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Air Impact Torque Test 1/2″ – IR vs CP vs Jet

Impacts IR vs CP vs Jet

One of the biggest questions we always get with pneumatic tools, or any tools for that matter, which one is more powerful? When it comes to air tools there are several different numbers you will see on the boxes and it’s clear manufacturers are not using any sort of standardization to report these numbers. Torque is also affected by application, air pressure and other environmental conditions so getting an exact number is not always easy. All 3 of these impact wrenches are their respective brands top dogs, composite construction and have been launched within the last year. (**3/15/16 – We also added new testing for 1/2″ Cordless Impacts vs Air Impacts)

Working Torque: The range of torque to be used on a daily basis both in forward/reverse. For instance your average full-size pickup lug nut should be put on about 120-180 ft. lbs. and may require much more to take it off depending on how & when it was put on. This should give a range which you would get from switching the tool from the lowest setting to highest. Jet JAT-121 ($229) reports a 50-550 ft-lbs, CP7749 ($229) goes from 100-522 ft-lbs., IR 2235TiMAX ($279) does not report a “working torque” range only max torque 930 ft-lbs. and “Nut Busting Torque”. (more…)

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CP Red Hawk Road Gas-Powered Breakers

CP Red Hawk Road

There are probably few things on this planet that could make you feel as much like a man as firing up a big’ol gas powered concrete breaker and going to town until you are standing on a pile of rubble. The Chicago Pneumatic Red Hawk (and its sibling the Atlas Copco Cobra) have been the most popular of these types of breakers and with this latest update have made several improvements to compete more directly with electric, pneumatic and hydraulic breakers. (more…)

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Chicago Pneumatic Ultra Compact 1/2″ Air Impact CP7732

CP Impact Gun

If getting onto tight spaces with the full power of a 1/2″ impact is what you are after, look no further. The Chicago Pneumatic CP7732 ($139) packs a lot of punch into a very compact design. At only 4.4” width CP really did a nice job of sliming the tool down but with 450 ft lbs in reverse it still gets the job done. The controls for power and direction are right in the trigger and are a true 1 handed operation which you could easily change even if you already had the gun in a tight space. (more…)

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Get Right for Spring with Free Tools from CP

free cp7759q-2

Starting now and running until the end of March, when you purchase a few select CP tools from Ohio Power Tool you will instantly receive a free second tool or accessory. This deal is only for a limited time (scheduled to end 3/31/14 or while supplies last), so if you are in the market for any of these great pneumatic tools from Chicago Pneumatic be sure to pick them up from Ohio Power Tool while you can still take advantage of this deal. (more…)

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CP Free ½” CP7620 Impact Deal with ¾” CP7763 Impact

For a limited time or while supplies last if you purchase a ¾” impact wrench CP7763 ($424, Ohio Power Tool) you will instantly receive a FREE ½” Impact CP7620 ($103, Ohio Power Tool). Both Chicago Pneumatic tools are very high quality units and a terrific deal!

The CP7763 ¾” impact has a 1,200 ft-lbs max torque rate while the CP7620 ½” a very respectable 425 ft-lbs max torque rate. If you should have any questions about any Chicago Pneumatic tools talk to the experts at Ohio Power Tool 800-242-4424 not only do they sell a lot of them they are also the Authorized Service Center.

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3/8” Impacts – New CP7729 vs Ingersoll Rand 2115TiMAX

Very recently Chicago Pneumatic launched a pair of new high end impact guns to accompany their ½” CP7749 (previous post) which competes well against the Ingersoll Rand ½” 2135TiMAX. The 2 new CP impact guns are very similar however one is a 3/8” CP7729 ($191, Ohio Power Tool) while the other is a ½” CP7739 ($217, Ohio Power Tool). Both tools are very compact at 6.4” and only 2.78lbs but pack a good amount of power at 415 ft lbs for CP7729 and 450 ft lbs for the CP7739. While that is not much torque for a ½” impact it is a tremendous amount for a 3/8” and all 3 of these units feature the side2side technology for forward and reverse.


