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Bosch Smart Phone App for Distance Laser Measuring with GLM 100 C

Bosch Laser GLM 100 C

Bosch recently announced the launch of a new laser distance and angle measuring tool GLM100C ($299) which will be able to work with the App “GLM measure&document”. The Bosch unit itself looks to have much of the same capabilities of the GLM80 ($199) with the added functionality provided with the smart phone connection via bluetooth. The video below does a nice job of highlighting some of the features you can also download the app for free if you just want to play around. Price looks like it will be in the mid $200 range which is pretty reasonable for all the organization this would bring to those taking lots of measurements. (more…)

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Bosch Duel-Bevel Glide Miter Saw 10” CM10GD vs Bosch 12” GCM12SD

Bosch 10" Glide Saw

Only a few short years ago the folks at Bosch released the very popular 12” Glide Saw GCM12SD ($799, Ohio Power Tool) which continues to be the choice of many woodworkers and professionals. What the original glide saw did very well provide a very wide cutting capacity without having to take any space behind the saw for additional rails. For work shop situations this is huge as it can free up 10-15” of otherwise wasted space, if the miter station has long outriggers on either side that could mean 10 or more sq ft in a work shop! (more…)

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Ohio Tool Racing Championships Five Years Strong

Power Tool Drag Races

Last Sunday was the 5th annual Ohio Tool Racing Championship held in Columbus. The event continues to grow in popularity thanks in to the tie in with the Columbus Maker Faire which brought a wide range of new attendees of all ages. This year’s race also expanded to some new geographic locations thanks to collaboration with maker spaces in Louisville & Cincinnati. New competition as always, this year one of which strapped a GoPro Hero 3 to his racer for some new POV videos. Finally a brand new geeked-out track complete with photoelectric sensors, arduino controls and a fully functional race light tree really elevated the entire level of legitimacy, so no more blaming loses on the track! (more…)

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Bosch L-Rack Brings New Options to L-Boxx Storage System

Bosch L-Rack Click-n-Go

Launching this month is the Bosch L-Rack ($139, Ohio Power Tool) which offers 3 drawers multi-configuration storage unit to compliment the already popular Bosch L-Boxx System. We had no idea this system would become as popular as it has but Bosch has done a very smart thing by adding the L-Boxx to many of their most popular tools. Because the system is so modular it is very easy to add 1 piece at a time and not have to invest in a huge conversion at any one time.   (more…)

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2013 Tool Racing Championship Triple Crown – Louisville, Columbus & Cincinnati

Power Tool Drag Racing

You read that correctly the 2013 season of power tool drag racing is upon us and will be hosted in 3 different cities, at 3 different Maker Faire events, all the info is however on 1 website! This will be the 5th time for the race in Columbus and with several returning season veterans expect to see some stiff competition. Cincinnati & Louisville are not going to be out done however and while in their inaugural seasons already have some racers with some pretty advanced designs that look to take their glory on the road to all 3 events. (more…)

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Bosch Tools & Simpson Strong-Tie Partnership in Effect

Simpson and Bosch Tools

There was big talk about the partnership between Bosch Tools and Simpson Strong-Tie anchors earlier this year but until recently we have not seen much action in the way of real partnerships at street level. That has changed for select dealers like Ohio Power Tool who are both BSS (Bosch System Specialist) locations as well as a large Simpson Strong-Tie dealers. In their store you will now see the Simpson products integrated into the full Bosch setup right next to the hammers and carbide. Of course some fancy shelves and lights probably won’t interest you as much as good old fashion deals. So until the end of September purchase select Bosch rotary hammers, Bosch carbide along with Simpson mechanical anchors or adhesives and get a $100 Visa card instantly. No Mail-In Rebate, so you’ll be buying a steak dinner the same night! (more…)

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Competition Heating Up: Milwaukee, Bosch & Dewalt Heated Jackets

Dewalt Heated Jackets

Just announced Dewalt Heated Jackets will be coming in 4 styles: Soft shell work jacket (black) DCHJ060 $209, hooded work jacket (black) DCHJ061 $199, True Timber Camoflage jacket DCHJ062 $229 and True Timber Blaze Orange Camoflage jacket DCHJ063 $229. The Dewalt jackets will all work with both their 12V/20V platform and the battery unit itself is the first to include 2 USB outlets. However, this does mean the battery unit is a little larger. The heating zones are also a little different than what we’ve seen with heating elements in the chest, back and collar (vs chest, back & pockets on Milwaukee)(more…)

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Cordless 18V SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Round-Up – PTR

Cordless SDS-Plus

Check out this great test of pretty much every cordless 18V SDS-Plus drill currently on the market from our friends at Pro Tool Reviews – see FULL STORY. It originally appeared in their printed publication which if you have not seen yet is very impressive. This is just a sample of the kind of in-depth reviews they are knocking out each month. To purchase one of these fine cordless drills contact the pros at Ohio Power Tool and they’ll be able to help you out (at least with all the good ones).


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The Next Brushless Tool from Bosch is the MXH180 Multi-Tool


With all of the buzz that has been generated by the Milwaukee FUEL lineup over the past couple of months I can’t really say that I am surprised by the fact that Bosch is starting to get into the brushless tool market in their own way. We have already seen Bosch first venture into the brushless tool world with the RHH181 cordless rotary hammer (and I got to fiddle around with it a little bit) and I, for one, have been anxiously waiting to see what the next brushless tool from the Bosch CORE line would be. I half expected Bosch to go about it in the same way Milwaukee did and release a larger roll-out of cordless brushless tools like impact drivers and hammer drills. This is apparently not the direction that Bosch is headed. The next brushless tool in the Bosch 18V lineup is the MXH180 Oscillating Tool. (more…)

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Carbide-Tipped Oscillating Tool Blade From Bosch – OSC114C


It may be fair to say that we have been sufficiently spoiled by carbide. The proliferation of carbide-tipped blades, rasps and bits has made the useful application of anything that is not carbide-tipped seem ho-hum and ineffectual by comparison (unless you start getting into the serious diamond embedded stuff, but that is another story for another day). Due to the rising popularity of both carbide-tipped tools and oscillating multi-tools it comes as no surprise that these would meet in the middle and we would start to get more and more carbide-tipped oscillating tool accessories. (more…)

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