Tool Talkies 2009 – The Very Unofficial Awards for Tool Blogs

The landscape of Power Tool specific bloggers has grown over the past year or so and thought it might be a good time to update the old Yahoo Pipe (combination of all these Power Tool Blog RSS feeds). I also thought it might be a fun idea to give some awards out for all the hard work these guys & gals put in writing tool reviews, making videos, answering emails, entertaining their readers and everything else that goes into running a tool blog. The good lord knows they aren’t doing it for the money.  

Most Likely to Give Himself the Super Awesome Award – Yep I won again –  

Most Posts Award – In any given time period, days/week/months/ever, they win I’ve done the math. Even if you take out the daily TV posts they still are spitting out more posts in a day than I can read on any/every kind of tools imaginable. They are also very objective and do really nice work. –

Most Trusted Reviews Award – While he doesn’t produce the most posts by any means I tend to believe his reviews & recommendations more than most. A full time construction manager, when not trying to win the Tool Talkies, he really gets a chance to real world test products for a week or more before giving the reviews. –

Best Looking Award – Erica a new comer, does videos on power tools, we’re not even sure if she can write anything and the videos are becoming less and less about tools but she defiantly wins the best looking award. (Only kidding, I’m clearly just jealous you’re not a professional journalist for –

Best How To Videos Award – The obvious winner goes to Matt Webber. He’s actually some sort of ninja with super powers, not to be messed with, who also happens to make How to Videos about proper tool use and remodeling projects. –  The extreme How To Youtube Video Channel

Best Woodworking Blogs Award – Now I should say we’re only looking at strictly online publications here. All the woodworking magazines with their super fancy, gold plated, million dollar workshops don’t count for these awards. Not to take anything away from the winners. – &

Second Best Tool Blog Sponsored By a Tool Retailer Award –  Some people are skeptical to believe reveiws and articles from bloggers sponsored by a tool retailer, but if you were going to, Jude Herr from Toologics would be the only one, besides of course.  -

Rookie of the Year Award – It looks like Chris’s first post was just shy of 1 year ago (August 2008) and already the website has become a very popular place for tool geeks to come together. The attached Forum is also very nice addition and seems to be getting lots of action. –  

Rookie of the Year Award (Runners up) – If Chris should give up his crown for any reason the runner ups would need to cage fight it out for the title along with all the responsibly this title carries with it. Luckily there are no responsibilities for any of these nonsense awards. And the awards go to… – (December 2008) & (March 2009) & (August 2008)  

Disclaimer to The Power Tool Media: The awards for the 2009 Tool Talkies were made up completely on my own, are strictly for fun, not to offend anyone and do not represent the wished of the high tool council we all must bow down before. That being said if you won an award or were a runner up (also a very significant honor) it would probably be wise to promote it very heavily on your twits, spacebooks or whatever else you kids are into these days.      




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