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Concrete Cutting with CS Unitec Diamond Chain Saws

January is always a fun time to talk concrete because of the World of Concrete show at the end of the month. If you have a chance to go one interesting demonstrations you will probably see is the guys cutting perfect square windows in solid wall slabs of concrete using diamond chain saws. It still amazes us everytime we see it. There really is nothing that compares to these concrete chain saws when you are looking at cutting power to weight and the ability for one person to control it.


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CS Unitec Tools for Underwater and ATEX Environmental Zones

Next time you need a new reciprocating saw you may stop by the local hardware store for your pick of several name brand recip saws but what about the next time you need to do some underwater cutting? Not that most of us will face that problem on your next weekend project but for some reason we are just happier knowing there are tools out there like The Shark, a 2HP Hydraulic Recip Saw. CS Unitec makes a wide range of specialty tools in electric, pneumatic and hydraulic which can be used in all sorts of environments, even including areas with dangerous gas vapor in the air.  

ATEX or ATmospheres EXplosibles are areas classified into zones (0, 1, 2 for gas-vapor-mist and 20, 21, 22 for dust) must be protected from effective sources of ignition. Zone 0 and 20 are the zones with the highest risk of an explosive atmosphere being present. The directive covers a large range of equipment, potentially including equipment used on fixed offshore platforms, in petrochemical plants, mines, flour mills and other areas where a potentially explosive atmosphere may be present.

Whether its work underwater, dangerous mining or building a deck in the backyard the guys at Ohio Power Tool are very knowledgeable and can help you find the right tool for the job. Here are some pictures of the CS Unitec Hydraulic Mag Drill in action doing some repair work on existing bulkhead steel sheeting. The HB-4400 was used to install 12-16 screws around the perimeter of the plate.        


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Chicago Pneumatic Portable Handheld Hydraulic Tools

It is a little confusing that a tool company with “Pneumatic” in their name would be in the Hydraulic Tool business. However, since the company is a part of Atlas Copco, one of the top names in Hydraulics worldwide and because these CP Hydraulic Tools are basically the red version of those Atlas tools we are very confident these tools will live up to the Chicago Pneumatic Construction name.

Hydraulic vs Pneumatic vs Electric
There are many reasons to consider the Hydraulic Tools over pneumatic or electric including: provide the most power and torque, fluid cannot compress like air, the tools will not freeze at low temperatures, hydraulic tools can work underwater, ATEX approved for dangerous environment (in many cases), life span of the tool is very long, low maintenance as the parts are continuously lubricated and the tools are quieter than other options. The reason you don’t see more hydraulic tools on the jobsite today is basically because of the higher initial start up costs for a complete system.


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Selecting the Right Concrete Core Drill & Diamond Core Bits

I apologize in advance for the dry material but we get lots of questions about concrete core drilling and hopefully we can clear it up a few of the basics in this post. There are lots of options when it comes to coring drills & rigs in terms of price, quality, size, power source, etc. Each type of drill has its place and it’s not always easy to select the right one and not make the decision totally based on which is cheapest. Ohio Power Tool offers a wide range of different types of core drills to cover the majority of needs out there which we’ll look at but obvious there are dozens of other brands out there that could be matched up.


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