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CST/berger 530’ Self-Leveling 360 Exterior Line Laser LL20


It seems that Bosch Measuring Tools is finally working out exactly what they have with the CST/berger brand they acquired in 2008 and how it will compliment the Bosch line of measuring tools. You may be thinking the CST/berger Line Laser LL20 ($499, Ohio Power Tool) looks very much like the Bosch GLL3-80 ($499, Ohio Power Tool) and you would be right.


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FREE SHIPPING on Bosch – Dremel – CST/Berger – Rotozip

Thinking about ordering some tools before the end of the year? Ohio Power Tool is offering FREE SHIPPING on all Bosch, Dremel, CST/Berger & Rotozip until the end of 2010. The Free Shipping applies to all Tools & Accessories simply use coupon code “HOLIDAYS” in step 1 of the checkout process. There are a few limitations such as order must be over $99.00, individual items cannot weigh over 70lbs, and promo does not apply to shipments outside the continental US. The FREE SHIPPING will travel by UPS Ground and will often ship the same day if item is in-stock.  


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Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Who Cares, Power Tool Deals Now!

Why would you need to wait in line at 5am, uphill both ways in 10 feet of snow just to fight Pit Bulls with lipstick (aka Hockey Moms) to try and save a few bucks? Ohio Power Tool is already putting out lots of awesome power tools at special discounted pricing and not refurbished or last year’s leftovers but the new good stuff. Check out the Top Tool Deals page to get some great gift ideas. Remember these prices also work with any other deals for Free Tools, Mail-in Rebates and/or Free Shipping.

The Free Shipping Deal is good until Monday December 7th, a week after Cyber Monday on many major brands including Bosch, Milwaukee, Dremel, Ingersoll Rand, CST/berger & Ridgid. Simply use Coupon Code TURKEY at checkout for free UPS ground shipping.

Visit Ohio Power Tool for a wide selection of tools at everyday discount prices. There are also a variety of mail-in rebates and other deals you can check out on the home page. You can also call 800-242-4424 during business hours to place any order, just mention the Free Shipping special.  


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CST/berger Laser Levels – Free Shipping

Until the end of the month you can get free ground shipping on all CST/berger laser tools anywhere in the continental US. This includes all dot lasers, line lasers, rotary lasers and pipe lasers. Many of the lasers themselves are available in a number of different kits that include any accessories you might need.

When ordering Lasers online make sure you read the fine print on what is included with your purchase. For instance on rotary lasers each model has 3-5 different configurations which might include, a detector, tripod, measuring rod and other accessories. Typically a Compete Package will have everything; a Detector Package will no include tripod or rod and an Interior Package will be the basic laser with v-mount, targets, glasses and case. However even one or two of the interior packed include detectors. Keep this in mind when price shopping online, it is easy to get confused and some suppliers out there might take advantage of that. If you have any questions about what is included in any package or what package is right for you talk to the guys at Ohio Power Tool at 800-242-4424 or email   


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CST/berger Laser Levels & Measuring Tools

As you may remember from last year the CST/berger company was acquired by The Robert Bosch Tool Corporation. As one of the premier names in the industry there may have been some concern Bosch was just looking for the name however this is not the case. Almost all the employees and facilities have remained with the company and now work together with the teams from Bosch Laser & Measuring, David White and Rolatape to form one of the largest players in the laser and measuring tool industry. Working together and sharing engineers, resources, patents, designs, talent and backed by the innovative culture of Bosch, I expect really good things to come.


The Dot Laser Levels are primarily used for interior alignment and layout purposes. The dot or point laser makes it extremely simple to find level or plumb and set 90 degree angles. The easy to use features, low cost and compact size make it a easy choice for even a DIY user.


The Line Laser Levels are extremely versatile and primarily used indoors but also have many outdoor uses. These are the perfect choice for hanging cabinets and fixtures or aligning wires and pipes. The line laser also makes hanging a perfectly level drop ceiling so much easier than ever before. The LM2 model is ideal for flooring applications such as tile because it holds two perfectly 90 degree lines and unlike chalk lines you can never cover a laser with mortar and loose the line.


The Rotary Laser Levels are the most sophisticated of the laser levels with many interior and exterior uses. There are unfortunately many models and packages to choose from which can seem intimidating at first but if you know generally what your needs are, you will find it is very strait forward in determine the right rotary laser for you. Rotary lasers are perfect for ensuring a level floor throughout an area, doing interior or exterior building layouts and work up to 2800 ft. away with a detector. For interior use most models will work in lay-down mode with vertical self leveling but another great option is the Bosch Dual-Axis rotary laser, the only one on the market, which lays a horizontal and vertical laser.


Ohio Power Tool is proud to add the CST/berger lasers and measuring tools to its line-up. Bosch continues to show tremendous innovation in so many or its products and we are very excited to see what new and exciting products will be introduced from CST in the years to come, now that they have such a solid company behind them. If you have any questions about laser and measuring tools please call the experts at 800-242-4424 or email


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