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Milwaukee New Product Symposium June, 16th & 17th #NPS15

Milwaukee NPS15

We opened our Milwaukee Heavy Duty News email today, the same one any Red Team fan signs up for, and it was pretty interesting because they are already promoting their New Product Symposium which will be held in Milwaukee next week June, 16th & 17th. The event is very easy to follow real time from Coptool or any other tool news source on Facebook and/or Twitter using hashtag #NPS2015 so it makes sense they are doing a little more hype before the event. You can watch the video below from last year to get a better idea of what a huge production this is for Milwaukee Tool.


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Installing Rumble Strips with Core Cut CC6571 Walk Behind Saw

Core Cut CC6566
* Note CC6566 is now CC6571 Tier4 Final

We’ve all hit an off-ramp going a little faster than you’re supposed to and been startled by the rumble strips. It really is the best way to alert drivers there is a change in the roadway ahead and you need to slow down. Have you ever wondered how those rumble strips get put there? Recently we had an opportunity to work with our friends at our regional DOT as well as Diamond Products who makes a nice converts kit for their most popular walk behind concrete saw Core Cut CC6571. The kit very easily turns the saw into a transverse rumble strip machine with a 4” width capacity.

Rumble Strip Specs

The Core Cut CC6571D-36 large concrete saw from Diamond Products is a powerful, full sized self-propelled concrete saw that gives maximum large saw performance and output at the lowest price in its class. The very smooth running, liquid cooled, four cylinder Kubota diesel engine is very powerful yet has moderate fuel consumption, and can be used in a wide range of contractor and industrial applications. Easy to fit into a trailer with water tank and other necessary accessories. This unit definitely has the power needed for installing the 4” wide rumble strip.

Transverse rumble strips, also referred to as bar markings, are placed across the traffic lane  to make sure motorists are alerted to hazards ahead, such as areas of pedestrian activity, bends in the road or intersections. They are typically useful where drivers have been travelling continuously at high speeds for a long period of time.

CC6566 Runble Strip Kit

The 4” blade spacing kit (6010632A) can be added to the standard saw with very little additional work. The kit includes a wide guard to accommodate the four inch wide stack of blades and spacers. The (16) 12”x.250” blades and (15) spacers that go between each blade are added as shown below. Finally, the guard is installed. Now you are ready to install precision 4” transverse rumble strips.

Rumble Strip Blades

The next step is to determine transverse rumble strip layout. Touch the diamond blade head to the roadway surface with the engine off and set the depth indicator to 0”. Now, start the engine and lower the diamond head down until the depth indicator reads the depth specified for your rumble strip. Set your depth stop on the saw so the head can go no deeper than the amount required for the rumble strip specification. Finally, begin your pass, making sure your travel speed is slow enough that the saw does not ride up and give you inconsistent depth.

Core Cut CC6566

The CC6571D-36 concrete saw has a transverse mounted Kubota diesel engine.  It is rated at 66 horse power and its transverse mounting makes this saw the most maneuverable of other large saws. The engine is protected by an advanced cyclone air filter system for maximum engine life. The liquid cooled, four cylinder engine is a very smooth running power plant ever on such a large saw.

This saw includes a hydraulic raise and lower system for precise depth control and a dash mounted depth indicator for improved operator control. The saw features self-propelled operation with an Eaton transmission and two position handle bars for increased operator comfort.

The blade guard and blade can be mounted on either the right or left side for sawing in difficult to reach or tight areas. The saw is generally used with water, but may be used in dry applications with the correct type of blade. This Core Cut large saw has an oil bath blade shaft which means your operators won’t have to grease any grease fittings, leading to dramatically longer blade shaft bearing life. Finally, it has a belt tensioning system that is superior to any other large saw belt tensioning system, which means more power to your blades as well as longer belt life.

Installing Rumble Strips

For any questions on walk behind concrete saws, the rumble strip kit or diamond blades in general contact the experts at Ohio Power Tool 800-242-4424. These guys have extensive training in cutting a wide variety of materials and applications.

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Bosch 18V Interchangeable Head Drill/Driver, SDS-Plus & More

Bosch 5-in-1 cordless

The video below popped up on YouTube last week on the Bosch UK. The GSR 18 V-EC FC2 comes with several heads for a variety of drilling and fastening applications. Festool has offered this for years in the premium tool category and more recently we’ve seen less expensive options that can interchange out all kind of saws, sanders and other types of tool heads. It looks like this is definitely a trend that is not going away so it’ll be nice to see other professional brands get involved so the tools actually perform and it’s not just a gimmick that make a nice infomercial.


