Win a SawStop Table Saw from Popular Woodworking

The new SawStop 10" Professional Table Saw is the saw you might have seen on TV or around the internet which has an electronic sensor that can detect if one of your beloved body parts should make contact. The blade will instantly stop, saving your finger, arm, leg or hotdog (see video below). If you are interested in taking home this $2899 amazing piece of technologically advanced equipment for say nothing, you might want to spend a few minutes and register for the Popular Woodworking & Woodworking Magazine Contest

A table saw injury occurs in the United States every nine minutes resulting in over 3,000 amputations per year. SawStop’s brand new Professional Cabinet Saw features the award-winning, patented braking system that stops the blade within five milliseconds when it contacts skin. The safety system has significantly improved safety, preventing hundreds of serious accidents.

SawStop’s safety system works by inducing a small electrical signal on the blade. When the blade contacts wood, there is no change in the signal. However, when any part of the body contacts the blade the saw instantly releases an aluminum brake that engages the teeth of the blade causing it to stop within five milliseconds.

Designed for expert woodworkers and craftsmen, the Professional Cabinet Saw also offers a patent pending dust collection system that directs the turbulent air coming off the blade into a directed jet stream. The dust in then whisked through a 4-inch tube to a dust port at the rear of the saw, resulting in highly effective dust collection.

SawStop has also made it easy to change between blade guard and riving knife with their tool-free blade guard clamping mechanism. Operators can remove the quick-release zero-clearance insert and make blade guard changes quickly with no tools required, minimizing disruptions to workflow.

Other standard features help make the saw a breeze to operate, including a rigid and accurate, infinitely adjustable T-Glide fence, a true vertical elevation system for consistent alignment at all blade heights, and a hands-free on/off paddle. The Professional Cabinet Saw features a left-tilting blade, a 3HP motor and is available with a 36” or 52” fence system.




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  1. Donald Arnsmeier says:

    I think every saw should have this sawstop to save alot of injuries.

  2. ed coram says:

    it’s more like every shop should should have a saw stop saw . thanks ed

  3. Allison Brinkhaus says:

    Safety first

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