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Sawzall / Reciprocating Saw Blade Tourture Test for Demo

Somehow we missed this when it came out a few months ago in Fine Homebuilding Magazine. It is a very nice detail comparison of 15 major demo blades for wood. Looking at price, TPI, cut speed, cuts, flexibility, etc it really goes deep with each blade. It was pointed out to us while having a discussion about metal cutting blades in Garage Journal forum which is obviously a different kind of blade but though it was a good read anyway. For the full story check it out here at Torture Test – Demolition Blades

You can also purchase a wide variety of demolition and other Sawzall / Reciprocating Blades from the fine people at Ohio Power Tool.

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Bosch MX25E vs Fein MultiMaster Oscillating Tool Showdown


For about 2 years now, ever since the patent ran out on Fein for its oscillating multi-tool, we have been hearing about how Bosch was going to come out with corded tool that was going to beat Fein at their own game. Well that day is upon us with the introduction of the new Bosch MX25EC-21 ($149, Ohio Power Tool) and the MX25EK-33 ($194, Ohio Power Tool) kits. How will the Bosch stack up against the Fein specificall as well as the other popular oscillating tools from Rockwell & Dremel? See more pictures in this Photo Album of the Bosch vs Fein.


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Bosch Power Tools at World of Concrete 2011


Every year we get pretty excited about the World of Concrete because of all the new product releases that happen just prior or during the actual show. It also has some really cool and interesting attractions to see, if you are into concrete at least. The most exciting new Bosch concrete product had to have been the new Brute BH2760VCD ($1599, Ohio Power Tool) which we had compared to the Makita and DeWalt previously.  Here are a few others to look for that are either out now or headed to stores in the near future. Also check out this photo album for more pictures from the show.


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Bosch Reinvents Concrete Chisels with R-Tec World of Concrete


One of the new products you can check out at the outdoor Bosch booth at the 2011 World of Concrete are the new R-Tec Concrete Chisels. Bosch is replacing its SDS-Max flat chisel and pointed chisel with new more powerful chisels which offer the professional user considerable advantages. The R-Tec reflective element (cone shape in middle of the chisel) increases material removal rate by up to 15%. This is achieved by converting the recoil energy into additional impact energy, therefore considerably increasing the material removal rate while reducing vibration. Both chisels also have a self-sharpening cutting edge, which enables them to achieve a constantly high material removal rate. It also saves time by eliminating the need for time-consuming chisel resharpening.

The new SDS-max R-Tec 1” Flat Chisel HS1936 ($15, Ohio Power Tool) has a cutting edge twice as long as that of a standard 1” chisel, which doubles the material removal rate. On the new SDS-max R-Tec Bull Point Chisel HS1935 ($18, Ohio Power Tool) the “blast spin” action of the optimized cutting geometry enables continuous work without jamming in the concrete. At nearly the same price you will pay for any other 16” chisel these are definitely worth consideration.

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Rockwell BladeRunner RK7321 Full Review & Tool Cabinet Build


A few weeks ago we did a quick post on the new Rockwell BladeRunner ($179, Amazon), from our limited exposure at the STAFDA tradeshow (see here). Since that time we were lucky enough to get one to test out and provide some feedback. Additionally we got to test some of the accessories available and at the end of the day this tool along with several other Bosch Power Tools would end up in the well deserving hands of


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Bosch OIS Oscillating Tool MX25EC Exclusively at Home Depot

The long awaited corded Bosch Oscillating Tool MX25EC, which has been talked about for several years now and may finally be the answer to a suitable rival for the higher priced Fein MultiMaster is final available and you can even get it in time for Christmas! Apparently Bosch has struck an exclusive deal with the Home Depot on the MX25EC-21 ($159, so if you want it within the next 60 days it looks like you will be ordering it online on their site. This tool is NOT available in local HD stores and neither in-store or online sells any of the Bosch OIS accessories. Possibly the softest launch we have ever seen on such a highly anticipated tool, we had to call and order one ourselves to make sure it was for real. It is also a huge slap in the face to their network of the Bosch BSS Dealers they have been working to set up all year long, who were promised exclusive launch on new Bosch Tools, specifically this one.


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Bosch 10” Table Saw 4100-09 End of the Year Special – $499

This Bosch Table Saw in the standard of excellence on jobsites around the globe, these are very accurate and very rugged table saws. When paired with the Gravity Rise stand it is very easy to get this shop quality table saw anywhere you want to go. Until the end of the year or stock runs out, the nice folks at Ohio Power Tool are selling the Brand New (never refurbished products) saw & stand Bosch 4100-09 for $499! We have never seen a price that low on this unit and in fact if you search the other 50+ people selling it on Google Shopping you will see nobody is even close.    


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Grand Prize Winner – Bosch 12 Days of Bits & Blades

Thank you everyone who entered the 12 Days of Bits & Blades contest. We had 20 winner including our Grand Prize winner (drum roll…) WILLIAM C. from Richland, MI. William we will be shipping out your Bosch 12V Max CLPK41-120 ($374, Ohio Power Tool) 4 tool combo kit this week, with plenty of time to wrap it and put in under the tree for someone deserving… or yourself! Either way is fine with us. For a quick recap of all the winners and each of the 12 Days check out our Bosch Tools page.

If you didn’t win anything, do not worry, Bosch will not let you go home empty handed. You can still get a FREE 3.5” OIS blade & adaptor ($30 value) just fill out this short form on and give them the super secret code – OISC10. We have spoken with many who got in early and have already received their free goodies but many more that fill this out more recently and have been waiting several weeks. They are sending out thousands so be patient it’ll come but probably not until 2011.  

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Diamond Saw Blades – Final Day of 12 Days of Bits & Blades

There is still time to register on 12 Days of Bits & Blades to win one of today’s 4 great prizes as well as the Grand Prize of a 4 Tool Bosch Cordless Combo Kit CLPK41-120 ($374, Ohio Power Tool). When all is said and done there will be 20 winners of Bosch tools & accessories and we wanted to thank the nice folks at Bosch for providing all the goodies and Ohio Power Tool for handling all the shipping & logistics. We Hope everyone has a Happy Holiday Season. Don’t forget Ohio Power Tool has great pricing on all Bosch Tools with Free Shipping until the end of the year.

Today’s Featured Product & Giveaway – Diamond Blades: Segmented 4” DB441 ($18, Ohio Power Tool), Turbo 4” DB442 ($15, Ohio Power Tool), Continuous 4” DB443 ($21, Ohio Power Tool), Turbo 7” DB742 ($26, Ohio Power Tool)


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47 Piece Driver Bit Set – (Day 11) 12 Days of Bits & Blades

Only 1 more day left and we promise the last one will be a good one. There is still time to register on 12 Days of Bits & Blades before the Grand Prize in selected! Today’s winner will certainly not have to worry about Driver Bits for a long time. The kit includes more than enough strait, Phillips, square, torx, new P2R2 driver bit as well as several sizes of nut setters. The nice hard plastic case makes storage very clean and organized. This is another kit that would be great gift for such a wide range of people this Holiday season. Check out all the Screwdriver Bit Sets on  

Today’s Featured Product & Giveaway – 49 Piece Screwdriver Bit Set T4047 ($39, Ohio Power Tool)

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