The Earth Drill Post Hole Auger – Definitely Made In America

One of our personal joys in writing for this blog is the rare opportunity to talk to a guy who has “An Idea” and then sees it through to a product. Such is the case with Keith Sands from Oklahoma who though there must be a better way to drill post holes than traditional 1 or 2 man post hole augers. Some time ago he created the EZ-Way Earth Drill which has a simple crank mechanism, dolly style wheels and aggressive gearing to drill a post hole up to 10”x28” with literally no sweat. The unit also saves from any stress on the back in setup or operation, no dangerous jerking when the drill catches a root or rock and produces a very clean hole, quickly.

The Earth Drill is easily configured for use with a 2HP Gas Motor or several models of heavy duty electric drills, he said the Milwaukee or Makita models work the best but the Ridgid also works well and is less expensive. On the website the unit with you option of motor is around $1400 but said the unit can be sold without a gas motor or drill if the customer already has a suitable power supply. Idea for heavy users and rental houses, also a very reasonable price if the unit works half as well as it does in the video.

With a background in welding/fabricating and a lot of experience digging post holes this product was a natural fit for Keith. It’s awesome to see him going straight to market with a website and youtube video, even if they aren’t as polished as we have seen. It is our hope more folks will follow suite and take their ideas and see them through to real products like Keith.

If you want a Milwaukee, Makita or Bosch electric drill motor that will work in your new EZ-Way Earth Drill give the folks at Ohio Power Tool a call 800-242-4424 and they would be happy to set you up.     



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  1. hugo says:

    i would like to buy The Earth Drill Post Hole Auger the thing is that i live in queretaro mexico and i would like to know the (price including) shifting it back, and also iwould like to know if i can have it with the 6 inch hole auger, so let me know in what bank can i pay it and how many days does it take to have it in mexico. my companys name is CERCAS Y MALLAS MACHUCA.

    • Jake B says:

      Unfortunately, the EZ-Way Earth drill is impossible to find. We have no idea where the nice gentleman who was making and demonstrating the product went, but we have not seen or been able to get a hold of him for quite some time.

  2. Karlan Chamberlaim says:

    Can you please get back to me about price and how I buy one

    • Charles Sellens says:

      My wife and I formed an LLC with Keith Sands to manufacture this machine. The business venture quickly ended in litigation. We have two prototypes that we would like to sell, with or without motors. Charles Sellens; 513 Andrew St; Dodge City, KS 67801 (620) 227-3816

      • Patrick Mccrank says:

        Wow. I just gave these people a call and they just hang up. A real professional operation. This is the problem with small time outfits.

  3. Jeff Raleigh says:

    Is it on the market yet.

  4. Jeff Raleigh says:

    Does anyone know where I can get one.cheers

  5. Jay Amstutz says:

    We are not selling these but if someone ends up manufacturing them again let us know and I’ll direct them to several interested distributors.

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  7. ed says:

    why was it discontinue and why was it in litigation

  8. LONGINE Jacques says:

    Dear Sir
    Will you please to send me some of drill catalog with thir price

    Best regards

    jacques LONGIN

  9. I am in England, I have been searching everywhere for a machine like the Earth Drill, but to no avail. We have one that is for hire but it is petrol driven and far too powerful. But like all things in England the hire price is exorbitant . Any ideas please. many thanks. E Paul

  10. estou no brasil e gostaria de saber onde encontrar este perfurador de solo

  11. DaJuan Woody says:

    Interested in this earth drill auger

  12. Jay says:

    I am interested in the earth drill, if someone sell it or know where to buy, please send me an email Wesley7008@ Thanks

  13. George Eads says:

    Where can I get one and what is the cost????? More information!!!!!!!!!!!!

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