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Bosch vs Milwaukee vs Dewalt vs Makita

The chart above shows website traffic to each company’s main website. It doesn’t take into consideration tool sales, units sold, product specific websites (ie,, etc) or any other outside factors. The graph simply measures web traffic reported from a 3rd party source. In my mind this is a good measure of what is popular and the overall trend of how a company is doing. Overall I think it is pleasantly surprising that the lines weren’t all strait down. Watch the news or read the paper and all you hear is about how the sky is falling, the economy is in the tank and we are all going back to the dark ages but the year over year numbers are up for 3 out of 4 of the largest power tool companies. Again these are just web traffic numbers and not sales or profit numbers, but that’s still pretty positive I think. 

The obvious thing that jumps out is what’s going on with Dewalt? Historically it’s been arguably the most popular tool brand, with tons of very loyal customers however recently the talk in forums has been a little more on the sour side. Black & Decker now owns Dewalt as well as Porter Cable and the overall perception I have read from loyal users is that the quality has definitely come down. The die hard Porter Cable guys are possibly the most unhappy (unfortunately they don’t have their own website; it’s a shared site with Delta and other products so we can’t look at it in the chart). Years ago Porter Cable was considered one of the highest quality professional tool brands on the market, now they are comparable to Ryobi, better for a DIY occasional user.

The second thing that jumped out to me is that Bosch Tools is up 95% in web traffic from last year. That is awesome! There have been some exciting new products including a completely new 18V cordless line, new 12V Max tool and a wide array of new accessories but overall I don’t think this is what is driving the gains. The brand remains very strong, continues to make a high quality product, great innovations in their new products, good marketing and very few layoffs while other companies in general have seen cuts across the board.  

Milwaukee Tools also had some serious gains of 26% in web traffic from the previous 12 months. They had probably the biggest product launches with the new M18 lithium ion line and M12 lithium tool line. Both lines I would consider very successful launches.

Makita Tools also had modest gains but without a new complete line of tools to launches I think they did a good job in keeping traffic up with the new products they did have as well as strong promotions and relationships with MLS, Suzuki, Rockstar and sponsored events.     

Overall I think these numbers are pretty positive and sure lots of people are just window shopping but I think it’s a good look at the overall popularity of the brands and the trends. There are plenty of other tool brands to compare or you might want to see your site’s traffic compared to your competitors, I would strongly encourage anyone to do some comparisons of your own at     


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Bosch Multi-Construction Hammer Drill Bits Go through Everything!

These new light blue drill bits work in your standard ½” chuck hammer drill. I have been a fan of the Bosch Blue Granite bits which has a similar carbide tip and are great for going through not only concrete but also masonry, stone, tile and other similar materials. The new Bosch Multi-Construction Bits go even further, in addition to concrete, masonry, stone & tile the new bits also go through metal, plastic, wood and even glass! Basically all the materials you might want to drill it can handle it. Ideal for say attaching a wood stud to concrete, pre-drill a hole into both at once without switching the tool or bits, big time saver.

The Multi-Construction bit also steals some technology from the Bosch Tile & Glass Bits and will make perfect holes in ceramic tile or glass. The bits work in both rotary or hammer mode depending on the material you are going into. It might get ugly if you are in hammer mode when you try going into glass for the first time so make sure you check your tool.

Checkout Ohio Power Tool if you are interested ordering some of these new drill bits, they are in-stock and available to ship now! Read the full Bosch Press Release below.   


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Bosch SDS-Plus Rebar Cutting Bits

The new rebar cutters from Bosch have 1 purpose, extending the life of your other concrete drill bits. Nothing wears out a concrete drill bit faster than rebar and how do you avoid it? With the Bosch Rebar Cutter it’s simple. Once you hit rebar simply switch out the bit in your SDS-Plus hammer drill, cut the rebar and switch back to your regular bit. Another option would be to use two tools and have one already ready with the Bosch Rebar Cutter. If you have an extra SDS drill this could save a few seconds on each cut but not really necessary.

