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Is the Tool Belt Dead?

Construction Workers

When I was younger all the dads had a mustache, they drank Budweiser and pretty much all had the same leather tool belt. Today there are a lot of options for carrying your tools with you no matter what your trade. The Tool Belt is not dead yet, it’s still the staple for keeping tools close at hand but they have certainly evolved and there are now lots and lots of other options, from tool vests, tool aprons, tool backpacks and much more!

Ergodyne recently launched their tool aprons, the most popular version 22 Pocket Canvas Apron 5704 ($23) abrasion resistant, pocket for everything and it distributes the weight much better than your standard similarly priced tool belt. (more…)

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Blaklader Flame Retardant HRC 2 FR Rated Work Pants

FR work pants

Not all FR Rated clothing is created equal, as several materials, treatments and combinations will qualify for various Ratings. The standard compliance is the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70E, which then further rates appeal into HRC (Hazard/Risk Category) from 1-4. It should be not surprise the new Blaklader FR Work Pant 1636 ($119) meet and exceed the HRC 2 rating required 8.0 calories/cm2 arc rating. These pants actually provide 11.7 cal/cm2, higher than many other HRC 2 rated pants and certainly more than the HRC 1 items which only require 4.0 cal/cm2 arc rating. (more…)

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Blaklader Windproof / Waterproof Soft Shell Jacket 4939

Blaklader Jackets

This brand new addition to the Blaklader lineup brings the same high quality we have come to expect from their work pants. It is a Windproof and Waterproof soft shell jacket 4939 ($109) with a very similar fit and style to like shells you’ll find from Marmot, North Face or Arcteryx. While it is very stylish jacket and you may never want to use it under grueling conditions it is 100% designed and built for a demanding jobsite with full integrated hood, lower cut back and breathable 3 layer engineering to keep out the elements. (more…)

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Coptool 2014 Holiday Power Tools & Gear Gift Guide

Holiday Tool Guide

We’ve put this list together to help find a great gift for any level of handyman (or women) from a beginner to seasoned professional as well as a few suggestions for any budget. Just because it’s inexpensive doesn’t mean it can’t be really cool. Even if you’re looking for that person whose got it all, not to fear there are plenty of new tools that just came out in time for the holiday season, which have never been available before now.


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Blaklader Hi-Vis Class 3 ANSI Work Jackets & Hi-Vis Pants


When it comes to seriously heavy duty professional clothing Blaklader Workwear has been one of the fastest growing player for several years now. With good reason, beyond the basic novelty of built in kneepads or large external pockets the quality of these garments are designed for excessive abuse. Triple stitching, near tear proof Cordura fabric in wear spots and all around high quality have made their pants and jackets the preferred choice for many professionals.


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Blaklader Winter Wear Toughguy Pile Lined Jacket Review

Some time ago we reviewed the Blaklader Bantam Work Pant and were very impressed with the quality and toughness that went into the production of those pants. Blaklader makes much more than pants however we were curious if the same attention to detail and high level of functionality went into their other product. They also offer a wide range of jackets and we recently had the opportunity to review the Toughguy Pile Lined Jacket ($109, Amazon) one of their warmest in the line.


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Work Hard. Play Hard. Win Stuff. Bosch Daredevil Contest

It all started back in 2008 with a little spade bit that was just too aggressive to simply be called a spade bit, so the good folks a Bosch named it the Daredevil Spade Bit. Now with the launch of their new faster cutting framing saw blade (post coming soon) and renaming of their equally aggressive auger bits (previously known as the Nailkiller Augers) the Daredevil family of construction accessories is born. What better way to kick off the launch than to team up with a real life motorcross Daredevil, Mike Metzger and give lots of stuff away! Check out the new website, and enter to win one of 4 weekly prizes or the grand prize. For more info read the official Bosch press release below.     


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Blaklader Workwear Tee Shirt Design Contest

We recently did a review on the Blaklader Bantam workpants and were really impressed how well constructed they were, perfect for any jobsite conditions. While the Blaklader folks are fully committed to building solid clothes for the professional tradesman they probably also realize there is not that much to improve on a tee shirt. Instead it looks like they are having a little fun with it and letting some of the thousands of fans of their products submit some of their own design work.

You can submit your own Blaklader Tee Shirt design by following the guidelines below. The winner takes home $250 but more importantly you get to wear around a Blaklader tee you designed. If you don’t want to design your own at least check out their Facebook page to vote on your favorites.


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Who Knew So Much Science Went into Work Pants – Blaklader

Commonly there are two types of work pants, your everyday jeans that get a little past "casual" and new work pant made from a thicker more sturdy material, like you find with Carhartt pants. The folk at Blaklader (forgive us for not making the squiggles over the As) have taken the professional work pant to an entirely new level. We got a pair of the Bantam Pants with Utility Pockets to test out and had found we were very surprised, frankly how many little details went into to making these work pants.

Our thoughts before we received the Blakladers: Work pants with knee pads, that’s pretty cool. Is the Bantam with 8oz cotton going to be heavy duty enough for me or do I need the Heavy Workers we saw on the guys at the BrickLayer 500? Do these Swedish guys seriously sell work Kilts?

Once we received the Blakladers: The Bantam 8oz ($44, Amazon) is definitely a heavy duty work pant, the Brawny 12oz ($54, Amazon) would be really serious, probably alright for outdoors work in the winter and the Heavy Worker 12oz ($55, Amazon) poly-blend would feel like cardboard the first few wears and probably best suited for masonry and other trades in seriously abusive environments. Yes, they do sell utility kilts, but not very many, more just to be funny we think. These pants have many more features than just knee pads and triple stitching that make them them a serious work pant. We highlighted some of the features below.


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