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Milwaukee 12V Micro Driver vs. Bosch 10.8V Pocker Driver

Later this month Milwaukee will release the new sub-compact 12V Lithium Ion Micro Driver (2401-22) which will compete directly with the extremely successful Bosch PS20 10.8V Lithium Ion Pocket Driver. How does the Milwaukee vs. Bosch comparison stack up? On paper the Milwaukee looks to have the advantage with 1.2V more power with equal price and charge time but we won’t know for sure until it comes out. Expect additional 12V lithium Ion tools from Milwaukee to follow hopefully in time for Christmas. The 12V Micro Driver 2401-22 should be available for sale on Ohio Power Tool within a week or two along with a new compact drill/driver V18 2601-22 which will weight only 3.5 lbs.

For more Bosch and Milwaukee tools visit Ohio Power Tool and let us help you find the right tool for the job.

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Bosch 10.8V Litheon Tools – These Ain’t No Kid Toys

litheon 10.8v

About a year ago Bosch Tools released their line of Litheon™ cordless tools.  The new line of power tools used lithium ion batteries which offer several advantages over traditional BLUECORE NiCad including more power, longer run time and consistent power during battery use. The 36v Bosch Brute tools were a no brainer, these were professional tools that addressed many issues for those who depended on their cordless tools to be working all day everyday.

But what about the line of 10.8V Litheon tools? Who are these tools for? Many people’s perception is these don’t look like serious tools, maybe something for the wife to hang pictures with… not the case. These are well built compact tools with serious power. The small size makes them much easier to carry and with perfect balance these are great to use in any position. The I-Driver PS10-2  has an even smaller profile and adjustable head for the hardest to reach spaces. The battery from the Pocket Driver™ PS20-2 last long enough to drive 100 3 inch screws and with a 30 minute charge time your second battery will be waiting for the next 100 screws.  

As for the power check out the Impactor Fastening Driver PS40-2 which proves 60% more torque that traditional 18v drill/drivers at 800 in. lbs. of torque. All that power from about 1/3 size and weight makes these tools serious work horses, just with a smaller size.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the professional staff at Ohio Power Tool and they will be happy to assist you in finding the right tool for the job.

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New 35 lbs Demolition Tool of Choice – Bosch 11335K

Bosch 11335 

Bosch has recently released a new 35lb Breaking Hammer which adds to their extensive line of demolition tools. The Bosch 11335K looks like traditional jack hammers but is incredible versatile. At 35 lbs and with multiple grip positions this tool is easy to operate in angled, horizontal or vertical applications.  Powered by a 1750 W motor and 34 ft lbs of impact force the 11335K has the highest removal rate in its class, up to 50% faster than most competition. Shock absorbing top handles have been added to reduce vibration up to 40% vs. competitors, providing uncompromising control and comfort for users.
A few additional Bosch demolition tools to consider would be Bosch SDS-Max 11245EVS which offers incredible breaking power in a compact design for heavy duty angled and horizontal applications. Another great breaker is the Bosch Bulldog 11255VSR is a Rotary Hammer Drill that offers a lot of demo tool for the price. Finally the Bosch Brute 11304, the standard in electric jack hammer equipment. Although this unit is rather heavy at 60+ lbs, limiting it to mostly vertical use, it plugs into any standard socket or generator which means it does not require a compressor. View full line of Bosch demolition hammers and breaking tools at Ohio Power Tool.

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