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Milwaukee M12 Palm Nailer with Red Lithium 2458-21


Several months ago we got the first look at the M12 Palm Nailer 2458-21 ($129, Ohio Power Tool) and it would be hard for me to express the level of skepticism we had before getting our hands on it. This is because we had tested out the Craftsman Auto-Hammer previously and seen a few other automatic hammers from Ryobi and Ridgid, all of which were significantly underpowered to be called “Palm Nailers”. In the defense of these other hammers they were not claiming to be palm nailers and for smaller nails do an ok job. These units could certainly not drive the 16D nails we think of when using a pneumatic palm nailer to perhaps frame a deck.

After about 5 seconds with the Milwaukee M12 Palm Nailer our whole view on cordless “Auto Hammers” had changed. Apparently it is possible to get all the power of a pneumatic palm nailer into a cordless unit. It is also much more effective because the main purpose of the palm nailer is to get into tight spaces, dragging a long air hose only makes that more difficult. Also in confined spaces it is often dark and hard to see the work space. The LED light built into the cordless M12 unit is very handy in these situations. The 2458-21 kit is one of the first tools to come with the new M12 Red Lithium batteries for added power and battery life. You can expect up to 100 nails per charge, which is very impressive for such a compact tool. For more info read the Milwaukee Press Release Below.


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Win a Craftsman MiterMate from Tool Snob and Sears

It’s out in their shop and all boxed up, waiting to be sent out to one of you. To enter the contest, drop a comment on their post here – ToolSnob, telling what makes you so special and why you should be the one to win the tool. The winner will be decided by random drawing Friday, Feb 26th. Looks like a nice saw and at this point there are less than 50 comments. Since the reason why you should be selected has no outcome on if you are selected I would suggest being be creative; stories of dragons, wizards, aliens, Swedish bikini models, etc. would all be totally valid.


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ToolSnob – Oscillating Tool Accessories: What Fits What?

The Oscillating tools have become the biggest new categories of tools to hit the market in years. I though last year was going to be the biggest Christmas push but this year has possible been even better for these vibrating tools. I even heard the Dremel Multi-Max was the most popular tool sold in the entire world this year (although it did come from the mouth of a Dremel rep)! It seems like everybody will have one here shortly but with all the different models and different accessories there has been A LOT of confusion about which accessories work with which tools.

The great guys over at helped us all out by making a handy little chart for the most popular models of oscillating tools and what accessories will work with which tools. The post looks at the adaptors and which tools lock in place vs simply “fit”. It also links to all their reviews on each of the tools which are all pretty comprehensive reviews. I would encourage everyone to take a minute and check it out.


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Craftsman NEXTEC 12V Auto-Hammer Review


Perhaps you have seen a commercial for the Craftsman Auto-Hammer recently and wondered as I did how useful is this new tool really. Would this ever replace my real hammer? Can it do handle large nails, what about finishing nails? I had the chance to review one the other day and hopefully this will provide a little insight if you are thinking about getting one or asking Santa to put one under the tree. Checkout the photos and also a Coptool YouTube video below.  

Out of the Box

A flip up view window to check out what’s inside… I suppose it can be helpful to check out the actual size of the tool, closest you’ll get to having a model on display. Just like the large Lego kits from my younger years, got me pumped then too. When I got the tool out I was a little surprised it had only 1 battery, I had originally thought it came with two. Also the bag was a little wimpy; it comes in two separate parts you need to put together by the zipper. As for the tool itself it’s pretty basic, no battery indicator, speed adjustment, adjustable heads or other such features. The good news is the tool is the perfect size, it feels nice in the hand with a large trigger and full soft grip that goes all the way to the top so you can use your other hand to stabilize the head. The battery looks just like every other 12 volt lithium you have ever seen with 3 cells inside. The charger is pretty basic with standard indicator lights and 30 minute charge time.


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