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Milwaukee M18 FUEL 10” Dual-Bevel Sliding Miter Saw 2734-21HD

cordless 10" miter saw

At the recent Milwaukee New Product Symposium 2016 we all got a chance to tryout the new Milwaukee FUEL M18 10” Dual-Bevel Compound Miter Saw 2734-21HD with 9.0Ah battery for the first time. This is the first 10” cordless miter to hit the market and the saw really address many of the power and functionality concerns to replace a corded 10” sliding compound miter saw. The big question is are people ready to go 100% cordless with their Miter Saws?


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Makita Pro Center Grand Opening July 26th

Makita Pro Center

Ohio Power Tool continues to grow and expand their offering of tools, supplies and services with a goal to become a destination to shop for all the big kid toys you really want & need. The Makita Pro Center seemed like the perfect addition to continue to expand the Makita offering and give customers a more interactive shopping experience. (more…)

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Finding the Best Disposable Gloves Built for Mechanics

Disposable Gloves for Grease

There are tons of brands out there selling disposable gloves with many different names and promises slapped on the side. Most are targeting the very high volume of usage in food processing, medial fields and other related industries. The trouble is finding the right heavy duty gloves for use in construction, mechanics, plumbing, repair and other professional trades which have pretty different requirements. You need something with finger dexterity, but tough and something that can handle grease and chemicals that would eat right through your typical food or medical grade nitrile gloves. See video below with the WD-40 chemical test on disposable gloves.


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Bosch 18V One Handed Recip Saw GSA18V-083B

Bosch 18V Recip

One of the biggest trends in Cordless recip saws over the past few years has surprisingly been away from the bigger, more beefy saws and more towards the less expensive, compact recip saws. For a lot of jobs these one handed cordless saws really are the way to go. One first glance the new Bosch 18V recip GSA18V-083B ($139, bare) definitely looks like a blue version of the Milwaukee M18 Hackzall ($99, bare) but on second glance, well yeah it still looks like a Bosch Hackzall. That isn’t a terrible thing however because it’s been very popular for Milwaukee cordless users so no reason to think Bosch 18V Cordless users would be any less excited for this addition. (more…)

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Milwaukee M18 FUEL 2 Day Sale! #FUELDAYS


Starting today, July 11th and ending tomorrow, July 12th #FUELDAYS, you can get an exclusive deal from Milwaukee Tool and Ohio Power Tool for 20% off + Free Shipping + a 25’ Tape & Fastback Knife Combo with select FUEL Kits (while supplies last)! Check out the full List of FUEL DAYS M18 Kits but they are pretty much all included. (more…)

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Cordless Quik Drive with 18V Makita Brushless XSF03

Cordless Simpson Quik Drive

The Simpson Quik Drive System can be adapted to many different brands of drills, impacts and screw guns. This is the first time however there is a cordless solution with locking trigger adapted to drive screws just as fast as you would with a locked corded screw gun using Quik Drive. With Makita’s XSF03MB ($339) PushDrive technology the motor doesn’t spin until the fastener is engaged so the battery can last up to 40 sheets of drywall per charge, or roughly 1800+ screws with a 4.0Ah battery. Partner that with the Quik Drive Makita 18V PRO200 ($141) and you’ve got the full setup.


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OSHA Silica Dust Rules for September 23, 2017

**** OSHA UPDATE 4/7/2017 – New OSHA Deadline is September 23, 2017 for Silica Dust Compliance as there was a 90 day extension added. 

OSHA rules Silica Dust

Crystalline silica dust is nasty business and can be incredibly harmful for employees who regularly breathe in the dust during their work day. Protecting workers from these hazards should be fundamental and these new OSHA rules should not come as much of a surprise. Most commonly silica dust is created from drilling, breaking cutting, tuck-pointing or grinding materials such as concrete, brick, rock and stone. June 23, 2017 is the deadline for construction (technically in effect June 23, 2016 but finable in 2017), other industries will be following in 2018 such as industrial, fracturing and maritime, this may seem like a lot of time but it’ll be here before you know it. We will try to give you a general idea what is coming, contact OSHA with any questions. 


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2016 Builders Exchange Craftsmanship Awards

BX Craftsmanship Awards 2016

Each year the Builders Exchange member nominate candidates for the Craftsmanship Awards based on the several criteria including: Nominees who are being considered for an individual award must be the craftsman who actually performed with his or her “hands on,” the particular piece of work nominated. Nominees who are being considered for a crew award must be for the craftspeople who actually performed the particular piece of work nominated, including the direct supervision of such work. A crew cannot exceed 5 individuals. Nominations must be for work in commercial, institutional or industrial projects within the past year. Nominations for residential work will not be accepted for judging.

Ohio Power Tool is very proud to be able to Co-Sponsor this annual award with Ice Miller because it is extremely important to recognize the highly skilled individuals and crews who work on our commercial projects! The winners will the announced in July and 2016 Craftsmanship Awards will be presented at the BX Annual Meeting.

And the 2016 nominees are… (more…)

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The Epic Battle Between Red & Yellow Wages On!

M18 vs flexvolt

Back in 1990’s Dewalt owned 50% the professional cordless market which is a staggering thought. To get there they constantly came out with new tools, the deals were aggressive and market became saturated with yellow NiCd batteries. The downside for consumers of any power tool company getting too big is frankly that they get lazy, the deals become less aggressive and the new product development slows greatly or goes off in directions that don’t make sense. In the late 2000’s Milwaukee really reinvented themselves and their big investments in brushless technology paid off. Over the past 8 years the underdog in cordless tools became the leaders in technology, market share grew and their aggressive deals were very reminiscing of the yellow team from a decade earlier.

Up until yesterday it seemed as if Dewalt was going to simply sit by and let the Red team lead the way in cordless and be happy to release “me to” products a year later. With yesterday’s launch of Dewalt’s FLEXVOLT line of 60V brushless tools it seems like that is not the case anymore and they are again getting aggressive and ready for a head to head battle in brushless tools. (more…)

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Dewalt FlexVolt Cordless 20V, 60V or 120V Power

FlexVolt 20V or 60V

Today Dewalt’s campaign for #WorldsFirst is officially underway and it delivers on its promise to be a pretty huge deal. The new 15 cell FlexVolt 60V/20V batteries DCB606 ($150) can go from 20V to 60V depending on the tool they connect to. Nominal voltage, that’s 18V to 54V if anyone is paying attention to that. These new batteries have the same number of cells as the Milwaukee 9.0Ah high demand batteries and are both intended to create long lasting power for tools you typically would need a cord to power. Dewalt isn’t hesitating on taking this platform and running with it by announcing a ton of new cordless tools all at once today!


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