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The New Electric Dragon Saw 46095 by Diamond Products


As you may or may not know, I love the Dragon Saw. There is nothing about it that I do not think is great, and I routinely find myself coming up with reasons why I would need to Dragon Saw things (like opening cans, changing the cat’s litter, etc.). Unfortunately, my wife is less than happy when I use my Dragon Saw in the house. She says the exhaust fumes from my gas powered Dragon Saw give her a headache. I am not sure I am ready to buy a hydraulic power pack and switch to a hydraulic powered Dragon Saw, but my inability to use the Dragon Saw in areas where a gas powered saw would not work was starting to get to me. Luckily, Diamond Products saw the need for a Dragon Saw that could be operated safely without ventilation and without the need of a hydraulic power pack. Allow me to present the Diamond Products Electric Dragon Saw 46095. (more…)

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On the Job: Small vs Large Bridge Deck Replacement

Small Creek Bridge

When it comes to bridge replacements this is about as small of a project as they get, but it is a simple way to cover all the basics and we found it very interesting. We followed this crew as they competed each step of this work. We also talked with professionals on larger jobs and got some additional input for how this process would work on bigger job that might go the length of several football fields one hundred feet off the ground. Of course we will also take a look at several of the essential tools involved in this kind of operation, large or small. (more…)

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Diamond Core Bits vs Carbide Core Bits – Concrete

Core Drill Bits

There are several options to consider where you want to drill a hole into concrete, and for anything larger than 1-2” diameter you will probably want to consider using some form of a core drill bit. Of course, not all concrete core drill bits are created equal, and selecting the right core bit will depend greatly on the type of concrete material, depth, wet vs. dry and specific application. We will take a very quick look at the different types of core drills and core bits available. (more…)

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On the Job with Core Bore Diamond Products

The CopTool Team had the chance to tag along on a job to see a few Diamond Products Core Bore products in action. A friend was drilling 34 6” x 24” holes into some 48 hour old concrete so that some epoxies and anchors specific to the machinery to be installed could be placed. Many times, old anchor bolts have to be drilled out of cured concrete and replaced with newer ones, but in this particular instance the concrete was fresh and there were no old bolts to remove. You can see a picture of the layout of the holes below. (more…)

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2012 Super Awesome Power Tool Gift Guide

Christmas Gnome

Black Friday and the holiday shopping season will be upon us shortly which means it’s time to start thinking about the perfect gift for the handy guy or gal on your shopping list. We here at Coptool put together a few nice gift ideas we personally wouldn’t mind unwrapping Christmas morning. With a wide variety of price ranges and interests in mind hopefully some of the items on this list will be that perfect gift or at least give you some good ideas for yourself.

The Latest & Greatest Gadgets of 2012 (more…)

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Dragon Saw 20” Gas Powered Concrete Ring Saw

Dragon Saw

Several months ago we posted on the launch of the Diamond Products 20” Dragon Saw ring type concrete saw. However, at the time it was only available with hydraulic power. The Dragon Saw competes directly with concrete chain saws which are mostly powered by hydraulic as well, but most people don’t want to drag around a big hydraulic power pack. Good news is now the Dragon Saw GDS60 ($7999, Ohio Power Tool) uses a small gas engine comparable with a traditional Partner saw. The gas-powered dragon saw is still able to offer a full 16” depth of cut similar to a concrete chain saw. (more…)

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Ultimate Drilling Machine Core Bore Diamond Products Core Drill

For when you absolutely positively need the best possible option for coring concrete and don’t mind paying for it. This thing is self propelled, self contained (with water), self feeding, hydraulically controlled with an onboard tachometer and can core anything between ½” to 24” at the flick of a switch. Overkill for 99% of core drill users probably but we love to see it in action making the job of precisely drilling a dozen 24” holes look as easy as playing a game of Frogger. Diamond Products Core Drills are some of the best on the market and the “Ultimate Drilling Machine” 4250025 ($43K, Ohio Power Tool) is certainly the show piece that lives up to its name. See it in action in this video from the 2012 World of Concrete.

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Diamond Products 14” SLR Fast-Cut Saw 03853 with Free Blade

The new Diamond Products Cut Core 14” SLR Cut-Off saw 03853 is completely redesigned from the ground up. Tested to complete and out perform against the most common models of Husqvarna/Partner K760 and Stihl TS420 Cut-Off saws. The new Diamond Products SLR saw has a lot to prove if it plans of converting any of their faithful users. Launching officially at next week’s World of Concrete in Las Vegas thousands of professionals will have their opportunity to test it out and see for themselves.


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Diamond Products Dragon Saw HDS60 – New Videos

Possibly one of our new favorite tools, not only becuase it looks like a weapon out of a Japanese comic book, but also because it may change the way a lot of us cut concrete. Price on the hydraulic unit is pretty pricy for the Dragon Saw HDS60 ($6952, Ohio Power Tool) but in many ways will be a cost savings once these units get into production. Also Pneumatic, Electic and Gas units should be coming soon and all look to be more economically priced. In the mean time check out the latest video to really learn more about the inner workings of this machine… you may want to skip to 1:17.


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Dragon Saw – New Diamond Products 20” Concrete Ring Saw

And it looks like we have a winner for the craziest looking, most cartoon/video game like new tool for 2011! It is the new HDS60 Dragon Saw ($7480, Ohio Power Tool) and as if it didn’t look scary enough it even has a wicked name. We got to see one in person at this year’s Diamond Products University, a several day training event for professional concrete cutters, and honestly it’s even more impressive in person. This hand held unit can cut up to 16” into concrete and 12” without any overcutting.


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