BIG ASS GARAGE LIGHT, Lives Up to Its Name with 13,000 lumens

LED Garage Light

The guys at Big Ass Fans have really changed the way we think of air moving in warehouses, gyms and large industrial spaces in general. They somehow gave the mystique of coolness to what had been a commodity and oh yeah made them way more functional. The guys at Big Ass headquarters have now set their sights on LED lighting and from the looks of it may change the way we illuminate our workshops and garages with the Big Ass Garage Light ($399).

REPLACES 12x 75W INCANDESCENT LIGHTS – With a light output of 13,000 lumens, the Garage Light puts out as much light as twelve 75-watt bulbs, while using a fraction of the energy. And since the Garage Light is rated for at least 150,000 operating hours, you can put away the ladder because you’ll never have to change a bulb again.

FORGET THE LIGHT SWITCH – The optional occupancy sensor offers 360-degrees of monitoring to automatically turn on the light when someone (you, your kid, a burglar, a puma) enters through the space and turn it off after they leave.

TOUGH AS NAILS – Bring your garage or workshop out of the dark ages with the Garage Light. Hit it with a hammer, whack it with a golf club, hell, run into it with a truck—this light’s going to keep on shining. It’s designed to be durable, efficient and easy-to-install, so it’s the last light your space will ever need.

WIN TWO BIG ASS GARAGE LIGHTS, $800 VALUE (4/10-4/16) – Visit our facebook contest page and enter to win a pair of these lights, 26,000 lumens worth of sweet LED illumination!!!

Don’t just take our word for it, our good friends over at Tools in Action also did a nice review of the Big Ass Garage Light, see below.



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  2. Carol Burgess says:

    AMAZING giveaway! Thank you for the chance!

  3. frank says:

    Would luv to win one

  4. Thomas Rutherford says:

    Would love to have one of these in my garage to do to my precise wood working instead of the 8 foot lights I have. I need 8 more 4 foot to have enough light in my garage.

  5. Tim McMahon says:

    Tired of changing bulbs in my 12 floresent light fixtures!

  6. Mitchal McBride says:

    I have gone thru so many types of lights and I believe winning this one maybe my last light needed in the garage

  7. I would love to win a set of your lights

  8. Joey thomas says:

    Sure would come in handy in my work shop would love to win .Thanks for the chance to win.

  9. Rodney Bell says:

    My shop needs a Big Ass make over.
    Thanks for the opportunith.!

  10. James Goodding says:

    would love to win these for my dad. He’s a woodworker and his vision is starting to go on him. Always seems to not be a problem during the day for him. Maybe one for him, one for me? 🙂

  11. Ron Brewer says:

    Sign me up ! My garage would be out of site with a Big Ass Light !!

  12. Pete Flynn says:

    its on my wishlist

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