Bosch PS50 Multi-X Accessory Review & Free 3rd Battery Deal

The Bosch PS50-2A and Bosch PS50-2B have been available for several months now but for if you haven’t picked one up yet for a limited time these include a FREE 3RD Battery. The FREE battery is actually included with any of the Bosch 12V Max Tools and exclusively from Ohio Power Tool while supplies last. Certain applications of these multi-purpose tools are more battery intensive such as grout removal or sanding and the 3rd battery will definitely come in handy.

For those of you that are lucky enough to already own a Bosch Multi-X or are looking for some cheaper accessories for your Fein Multi-Master here is a list of all the available Accessories:

Wood Cutting Blades – Perfect for cutting molding, trim, sub floor, cabinets & more.
OSC38 – 3/8” Strait Cut – $7.69
OSC34 – ¾” Strait Cut – $8.39
OSC112 – 1-1/2” Strait Cut – $18.89

Bi-Metal Cutting Blades – Great for cutting wood, aluminum, copper, PVC, drywall & more.

OSC38F – 3/8” Strait Cut – $8.39
OSC34F – ¾” Strait Cut – $9.10
OSC312F – 3-1/2” Round Cut – $36.69

Grout Removal Blades – Replace a cracked tile very easily with this accessory. Simply cut out the grout around it and it becomes much easier to remove all at once.
OSC312RF – 3-1/2” RIFF Grit – $34.99

Wood & Paint Sanding Paper

There are a wide range of different sand paper grit options please visit the Bosch Multi-X Accessory page to select what you need. Each pack includes either 5 or 6 sheets and range from $2.09 – $2.40.




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