The Rebar Cutters range in size from 3/8”-1.5” but for anything ½” or less you may want to also consider the new Bosch X5L Full Head Carbide. These carbide drill bits go strait through concrete and rebar no problem saving any time and extending drill bit life by have an all in one solution. Ohio Power Tool carries a wide range of SDS Concrete Bits and accessories. Read the full Bosch Press Release Below.     


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Bosch X5L SDS-Plus Full Head Carbide for Concrete & Rebar

The new Bosch SDS Plus X5L drill bits are the ideal choice for drilling into concrete with rebar. Ranging in size from 3/16”-1/2” the tip is a full head of carbide with a diffusion bond, significantly stronger than brazing process used by the competition. For larger diameter holes it is suggested to use a standard SDS-Plus bit then use the Bosch Rebar Cutter (3/8”-1.5”) when you come in contact with any rebar, then continue with standard SDS-Plus bit once the rebar is removed. The X5L bits last much longer (up to 5x longer) than standard SDS-Plus bits especially when hitting rebar, these bits also save time drilling and no need for a separate rebar cutter bit. As you would expect the X5L bits are going to cost more up front than the standard SDS-Plus bits but when dealing with concrete & rebar will save time & money in the long run.


Ohio Power Tool has the new X5L bits in-stock now as well as many other SDS-Plus, SDS-Max & Spline Hammer Drill Bits and accessories. If you have additional questions about you application, what tools will work best or anything else about concrete drilling contact the pros at Ohio Power Tool at 800-242-4424 or by email Read the full Bosch X5L press release below.



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Home of the FREE Battery Deals

Ohio Power Tool has become the home of the Free Battery Deals. Some people do free shipping but that’s only good for a couple bucks, these free battery deals can save you up to $150. Nothing is more annoying or a bigger waist of time than running out of battery power. Make sure it never happens to you again! Here is the full list of all the free battery deals currently available at Ohio Power Tool:

Milwaukee M12 Tools – Mail-in Rebate (until 4/30/09)
M-Spector w/free MicroDriver – $249
M12 Micro Driver – $116
M12 Impact Driver – $179
M12 Copper Tube Cutter – $219
M12 Hackzall – $179

Bosch 12V Max Tools – Instant Rebate (While Supplies Last)
PS10 i-Driver – $139
PS20 Pocket Driver – $114
PS30 Drill/Driver – $147
PS40 Impactor – $159
PS50-2A Multi-X – $179
PS50-2B Multi-X – $199

Milwaukee V28 Tools: – Instant Rebate (While Supplies Last)
V28 4 Tool Combo Kit – $699
V28 3 Tool Combo Kit – $576
V28 Hammer Drill – $419
V28 Right Angle Drill – $389
V28 SDS Rotary Hammer – $728
V28 ½” Impact Wrench – 473
V28 Bandsaw – $451
V28 Sawzall – $419
V28 Circular Saw – $419
V28 Metal Circular Saw – $496
V28 Grinder – 348

Bosch 36V Litheon Tools – Instant Rebate (While Supplies Last)
4 Tool Combo Kit CPK42-36 – $549

If you are looking for 18V tools from Bosch or Milwaukee there are also special deals right now for them just not free batteries. Bosch 18V Tools have a trade-in deal which could save you up to $100. Milwaukee M18 Tools include a free Impact Drive tool, a $179 value, with some of the tools and combo kits.   


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Bosch 18V Lithium Ion Trade-In Deal – Up to $100 Off

Have you beaten up your old cordless tools to the point they are about to give out… or have they already quit working on you? No problem because until April 30th, 2009 at Ohio Power Tool you can get up to $100 for that old tool simply by purchasing a new Bosch 18V Litheon Tool.

This promotion includes 3 stand alone tools including the 18V Compact Drill/Driver ($179 w/ discount), 18V Brute Drill/Driver ($239 w/ discount) & 18V Brute Hammer Drill/Driver ($255 w/ discount)  

If you have you eye on the Bosch 18V 4 Tool combo kit CLPK40-180 with Hammer Drill/Driver, Reciprocating Saw, Circular Saw and Flashlight you can save $100 simply by sending in your oldest most beat up 18V tool.

