Bosch SDS-Plus Speed Clean Concrete Bits

Bosch Speed Clean

The Bosch Speed Clean Bits have been around for a few years now, originally called the “Hollow Core” but that name probably causes confusion with actual core bits. The Speed Clean bits work differently than you traditional rotary hammer bits in that it connects to a vacuum and sucks the dust out as it drills. This makes these bits much more efficient and last longer especially when drilling at depths however it also makes the bits much more expensive to manufacturer. We have not seem mass adoption on the jobsites yet but that could all change next month (September 23rd) when the OSHA Silica Standards become enforceable.

Bosch Speed Clean

With a traditional SDS-Plus ½” hammer bit (16” length) costing around $15-$18 and the SDS-Plus ½” (13” length) Speed Clean hammer bits HCD2084 at $87.99 it’s no surprise we have not seen a large shift to these bits. While the Speed Clean are faster and last longer it’s not x5 times as long… The Speed Clean bits are also pretty long (13”-18”) in SDS-Plus which are much longer than most people typically use, these sizes are much more popular in 6”-10” lengths.

That being said in under 2 months OSHA will begin enforcement of the new standards which requires reduced exposure for employee PEL (permissible exposure level) for respirable crystalline silica to 50 micrograms per cubic meter of air over an 8 hour shift. Which pretty much means if you can visibly see silica dust it’s already too much. While investing a little more upfront in bits you can avoid costly OSHA fines of many thousands down the road.

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