recommendation for a jobsite table saw is still going to remain the SawStop JSS-MCA ($1299) simply for the safety aspect of greatly minimizing all blade contact saw injuries. Looks like SawStop will have an uncontested patent on this feature for the remainder of the decade with the demise of Bosch’s REAXX Saw. At an $800 premium over the SKILSAW and other competitive saws however many may choose not to pay for this increased level of safety. If you’ve ruled out the SawStop the next logical options have been the Bosch 4100-09 ($599) or Dewalt DWE7491RS ($579) and this is where the SKILSAW SPT99-12 takes aim and we think makes a very compelling competitor.

Skilsaw SPT99-12 Motor

Summoning the inner Tim Taylor, this new SKILSAW delivers on More Power with its largest motor yet 54mm vs 37mm used in their 10” Compact Table Saw SPT70WT-22 ($379 w/stand) which we’ve used and it deliver a lot of power already! It’s been well established the WormDrive gearing transfers torque very efficiently to the blade and this saw is another terrific example of just that! These systems are power hogs, you may have noticed the cordless “Rear Handle” saws hitting the market don’t use the WormDrive style gears for just that reason, tons of power but also require lots of juice and would make short work of any battery charge.

SkilSaw Table Saw Rack & Pinion

The Rack & Pinon guide rails is designed to keep the fence and whole system square and true for many years of tough work conditions. There are 3 fence positions which can easily be moved for different applications. We found the fence and blade to be square out of the box as well as the ruler measurements to be very accurate. Of course you want to always check these measurements with any miter or table saw first thing, check out the video below for more on checking out of box accuracy for this saw with Workshop Addicts (SPT99-11 is same saw but -11 means comes with SKIL Blade, -12 means comes with premium Freud Diablo Blade)!

There are some pretty smart steps taken to handle large sheet goods with this saw. The 30-1/2” capacity means you can rip 4’x8’ material very effectively. There is a drop down material support on the fence as well as material support as part of the frame to the left. The fence and support surfaces however leave much to be desired in the way of surface tension, if you’re used to a smooth gliding fence this can be a bit jerky which is really our only criticism here. This can certainly be rectified and for under $500 we would not expect a composite fence or anything.

SPT99-12 Material Support
Skilsaw 10" WormDrive SPT99-12


The Cart Stand is very well thought out, seems like they looked at what was on the market and figured out a couple nice ways to improve upon that. Huge 16” wheels for going over rocks, through mud, up stairs or wherever you need a table saw these. The design also provides 2 large spaces which are begging for a right size toolbox or storage solution to get all your tools on and off the job with the saw.

SPT99-12 Storage

The left side material support does a great job helping with large sheet goods, also allows for storage in transport, protects the saw in transportation but also found it to be a very handy support to make a quick on the go work bench with a couple clamps and spare melamine. If this were going to continue to be my go to table saw we’d probably build a fitted top to have for assembly or what have you.

SkilSaw SPT99-12 WormDrive Saw
Skilsaw Wormdrive Table Saw

For any questions, parts, repairs or anything else related to SKILSAW Tools give the experts at Ohio Power Tool a call 800-242-4424 they are always happy to help you find the right tool for the job. Check out SKILSAW’s video below for testimonials from actual users of the SPT99-12 table saw on the job.



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