5 Heroic Tools, OPE Equipment You Can’t Live Without and So Much More! Coptool Week In Review – 5/24/19 – Ep 209

VCG is as seen on TV, The Essential Craftsman Solves all of the Problems, And we reveal two new segments on the show! This is your Coptool Week In Review!

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Every Impact Driver Needs A Right-Angle Attachment

Shockwave Right Angle

A decade or so ago there were no such thing as a cordless impact driver, today they are the most popular power tools on the jobsite. We’d argue nearly every single one of them should have a Right Angle Adapter within reach, getting into tight spaces, there simply is no better option. These have been around for some time from Milwaukee, Dewalt and others, however none of the right angle adapters designed 5+ years ago were built to handle the higher torque of today’s impact drivers. That is until now with the launch of the new Milwaukee Shockwave Adapter 48-32-2390 ($19) which is designed to handle the 2000 in-lbs torque or more from impacts like the M18 FUEL 2853-20 ($129)! Shipping in the next few weeks these should be a big hit for summer. Continue reading

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VCG Ranks His Top 5 Impacts, TBB Talks about Grinders, and So Much More! – Coptool Week In Review 5/17/19 Ep 208

Bob Clagett meets Colin Furze, The Canadian Carpenter practices with his new hammer and the Workshop Addict lets the Sunex Shine. This is your Coptool Week In Review!  Continue reading

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Hands on with the new Milwaukee Pipe Threader (2874)

Today Ohio Power Tool called us because they had a special Milwaukee M18 demo tool on hand for one day, and thought we might want to see it. So we headed down to OPT, tried the tool out, and then stole it. This… is Coptool Special Coverage.

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Metabo 18V Circular Saw, Next Evolution in Saws?

As features get added to our tools we see an evolution across the board, one tool adds a better shank or recip saw goes to a tool-free blade changes and magically the rest follow. Circular saws are prime for a pretty substantial overhaul across the board, first off with more powerful brushless motors and higher capacity batteries, corded circ saws are going to be less and less common until one day it’ll seem as out of place as a corded drill on a jobsite. Circular saws are designed for portability, nothing fights that more than a cord so it seems pretty natural they’ll go away.

Where standard circular saw suffer the most is accuracy, these are traditionally rough cut tools, ripping stacked plywood or framing a house but not a go to for precision work. The Metabo KS 18V LXT 57 Circ Saw ($199, bare) is the first example of the next evolutionary leap in cordless circular saws to integrate track ready design, with the Bosch “Strong Arm” Circ Saw (see full MegaWattCrew Launch) later 2019 as well as Makita’s new XSH08 both with a similar design and we are sure others will follow very soon. Continue reading

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Deck’n Season Starts, TBD Shows Off the Bulldog and Oz Tool Talk gets Coptool Banned! – Coptool Week In Review 5/10/19 Ep 207

TBD shows off his Bulldog, Deck Season begins, Oz Tool Talk gets banned, and Mark Thomas drains the swamp! All of those stories & more in your Coptool Week In Review! Continue reading

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Makita 18V Outdoor Power Equipment – 4 Battery Deals

Every tradesman is always in the market for new batteries and new power tools to use with them. Makita knows this and is currently running a promotion where you don’t just get two batteries, but an additional TWO FREE batteries ($219 value) for a total of 4 with these three select OPE kits. So now is the perfect time to not only bolster your tool arsenal, but to keep those tools running with the 4 additional power sources. You can thank them later. Continue reading

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FallTech UniDrive Rescue & Decent Solution

FallTech Unidrive

As many of you know this week (May 6-10) is National Safety Stand-Down Week! A big focus of this effort traditionally is on Fall Hazards and Fall Prevention, but for those not exposed to fall risk still a great time for employers to talk about safety hazards they face on the jobsite. Our friends at FallTech are extremely busy this week doing multiple presentations everyday in our area and across the country with partners like Ohio Power Tool, doing the ABCD’s of Fall Protection. This year showing off their new addition, the UniDriver Rescue System which is an impressive piece of life saving technology.

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Un-Announced DeWalt Blower and Rammed Earth Houses! – Coptool Week In Review 5/3/19 Ep 206

This week the French Canadian falls for a nailer, VCG falls for a few impacts, The Addicts beat a dead horse and Matt Risinger beats earth into a house! All of that and more! This is your Coptool Week In Review!  Continue reading

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Spring Savings Are Heating Up with Milwaukee at Ohio Power Tool

Today marks quarter number two for Milwaukee promotions and we look to our friends at Ohio Power Tool to see what awesome deals they have to offer. Check out all of Ohio Power Tool’s Milwaukee promos below. We’ll start this list with one of the most popular promotions; the new Quik-lok String Trimmer.  Continue reading

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