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Rivet Faster & Easier with Milwaukee’s New M12 Rivet Tool

It’s that time of the year when Milwaukee’s New Product Symposium #NPS18 is coming up which means new products nearly every week! This one is very exciting, Milwaukee is expanding their M12 series with a new cordless Rivet Tool. It’s designed for professional trades to simplify the riveting process. Thanks to the M12 technology, the new tool rivets up to 2x faster than hand tools and can pop up to 3/16″ stainless steel rivets. (more…)

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Milwaukee Tools 2017 Holidays for the PROs

Each year we work to cut through the holiday hype and find the tool deals for professional! There are plenty of promotions out there for $99 cordless drill kit, they have their place but there are also some great deals to be had for professional tools as well from the top brands, today we are just looking at Milwaukee Tools (other brands coming very soon)!

Milwaukee Holidays 2017

One of the Big Deals this season is for FREE Tools, 2 Tool FUEL Combo Kits (2897-22 or 2796-22) as well as the M18 FUEL Miter Saw 10” 2734-21HD and you get your choice of a Free FUEL Tool: M18 Grinder 2780-20, M18 Mid-Torque Impact 2861-20, M18 7-1/4” Circ Saw 2731-20, M18 9.0Ah Battery 48-11-1890,
M18 Rocket Light 2130-20 or a M18 Sawzall 2720-20 which is the most common choice at a $199 value. (more…)

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Milwaukee M12 Micro-USB, Car Charger or Solar Power Source

M12 Micro-USB power

For many years Milwaukee has offered the ability to use their batteries to charge your phone via USB. The current M12 Power Source 49-24-2310 ($27) and M18 Power Source 49-24-2371 ($30) are quickly becoming a staple for pros that have Milwaukee batteries as a great way to charge their devices on the go. This new M12 Power Source Micro-USB 48-59-1202 ($49) goes 1 step further and allows you to charge any M12 Battery on the go. (more…)

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Milwaukee Tool New Product Symposium NPS17

Milwaukee tool NPS17

Well 2017 marked the 10th year of Milwaukee Tool New Product Symposiums and the anticipation was very high. With tool competitors launching technologies with higher voltages, new cells and multiple batteries the expectation was that the red team might have something big to announce but alas no big news on the battery tech. When pressed why they have not gone to 20700 cells for their batteries the general consensus was the cells don’t offer enough performance gain over the 18650. Perhaps holding out for the new 2170 cells but that means at least another year before we might see something.

Tools we didn’t see: M18 track saws, M18 chainsaws, M18 table saws, M18 battery bank power stations or M18 (6”, 7”) grinders. Perhaps these are waiting on the new battery tech to catch up or maybe duel batteriers but certainly something has got to be in the works on these fronts. That being said we did see a ton of very exciting tools and accessories targeting many different trades and users. (more…)

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Milwaukee M12 Build Your Own Kit Promotion

m12 build your own

Until the end of the year, Milwaukee is letting users build their own kit in the M12 cordless tool platform. This is kind of a complicated promotion, so bear with me while I try to explain it. (more…)

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Makita Launches 18V Caulk Gun LXGC011, Competes Directly with Milwaukee M12 & M18

Makita vs Milwaukee Caulk

Milwaukee Tool seemed to have cornered the battery powered caulk gun for the past decade with their Nicd 14.4v tool 6562-21, which is actually still being requested. This original Milwaukee gun put out 620 lbs force and was the industry standard for a long time. Over the past 2 years Milwaukee has launched several M18 Caulk Guns as well as M12 Caulk Guns which have replaced the predecessor. Makita however is certainly not planning to leave the Red team untested in this arena and will be launching several of their own 18V Caulk Guns including the LXGC011 ($330) which are claiming the highest dispensing force at 1,100 lbs. (more…)

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Milwaukee M12 HammerVac 2306-22 Plays Nice with Others

m12 hammervac

The Milwaukee M12 HammerVac’s March release seeks to solve a problem that exists in the realm of dust extracting in drilling applications. While many tool brands have a vacuum/hammer drill combo, it only works with a specific drill or in a specific way. The Milwaukee M12 HammerVac 2306-22 is designed to be compatible with most existing SDS rotary hammers and corded and cordless hammer drills.


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Milwaukee M12 Fuel Eyes Bigger Competition

M12 Fuel vs 18V

Milwaukee Tools has slated the Milwaukee M12 Fuel series for a release in February 2013. These tools, which are an expansion of the already popular M18 Fuel series, not only feature brushless motors and other upgrades to the internal mechanics of the tool, but will be accompanied by the release of M12 REDLITHIUM batteries in new 2.0 Ah and 4.0 Ah capacities. These new features will combine to make a tool with significantly more run time, power, and torque that Milwaukee hopes will be able to compete with other brands’ 18V compact tools. (more…)

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Milwaukee Tool, What’s to Come Second Half of 2011


We are not sure how many times the words “disruptive innovation” were used in the single day Milwaukee press event but certainly it was much higher than we could have counted. While we are still not 100% sure how their new products are disruptive; it was clear the guys at Milwaukee have been hard at work on the innovation side of things. With a narrow focus on who they have identified as their core customers in the areas of Plumbing, Electrical, Mechanical, HVAC & MRO (maintenance, repair, operations) Milwaukee has really seemed to figure out who they want to be when they grow up. Below are just a few examples of new products we were not sworn to secrecy on.


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Milwaukee Red Lithium Battery Features Explained in Video

Here is a nice short video highlighting several of the features of the new Milwaukee Red Lithium batteries we first wrote about last September. For more specs on individual tools specifically visit Ohio Power Tool, either the Milwaukee M12 or Milwaukee M18 product pages.


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