The Bosch 18V Litheon tools are some of the most powerful, well built cordless tools on the market today. The Hammer Drill is rated at 650 ft/lbs torque, more powerful than most other 24, 28 or 36 volt cordless hammer drills. They are backed by the industry-leading ProVantage warranty, good for 3 years of tool protection & 2 years battery replacement.

The Trade-In tool must be received before the new tool can be shipped. The trade-in tool must also be an 18V professional tool. The Trade-In tool is not required to operate correctly and does not need to include a working battery although we encourage you to send them in so we can recycle them through proper channels.

If you have any questions about how to ship the tools, how to use the coupon codes, questions about the tools themselves or any other question you can imagine please simply give us a call at 800-242-4424 or email we are more than happy to help.


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Bosch PS50 Multi-X Accessory Review & Free 3rd Battery Deal

The Bosch PS50-2A and Bosch PS50-2B have been available for several months now but for if you haven’t picked one up yet for a limited time these include a FREE 3RD Battery. The FREE battery is actually included with any of the Bosch 12V Max Tools and exclusively from Ohio Power Tool while supplies last. Certain applications of these multi-purpose tools are more battery intensive such as grout removal or sanding and the 3rd battery will definitely come in handy.

For those of you that are lucky enough to already own a Bosch Multi-X or are looking for some cheaper accessories for your Fein Multi-Master here is a list of all the available Accessories:

Wood Cutting Blades – Perfect for cutting molding, trim, sub floor, cabinets & more.
OSC38 – 3/8” Strait Cut – $7.69
OSC34 – ¾” Strait Cut – $8.39
OSC112 – 1-1/2” Strait Cut – $18.89

Bi-Metal Cutting Blades – Great for cutting wood, aluminum, copper, PVC, drywall & more.

OSC38F – 3/8” Strait Cut – $8.39
OSC34F – ¾” Strait Cut – $9.10
OSC312F – 3-1/2” Round Cut – $36.69

Grout Removal Blades – Replace a cracked tile very easily with this accessory. Simply cut out the grout around it and it becomes much easier to remove all at once.
OSC312RF – 3-1/2” RIFF Grit – $34.99

Wood & Paint Sanding Paper

There are a wide range of different sand paper grit options please visit the Bosch Multi-X Accessory page to select what you need. Each pack includes either 5 or 6 sheets and range from $2.09 – $2.40.


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New Bosch Edge Reciprocating Saw Blades for Heavy Metal

Recently Bosch introduced the new Edge Reciprocating Saw blades specifically for Metal applications. You may have already heard about the blades because of their interesting free custom guitar sweepstakes. The guitar was created incorporating the shape of new saw blades. In the launch kit sent to dealers and press they also included a 10” toy version of the guitar. A very weird promotion in my mind however it has gotten a lot of people talking so I guess it worked. Personally I’d prefer more free samples to give to people to use but that’s just me.

Putting the Heavy Metal Free Guitar promotion out of the way, how good do the new blades actually work. Is there a real compelling reason to try these new blades? Several features defiantly make it look like it could be worth testing. You can read the official press release below for more details but these blades have a nice substantial feel not at all flimsy and the few cuts I made they seemed very fast. Their third party testing suggests 65% faster and 2x longer lasting than the Lenox Gold.

You can purchase the new Bosch Edge Blades at Ohio Power Tool.

Bosch Edge for Metal Recip Blades Last Longer, Cut Faster & Cleaner Than Competition

Mount Prospect, Ill., January XX, 2009 – The toughest materials call for the toughest blades, but it’s not enough to just be tough. The blade must be built to last and cut faster and cleaner than the rest. That’s why Bosch introduced their latest Edge for Metal Demolition reciprocating saw blades.
The blades feature Bosch’s Micro-Edge TechnologyTM, a patented design and manufacturing process that results in longer blade life, faster cutting and increased durability with teeth that stay sharper over time.

