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Stanley Black & Decker Sells Popular Woodworking Brand Delta


A few weeks back it was it was announced that Stanley Black & Decker would sell off the popular woodworking brand Delta to the Taiwanese company Chang Type Industries. Ltd. (TOTY). As huge multinational companies who own all our long time favorite tool brands pass them around like cards in a game of poker what does this mean for brand dependability? How does it play out for Stanley as a company with all its other brands and what about the new Delta Power Equipment Corp moving forward?


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DeWalt Tool Booth Visit at STAFDA 2010 Trade Show

As you know from all of last week’s posts we were at the STAFDA trades show stopping in on each Manufacturer to see what was new. DeWalt had some exciting stuff although you loyal readers may already be familiar with some of it. The new DeWalt 12 volt line of tools was their big push which you can read about in this link DeWalt 12V Max. Another big product launch was the compact router Dw611PK which we had also covered previously, but this was our first opportunity to actually see it in person.


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New Bosch Brute BH2760VCD vs DeWalt vs Makita AVT Breakers

The Bosch Brute Breaker has been the most popular Jack Hammer since the late 70’s but unfortunately hasn’t really changed that much in the past 30 years. That all changed today as the new Brute model BH2760VCD ($1599, Ohio Power Tool) is officially launched (we are calling it Brute 2 to keep things clear). This next generation breaker brings an incredible 60% more impact energy at the same time reducing the vibration by 50% in addition to several added features to improve service. 

Unfortunately what happened while the Bosch Brute 11304 was sitting on top of the hill as king Demolition Breaker, DeWalt and Makita have produced similar breakers with newer technology reduced vibration while increasing force and Bosch found themselves with an out of date product. The Bosch Brute 2 of course reclaims the thrown beating out all the competition in nearly every possible way. Below is a rough breakdown of the stats.


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DeWalt 12V Max Inspection Camera with Detachable Screen DCT410S1

We talked about the new 12v Inspection Camera from DeWalt briefly back in June when we did the DeWalt 12v Max Rundown but we thought it might be a good opportunity to go a little deeper on this unit. As we mentioned before this may potentially be our favorite new 12v DeWalt tool in the lineup. At $299 the DCT410S1 ( is a pretty good deal, although it only comes with (1) 12V Max battery that is plenty to power the camera for a day’s worth of normal use.


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International Woodworkers Fair (IWF) 2010 Review & Videos


The 2010 IWF Show was last week in Atlanta, Ga and while we could not make the show we of course were waiting patiently for news of new products, reviews and videos to be available. Unfortunately we were a little disappointed; typically the woodworking crowd is pretty internet savvy when it comes to blogging, videos and updates. Even with the show reduction in size and several vendors pulling out all together we thought there would be a little more coverage. The good news is our buddy Chris Marshall with Woodworker’s Journal was on hand with a camera crew and got many of the highlights, which were up almost instantly.


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DeWalt Launches New Compact Router – Fixed & Plunge Base


Announced yesterday from the Yellow team is a new 1.25HP Compact Router available as a fixed base unit DWP611 ($139, Amazon) or a combo kit which can be used with fixed or plunge base DW611PK ($199, Amazon). The router is a variable speed unit and designed to do the work of both a palm router and many jobs of a full sized router. We have not seen one of these units in person so we are not sure how it would compare in size to the 1HP Bosch Colt Palm Sander PR20EVSK ($121, Ohio Power Tool) but our guess it would be very similar. It looks as though the new DeWalt is going to compete directly with the Bosch Colt which has been one of the most popular palm routers for years.

The DeWalt Compact Router also has some nice improvements such as clear base and LED lights which will make it much easier to see your work. We first saw these features on another Bosch router, the MRF23EVS but delays have kept the much anticipated 2.3HP Bosch router from being launched. Looks like this DeWalt router could beat it to market when it launches in October 2010. Checkout the full DeWalt Press Release below for more info. 


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DeWalt Finally Arrives at the 12V Cordless Party

Nobody is going to accuse DeWalt of jumping the gun and rushing to market with their new line for 12V Max* Tools. There are some advantages to being the last kid into the pool however in that you get to see what has worked for the competition and try to improve upon it. From what we have seem it looks like the Yellow Team has done their homework dissecting the competition and researching customers’ needs. The launch of the DeWalt 12V tools will feature 7 tools (+ 2 additional combo kits) and should hit shelves in October just before the Holiday Season.

Our initial reaction to the entire line as a whole was positive but nothing super surprising or that would inspire someone to drop their current 12V tools and say “Wow I have to have that”! Price seemed in line with comps for the most part, size was a little larger for most items but with some advantages, weight was in line and power seemed to top the first generation tools from Bosch, Milwaukee & Makita but it was unclear if they were less than, equal or better than the 2nd generation 12V tools that we have been seeing. DeWalt unfortunately does not provide power measurements in torque to compare with the other tools; instead they use UWO (Unit Watts Output) which doesn’t translate to torque directly. Head to head tests planned soon, stay tuned.

The biggest difference when looking at the whole line collectively would probably be moving the battery below the handle which allows for thinner more ergonomic handle. This seems like it would be a personal preference thing of comfort, either way seems fine if speed/power/features can back it up. This does make the tool a little larger but it also allows for a belt hook which you will not find on most other compact tools which use holsters. It also makes it more stable when standing upright. This configuration may be more familiar to some professional and may get easier adoption for those not currently using any 12V tools.


