USB Power from Milwaukee M12 & M18 Batteries

M12 Battery USB

A common problem almost every one of us has/will face again is running out of battery on our cell phones, whether on a jobsite, in an airport, fishing, camping or wherever. One key improvement we may have passed over, but is a huge one in our recent review of the M12 Heated Jacket, is the difference between season 2 vs season 3 jackets. The season 3 jacket adapter has been upgraded with the addition of a USB power outlet on it. This makes the adapter itself (which can be removed from the jacket) extremely valuable all year long in our minds. Anything that can be powered with USB such as iphone, ipad, ipod, etc. can now be done from the jacket (you can run the USB cord to the front pocket) or just with the adapter and any Milwaukee M12 battery. 

M18 Battery USB

For you warm weather, Miami Beach folks, and others that just have no interest in a heated jacket talk but still want back-up power from their Milwaukee batteries, there is a solution. The M18 Power Source 49-24-2371 ($26, Ohio Power Tool) is actually marketed as an accessory to run your Heated Jacket on an M18 battery but we think it has way more function as a USB power supply on the jobsite or traveling or whatever. As people rely more and more on their smart phone and tablets for business, entertainment, etc., it seems like a no brainier that if you own any Milwaukee M18 batteries you should pick up one of these power supplies. With a M18 XC Red Lithium 4.0 battery you could probably keep a cell phone powered for a week or more depending on use.



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  1. Tony Lima says:

    Thanks for posting this Jay! What a great idea that Milwaukee made happen and you guys discovered. I wonder if the other brands will catch on to this?

  2. Jay A says:

    You would think so but perhaps there is some kind of patent issue?

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