The powder metal steel alloy minimizes heat build-up for longer life and Bosch’s patented 2 x 2 tooth geometry delivers faster and cleaner cuts by effectively removing debris. The first set of teeth cut more aggressively and the smaller reinforced teeth follow. This alternating tooth pitch increases cutting speeds by 20 percent.

The teeth are protected by Bosch’s own Micro-blastTM technology that cleanly defines the cutting surface as opposed to rough or uneven teeth that will tear-out much easier.

The blades are taller and thicker than competitive blades to reduce vibration when cutting and results in a straighter cut, ideal when accuracy is a must.

The blades come in 6-inch and 9-inch lengths with kerfs of .035” (14+18 TPI), .042” (8+10 TPI) and .062” (8+10 TPI). The 14+18 blades are ideally suited for medium gauge metals. The 8+10 for Heavy Metal is designed for thick gauges metals and the 8+10 for Metal Demolition is made for tearing stuff up.

To see the blade in action, visit


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Valentine’s Day Power Tool Gifts for Everyone

Last year around this time we did a post; Women vs Men comparing gifts we typically get ladies to what an equal gift for a guy would be. This year I though a simple unisex list would work because I know there are lots of girls out there that really want power tools just as much as guys… I just don’t happen to be with one.

  1. Dremel Multi-Max $99 – I am mostly convinced that everyone on the planet wants one of these tools. Guy, girl, grandpa, your neighbors, everyone, the good news is a such a low price it’s within reach for almost everyone. If they already have one a few additional accessories would be a great idea.
  2. Bosch PS30 3/8” Drill/Driver $147 – This drill is small lightweight and comfortable enough for my grandmother to use. At the same time it is an incredibly powerful drill, with good battery life and recently held its own when compared with other brand’s 18-20 volt drills in a Popular Mechanics test.  
  3. Milwaukee M12 Hackzall $179 – This new “mini Sawzall” is incredibly versatile and great tool to have in almost any situation. Perfect for use with drywall, pvc, wood, metal, plastic and so much else. Around the house or on the jobsite this compact tool does an amazing job. Plus it has a FREE battery or flashlight deal.
  4. Milwaukee M18 4+1 Tool Combo Kit $459 – Some of the most powerful 18 volt tools on the market today the new M18 cordless tools either match or beat almost all other competition tool by tool. Lightweight and extremely powerful this is the ultimate tool kit. Includes: Hammer Drill, Circular Saw, Sawzall, Flashlight and bonus Impact Driver while supplies last.  

These are just a few general ideas maybe your sweetheart really wants a Tanaka Gas Drill? We are no responsible for ill suited gifts for your particular valentine. Really I just saw that picture of Cupid and laughed so hard I had to find a reason to post it on the site. If you have any questions about power tools feel free to email Ohio Power Tool at   


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World of Concrete 2009 Review – Las Vegas

This year surrounding the world of concrete there was lots of talk about how the show size shrunk and how the economy is affecting the construction industry. This Las Vegas Review Journal article looks at those aspects of the show and managed to sneak in some key buzzwords like Obama, stimulus packages and unemployment. Not the most positive spin I’ve ever read.

In the area of power tools, new laws and regulations are requiring silica dust to be handled in specific ways; lawsuits have already popped up on the subject and are an area of concern for many people. Bosch has been one of the companies leading the way in creating new tools and accessories to combat the silica dust problem. Bosch has a new Dust Collecting ¾” Rotary Hammer 11250VSRD ($299) available now that is light weight and features a micro filter system that dramatically reduces any type of dust in the air. Bosch also has introduced a line of dust extraction grinder covers that work with almost all grinders from 4.5” to 9” and cover the work area and suck all the dust and debris out into the Bosch Airsweep vacuum or other wet/dry vacuums.


The World of Concrete website has a full list of all the 2009 MIP (Most Innovative Products) which you can see on the MIP page. You can’t find this page from their regular web page because WOC waisted no time and is now already planning from 2010.      

New technologies and techniques are making so much more possible with concrete. Checkout this short video I found on Youtube which highlights some of the different new processes.


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