150 staples in 3 SECONDS, Sawing through nails and more! – Coptool Week In Reivew – 6/28/19 EP 214

Welcome back to Coptool! This week we get serious with the Sparky Channel, we take our best shot at a mortise and tenon and we bury 150 staples into a piece of scrap in only 3 seconds! Those stories and more, coming up next. THIS is your Coptool Week In Review!

It’s been a while since we checked in with the Sparky Channel, and this week he rolled out the blue towel to give us a closer look at the new 1000 volt Insulated Fluke Hand Tools. These tools have been making the rounds lately, but Bill goes out of his way to look at each one, and he convinced me personally to get my own set. You can get a closer look at Sparky Channel on Youtube.


Speaking of serious, our perpetual search for the very best tool reviews once again landed us in the Tool Review Zone. This week Clint is fed up with boring videos, and decides to kick it up a notch by driving 22 framing nails into a 2×6, and then running through them with Diablo’s new wood and metal blade. I won’t spoil the surprise, but there’s a hidden secret around the 2-minute mark. Be sure to check it out at Tool Review Zone on Youtube.


Most Woodworkers know that if you’re gonna make a mortise and tenon joint, you need to make 42 easy payments on a Festool Domino. But for those commoners who can’t afford it, The Wood Whisperer decided it was time to help you out with an alternate method… using a $600 Festool router. Don’t worry, he said you can use a cheap one too. So if you have Domino Dreams but a Ryobi Router budget, The Spagnuolo has you covered, at the wood whisperer on youtube.


Just a couple days ago, the team of pros at ToolBoxBuzz shared a great video giving us a first-hand look at the Build America. This remarkable program trains 22 college students to properly use a wide variety of woodworking tools, and then sends them on a 6-week tour of camps, where they use their new skills to build accessible recreational projects for kids with disabilities. This is a great program that deserves your attention. You can watch it yourself at ToolBoxBuzz on Youtube. 


Ever since we saw Clark Grizwald dance with a Werner ladder, we’ve simply assumed they were the best in the world. This week, Mark only confirmed our suspicions by featuring a new Podium Ladder with an extra large platform, from Warner. Besides providing a far more secure elevated position, Mark found other uses as well. You can find the full review at Mark Thomas Builder on Youtube.


For my Project Of The Week we head over to a community of Welders who help BUILD each other up, sharing techniques, challenges, projects, and tips and tricks of the trade! Miller Welders posted a project this week with Josh Welton from Brown Dog Welding where he talks you through step by step how to weld a little planter. Using stainless steel, copper and multiple tools Josh welds a simple planter that will add life to wherever you use it! Be sure to check out Miller Welders on Youtube and Josh Welton at Brown Dog Welding dot com. 

If you have a project or find a project you think I should feature on the show, please send it to me in an email at projects@coptool.com!







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