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Chicago Pneumatic BlueTork 1” Non-Impact Wrench CP7600

The CP7600 is aimed at buses and trucks maintenance companies sensitive to best practices in terms of E3Q (Ergonomics, Efficiency, Environment and Quality). It offers a torque controlled solution to tighten nuts on trucks and buses to a precise specification without impacting force.

The Chicago Pneumatic BlueTork is a pistol grip pneumatic nut runner assists mechanics for tightening lug nuts according to specifications. The shut off valve prevents over-tightening while the torque reaction is taken by mean of a blade. The tool uses a dual motor setup to spine initially at 100rpm (50 ft.lbs) to quickly set the nut while the second motor spins at 8 rpm (650 ft.lbs) to finish the nut at exact specs. Because the tool uses continuous driving force instead of impact force the result is a significantly quieter tool, with much lower vibration. At only 79dB(A) OSHA does not require hear protection vs a typical 1” impact at 95dB(A) hear protection would be required under OSHA regulation 1910.95. The vibration levels for the non-impact wrench are almost vibration free at >2.5m/s. In Europe a typical impact gun with 9.1m/s would require mandatory limited daily exposure, while the US doesn’t yet have these standards you can expect to see something soon.


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Chicago Pneumatic New 2010 Catalog & New Look

Since 1901 Chicago Pneumatic has been delivering quality air tools for automotive, industrial and construction applications. New this year is a lot of exciting new products in addition to a full line overhaul, well at least the appearance. Many of their tools are getting a fresh coat of red as part of their “new look”. Some of their most popular tools will remain unchanged and become the “Classic” line. Here is a link to the Full 2010 Chicago Pneumatic Industrial & Vehicle Service Catalog which will show all the tools as they will be moving forward.


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SEMA 2009 Car Show – November 3rd – 6th

The SEMA Automotive Show is the premier aftermarket car show in the world, which appeals to a very wide range of people. The show itself covers 2 million sq. ft. with such a wide range of products and industries including car parts, stereo & electronics, restoration parts, power sports, car care, accessories, paint supplies and of course Tools & Equipment. Some of our favorite brands will be on hand including Chicago Pneumatic tools who will be on hand with Rich Evans and his H20 Knight car. For more details on that checkout CP’s latest issue of the Cranked Up Newsletter.  

(from CP).. if you are going to SEMA, make sure you come by the booth to see our new tools, meet Rich Evans, get your picture taken with Rich’s H20 Knight (as seen on the cover of this issue), and register for your chance to win one of numerous prizes. We’ll be giving away $50 gift cards to every 100th person who registers at the booth, CP7749s to 10 lucky winners who get their pictures taken with Rich, while sporting a Rich Evans-designed “Work. Not Labor.” tattoo, and an RCP-220P series compressor.

Unfortunately the SEMA show is not open to the general public, but with such a wide audience from car deals, tool suppliers, collision repair, electronic installers and so many more it shouldn’t be hard to go if you really want. Checkout the SEMA 2009 Car Show website for more info and details on this year’s festivity.  


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Air Hammers, Scalers & Needler Basics

Air hammers have a wide range of uses in many different industries from automotive service to construction to foundry use. Coupled with a wide variety of air hammer chisels and different attachments these are incredibly versatile tools. An interesting fact, Air Hammers are also called Zip Guns and if you search on that term, you will get a whole other list of results in Google. Apparently “Zip Guns” are also a term used for homemade guns, typically fashioned to look inconspicuous, like a cell phone or ball point pen, not what we are talking about here although it would be a fun post to write.

Some Air Hammer basics; there are 2 common sizes for air hammer chisels the .401 shank and more heavy duty .498 shank. There are also 2 styles for each size, turn type and non-turn type chisels. The turn types are far more common and have a collar to hold the bit in the tool. The non-turn type, do not allow the bit to rotate by locking the bit in with 4 ball grooves; it also requires an Ajax Kwik Connect Retain (both chisel types work with kwik connect retainers).


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