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DEWALT 12” Slide Miter DWS780 vs Bosch Glide Miter GCM12SD

Last week we did a hands-on with the new DEWALT 12” slide miter saw DWS780 ($599) and the whole time we were thinking how does this compare with the new Bosch 12” Glide Saw GCM12SD (previous post)? Apparently this was not an uncommon though as we received several more questions after posting some images on the twitter feed @coptool.


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DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Tools, the New Way to Say 18V

Well its official DEWALT has announced its new line of 20V Max Tools. Although unlike the name might suggest there is no more voltage available to these tools than their current 18V line or any competitors 18V for that matter. These will be the first tools DEWALT has ever made in the 18V category that will not be compatible with all the previous tools dating back to 1996. That selling point has been a big one for the yellow team and could be hard to overcome. Currently there are roughly 63 million Ni-Cd or Lithium DEWALT batteries in use worldwide on this 18V platform. So why is DEWALT moving toward this new 18V 2.0 platform?


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Dewalt 6.5” Track Saw DWS520K – Review


Most of the time the first thing that pops into anyone’s head when they hear track saw is ripping down 4×8 sheets of plywood. The DWS520K ($449, Amazon) is ideal for just such a job when compared to a table saw. For stock this large there really is no comparison in accuracy, consistency, safety, not to mention it only takes 1 person to do it right. Where the track saw may get over looked for those not as familiar is the high level precision this tool adds to the convenience factor.


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More on the New DeWalt Hand Tools – 5 Videos

A few weeks ago we did a post on the new DeWalt Hand Tools that should be hitting stores this summer. We included some photos but here are a few quick product videos for 5 of their most innovative new tools in the line.  


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DeWalt Tools Launches Its First Ever Line of Hand Tools

We can honestly say when Stanley Black & Decker announced we would be seeing a DeWalt line of premium hand tools we were not in the least bit surprised, as Stanley is one of the most popular hand tool manufacturers around. When the company merged and acquired the popular brands DeWalt & Porter Cable this was really the first thought that came to mind as the Stanley hand tool line is not synonymous with a premium quality. Our biggest fear however was that we were basically going to see the Stanley tools coming in a DeWalt name with a higher price tag, it’s been done before.

At the 2010 STAFDA show (see pictures here) however we got to see many of these new DeWalt hand tools and have to say we were really impressed with several of them. Obviously when they are talking about “100 new tools” you are going to find some that just got the name, how do you really innovate the crow bar.


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Sawzall / Reciprocating Saw Blade Tourture Test for Demo

Somehow we missed this when it came out a few months ago in Fine Homebuilding Magazine. It is a very nice detail comparison of 15 major demo blades for wood. Looking at price, TPI, cut speed, cuts, flexibility, etc it really goes deep with each blade. It was pointed out to us while having a discussion about metal cutting blades in Garage Journal forum which is obviously a different kind of blade but though it was a good read anyway. For the full story check it out here at Torture Test – Demolition Blades

You can also purchase a wide variety of demolition and other Sawzall / Reciprocating Blades from the fine people at Ohio Power Tool.

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DeWalt Power Tools at World of Concrete 2011

This year DeWalt again had an impressive indoor and outdoor setup at the 2011 World of Concrete. Always a packed house wherever the yellow team sets up shop, in addition to all the latest tools and accessories for users to demo there were several fun competitions to win prizes that drew pretty good sized crowds. Check out this photo album for more pictures from DeWalt at the 2011 World of Concrete.


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Stanley Black & Decker Sells Popular Woodworking Brand Delta


A few weeks back it was it was announced that Stanley Black & Decker would sell off the popular woodworking brand Delta to the Taiwanese company Chang Type Industries. Ltd. (TOTY). As huge multinational companies who own all our long time favorite tool brands pass them around like cards in a game of poker what does this mean for brand dependability? How does it play out for Stanley as a company with all its other brands and what about the new Delta Power Equipment Corp moving forward?


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DeWalt Tool Booth Visit at STAFDA 2010 Trade Show

As you know from all of last week’s posts we were at the STAFDA trades show stopping in on each Manufacturer to see what was new. DeWalt had some exciting stuff although you loyal readers may already be familiar with some of it. The new DeWalt 12 volt line of tools was their big push which you can read about in this link DeWalt 12V Max. Another big product launch was the compact router Dw611PK which we had also covered previously, but this was our first opportunity to actually see it in person.


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New Bosch Brute BH2760VCD vs DeWalt vs Makita AVT Breakers

The Bosch Brute Breaker has been the most popular Jack Hammer since the late 70’s but unfortunately hasn’t really changed that much in the past 30 years. That all changed today as the new Brute model BH2760VCD ($1599, Ohio Power Tool) is officially launched (we are calling it Brute 2 to keep things clear). This next generation breaker brings an incredible 60% more impact energy at the same time reducing the vibration by 50% in addition to several added features to improve service. 

Unfortunately what happened while the Bosch Brute 11304 was sitting on top of the hill as king Demolition Breaker, DeWalt and Makita have produced similar breakers with newer technology reduced vibration while increasing force and Bosch found themselves with an out of date product. The Bosch Brute 2 of course reclaims the thrown beating out all the competition in nearly every possible way. Below is a rough breakdown of the stats.


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