Bosch D-tect150 Radar Wall Scanner is Finally Here

Several years back we had mentioned the Bosch D-tect100 which was out in Europe at the time and how it would be in the US very soon… Well perhaps it was not so soon but finally the US version Bosch D-tect150 ($799, Ohio Power Tool) is on the shelves approved by the FAA! Yes apparently the radar is that strong it needed FAA approval no joke and that was the hold up.

So why would you shell out nearly 10x more for this model than the Bosch GMS120 ($69, Ohio Power Tool) which also is a wall scanner that detects wood and metal in concrete. We certainly do not want to take anything away from the GMS120 (see the coptool review) as it is a nice tool as well but these are 2 different levels. The technology of the D-tect150 is real radar, material being scanned displays much like a fish finder might provide actual depth and diameter of the material below. The accuracy on these units is not like anything else we have seen. Check out the video below for more information.




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