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New DeWalt Magnetic ToughCase Kits

Recently released from DeWalt are several versions of the new Magnetic ToughCase: ToughCase by itself ($13), 15pc ToughCase ($20) and 20pc Impact Ready ToughCase ($38). The name is pretty revealing on this one, it’s a really tough case with built in magnets on the lid. The magnets in the lid are very well placed allowing you to attach the ToughCase to any metal work surface and use it like a tray to hold drill bits and other accessories. The case also lives up to its name as you can see it getting run over by a car in the video below.

The DeWalt ToughCase is similar to the Milwaukee 20pc Magnetic Puck ($10, Ohio Power Tool) which has been available for some time however the Puck only holds driver bits and while built pretty solid not sure you could run your car over it.

If you are interested in getting a DeWalt ToughCase for FREE the nice folks at are giving away 5 of them. You can either reply on their blog or use your twitter account to enter. Check out their site for all the details. For more info on the ToughCases checkout the full DeWalt Press Release below:


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DeWalt vs Milwaukee vs Makita vs Bosch – Social Media

From time to time I like to look at the top professional tools brands and see what they are up to. Typically I’ll go to their various social media outlets to get the updates and I had a though, why not have one place and make it easy to find them all or better yet pit them against each other in a virtual Battle Royal.

Why is social media important for a power tool company? Obviously it’s important for any company to be involved in the communication about their own products. Please make it as easy as possible for us to get info on your company, events, promos, new tools and accessories.  Probably one of the best examples of a power tool company using social media (although not part of the showdown) would be the Ridgid Forum, here you get real professionals, company reps and lots of others asking talking about new products, applications, issues, events, etc. Why can’t all of them just have awesome forums where we can talk tools.

Milwaukee ToolsFaceBookYouTubeTwitter
For years it seemed like Milwaukee Tools was perhaps a little behind the times, they were first out with V28 tools with success but also had some misses. Over the past two years however I have been very impressed with what I have seen from the Red camp. With lots of very innovative new products and some real excitement all the way down the line these guys have good focus on professional customers and do a good job of getting info out in many different channels.

Makita ToolsFaceBookYouTubeTwitter
Makita Tools I think has understood the idea of being involved directly with customers for some time. Not only do they do a good job online but they tie it all in very nicely with their direct promotions/sponsorships in motor sports, MLS Soccer, the 53’ Experience Makita semi-truck, contests, sweepstakes and of course Miss Makita 2010 & Senorita Makita 2010. If there were a high school for power tools, Makita would probably be the coolest kid in class.

DeWalt ToolsFaceBookYouTubePro Blogs
The Yellow brand is by far the most popular of any tool brand and has been for years. They are focused on FaceBook and YouTube with plenty of good videos available on both. The Pro Blogs are a nice feature of their site. They also tie their online outreach in with DeWalt Racing & NASCAR driver Matt Kenseth which helps get more user/fans involved.

Bosch Tools(Social What Now)
It is kind of surprising Bosch doesn’t do more with social media. I feel like they do a great job getting info out to magazines and other traditional media. They have innovative new products and build product specific sites like so obviously not afraid of being online. They are also good about getting info to other bloggers for new products. The lack of social media has got to be by design and perhaps they just don’t like to toot their own horns but it sure would make it easier for the rest of us to stay up on their products, promos, events, etc.

Who wins… got to give credit to the DeWalt for this one, mainly for their Facebook Page which has a ton of user interaction (and better weapons, photo for the DeWalt M16 from the Facebook page). I’m going to call second place a tie between Makita & Milwaukee, which is kind of a coop-out but I really have trouble picking here. Both are doing some good things in different areas but how do I pick between innovative new products and Miss Makita. Bosch takes a back seat for this round. Social media obviously has zero impact on tool quality but if you use it I guess you expect everyone else to as well.


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Stanley Works Acquires Black & Decker (DeWalt, Porter Cable, Delta)

It was announced yesterday that after 4 attempts over the past 27 years Stanley Works has finally acquired Black & Decker in a $4.5 billion deal ($3.5bn stock & $1bn debt). Unfortunately this means about 4,000 additional jobs (10% of work force) will be cut from the business that has already seen dramatic cuts. Shareholders of Black & Decker will get 1.275 shares of Stanley stock and should see an increase in overall shareholder value from the merger.  

Stanley buys and sells companies faster than I can keep track, last year they sold CST/David White to Bosch Tools. It will be very interesting to see what shakes out from this deal. There are many arrangements behind the scenes with companies that have deals with Black & Decker to supply motors, parts, etc and they could potentially loose them under the Stanley brand. I guess the big question will be how will this effect the quality of the tools for DeWalt, Porter Cable and other brands. Black & Decker has had some problems in recent years with their loyal customers being disappointed in degrading quality. Is Stanley the answer?

In addition, both companies will host a joint investor lunch on Tuesday, November 3, 2009 at 12:00 p.m. ET in New York City. The live webcast of the meeting can be accessed at, and  Read the Full Press Release Below:    


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