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Makita 1 Gallon Compact Air Compressor AC001

Makita AC001

When you’re in the market for an air compressor there are many sizes and options to choose from. Makita has continued to expand their offering and the Makita compact 1 Gallon AC001 ($179) is the latest edition. With only a 1 gallon tank this unit isn’t going to your best option for a general purpose air compressor but its compact lightweight design (23.1 lbs) makes it an ideal option for a single user doing trim / finish carpentry. The image on a website doesn’t do it justice because it looks similar in size to other portable twin tank and pancake compressors. That is not the case, for frequent in and out use on jobs this compact unit is going to be much easier to manage along with all the other tools/supplies you’ll need.   (more…)

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DEWALT 20V MAX* Brushless High Torque Impact Wrenches

Dewalt Impacts 20v brushless

The Dewalt Media Event is right around the corner and we are excited to get our hands on some of these new Dewalt tools to test out. Just a couple years ago Dewalt dominated the cordless market but since that time Milwaukee has really jumped out in front in terms of development of new brushless tools. In the high torque Impact Wrench battle Milwaukee M18 & Ingersoll W7150 have been the two dominant players everyone is trying to catch, at least for the past two years. It’s nice to see the new Dewalt brushless impacts inching ahead in terms of max torque with 1200 ft-lbs (both Milwaukee & IR are 1100 ft-lbs) instead of just playing catch up. (more…)

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Jet Oscillating Spindle Sander JOSS-S is Built for Dust Collection

Jet Sander JOSS-S

The team at Jet have been on a mission for the last several years to really take a closer look at common workshop equipment and overhaul their lineup making improvements at all levels. More than just a few spec tweaks to keep up with the competition but a real rethinking of how the spindles are used, changed and stored make the Jet JOSS-S Spindle Sander ($1499) a good example of how Jet is setting themselves apart. (more…)

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Blaklader Flame Retardant HRC 2 FR Rated Work Pants

FR work pants

Not all FR Rated clothing is created equal, as several materials, treatments and combinations will qualify for various Ratings. The standard compliance is the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70E, which then further rates appeal into HRC (Hazard/Risk Category) from 1-4. It should be not surprise the new Blaklader FR Work Pant 1636 ($119) meet and exceed the HRC 2 rating required 8.0 calories/cm2 arc rating. These pants actually provide 11.7 cal/cm2, higher than many other HRC 2 rated pants and certainly more than the HRC 1 items which only require 4.0 cal/cm2 arc rating. (more…)

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Save up to 20% on Bosch Cordless Until 5/21/15

Bosch Cordless Promo


Father’s day is over a month away but it’s never to early to get a good deal! From now until May 21st, 2015 you can take advantage of a $20 off Coupon Code BOSCH20 for any Bosch cordless orders over $100 at Ohio Power Tool. While it valid for all the Bosch 18V cordless tools including the SocketReady Impacts or Wireless inductive charging systems there is a real sweet spot for the Bosch 12V cordless tools that hover just above the $100 price tag for close to 20% savings. (more…)

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Build Your Own Milwaukee M12 Combo Kits

Milwaukee M12 Kits

Looking for a Milwaukee M12 Combo Kit this is really the best promo of the year to do it with. If you just want to add an extra tool to what you’ve got great you’ll get a free M12 battery, either 2.0Ah 48-11-2420 ($49) or 4.0Ah 48-11-2440 ($69) depending on which tool you select. Ships free instantly with purchase from limited online Milwaukee Tool partners like Ohio Power Tool.

Where the deal gets really rich and also allows you to customize to your personal needs is to select 1 tool from group A and 1 tool from group B and you get both batteries as well as a M12 charger and Milwaukee bag, all instantly with purchase ($180 total value FREE)!! (more…)

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IN360LIGHT Jobsite Tough Work Light, 20,000 Lumens of Daylight

360 degree worklight

When it comes to jobsite work lights it seems there has always been a frustration to get a decent quality light source that can handle the abuse of the job. Halogen work lights have been the staple because they are cheap and put out a lot of light. Unfortunately the bulbs also break super easily and the whole units get so hot they cause hundreds if not thousands of fires and injuries each year. These are also mostly for task lighting when it comes to portable lighting for an entire shop or jobsite there are even fewer options. The IN360LIGHT ($249-269) was developed by a team with over 25 years of construction background with the simple goal to make a light that is bright, easily portable and can hold up to tough jobsite conditions.


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