Bosch OIS Oscillating Tool MX25EC Exclusively at Home Depot

The long awaited corded Bosch Oscillating Tool MX25EC, which has been talked about for several years now and may finally be the answer to a suitable rival for the higher priced Fein MultiMaster is final available and you can even get it in time for Christmas! Apparently Bosch has struck an exclusive deal with the Home Depot on the MX25EC-21 ($159, so if you want it within the next 60 days it looks like you will be ordering it online on their site. This tool is NOT available in local HD stores and neither in-store or online sells any of the Bosch OIS accessories. Possibly the softest launch we have ever seen on such a highly anticipated tool, we had to call and order one ourselves to make sure it was for real. It is also a huge slap in the face to their network of the Bosch BSS Dealers they have been working to set up all year long, who were promised exclusive launch on new Bosch Tools, specifically this one.

Regardless of whatever kind of deals were made between the big wigs at Home Depot & Bosch Tools, this is a nice tool at a very good price. We’ve had limited time with the MX25EVS (now just called the MX25E but still includes variable speed) but we will have a proper Bosch vs Fein Multi-tool showdown as soon as we get our hands on the Bosch unit. If you don’t mind waiting Ohio Power Tool will have both the MX25EC-21 and the MX25EK-33 (includes more accessories) in early 2011. Regardless of when/where you get the tool if you need any accessories check out Ohio Power Tool as they currently have every Bosch OIS accessories available in-stock.   



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  1. Tim says:

    The Home Depot stores in Utah sell the Bosch OIS accessories in store. The stores previously sold the cordless Bosch oscillating tool, which is why the accessories are in the inventory. The Ridgid JobMax and Milwaukee M12 tools both utilize the Bosch OIS accessories, which is why they continue to be sold.

  2. Jay A says:

    Tim, I would guess you would be right that HD will move to stocking the more OIS accessories at some point because of the Ridgid & Milwaukee deals. At first they didn’t stock the Dremel Multi-Max accessories either but eventually they caught on. I would hope Home Depot had to agree to stock something more in Bosch to get this kind of exclusive deal.

  3. Neil Bruce says:

    This has gone down a storm in the UK. The Bosch DIY version has been out for years but they only recently brought out a cordless DIY version and the ame for the pro range but vice versa. Last I heard Bosch are out of all versions of the corded pro tool (the GOP250CE) and won’t have stock until February, proving it’s sold faster than anticipated.

  4. Steve Scor says:

    This tool is much better than the Dremel. Which I burned up in no time. The Bosch is much more heavy duty and stands up well to everyday use. Highly Recommended

  5. david sweeney says:

    I purchased the MX25EC-21 online from Homedepot on 12/19/10..This version comes with the tool bag..The MX25EK-33 version comes with more accessories along with the Hard Case for about $40.00 more..If anyone knows where to purchase or locate the hard case by itself,spread the word..FYI,I was told by a tech at Bosch to expect this tool to come in the new LBOXX stackable case in March of 2011!

  6. James says:

    A friend bought this as a secondhand item from Gumtree and he said it works like it’s still brand new! He said it was the best oscillating tool but I have to digress.

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