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Diamond A2Z Blades Cuts Steel, Concrete & Bullet Proof Glass

Diamond cutting blades have become common place in the construction world for cutting/drilling into stone, concrete and asphalt. The technology which makes this all possible mixes diamond with various bonds of metal that slowly rub away and expose more diamonds throughout the segment like chocolate chips in a cookie. The reason this technique does not work on metal is because then you end up with metal on metal which will not wear away but instead creates friction and a lot of heat. The diamonds however are more than capable of cutting almost anything.

The relatively new technique (at least for construction blades) of vacuum bonding the diamonds to the blade means all the diamonds are on the outside of the blade and there is only a single layer. In the case of the Diamond Products Cut Core A2Z blades the diamonds are of a higher quality and held in place much longer meaning it can cut metal, rock, concrete, asphalt and just about anything pretty equally. The cuts should be much faster however because it is a single layer the life of the blade is going to be much less in concrete. In this case the chocolate chips are all on top of the cookie not baked into it. For fire and rescue this is an idea blade because it will go through all the materials you might face very quickly while creating relatively fewer sparks and debris.


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Diamond Products New Crack Chasing Saws – World of Concrete


If you are not sure what a crack chasing saw is it probably sounds like a pretty funny name for a saw. Crack chasing is the process of cutting into cracks in concrete in order to repair them with an epoxy or some other form of patching element. The new CC1700 Diamond Products Crack Chasing saws are available in 2 different gas powered sizes 14HP CC1714R-6 ($5716, Ohio Power Tool) and 22HP CC1722R-6 ($7650, Ohio Power Tool) but both accept the same size 6” blades. Obviously 1.5” cut depth is not very deep for a large piece of equipment like these but the crack chasing blades are available in sizes from .250” to .750” thickness to properly open up the crack for proper repair. For small cracks a large angle grinder with the proper blade can be used but is not going to provide as clean of cut and could never go as wide.


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Concrete Countertop Polishing Tool – Diamond Products DS301

Over the past few years concrete countertops have become very popular for many different applications from your local dive bar to some of the nicest kitchens in America. The draw is the flexibility and for the DIYers the price. In terms of possibilities the options seem almost limitless color, finish, texture, durability, shape, even imbedded LED lights are not a problem. When done by a professional a new concrete countertop could cost even more than granite, depending on how elaborate the project. For the Do It Yourselfer however it can be a great way to save a few bucks… or a great way to really mess up you home if you don’t know what you are doing.


For concrete professionals or those looking to do more work with concrete countertops the Diamond Products DS301 ($1,942, Ohio Power Tool) is really the top of the line tool for the job. The unit features three 5” rotating orbital heads with a Fein variable speed motor powering the unit. To get a mirror finish a job could involve up to 9 steps of grinding and polishing and obviously a large powerful unit like the DS301 is going to save a significant amount of time in the process. The good news is with proper preparation in building the forms several steps can be eliminated.


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Concrete Saw for Basement Waterproofing / Foundation Repair


Here in Ohio most of our homes have basements, depending on when the home was built this could be poured concrete, cinder block or like one of the homes I grew up in, a foundation made of stones. Yes rocks mortared together, which actually was very dry for a 100+ year old home. Unfortunately some basements do not hold up that well and many of us want to use that space to build our ultimate Man Caves. Before you go dropping $10K on plasmas & pool tables you are going to want to be sure the basement is watertight and mildew free.


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Concrete Core Extractor Tool – Diamond Products

If you have ever had to remove a bunch of large cores (up to 6”) before typically you will find it’s not a terribly pleasant job. Commonly guys will use two screwdrivers and pry the core up and then try to grab the lip and pull it out. This core extracting tool from Diamond Products Core Bore makes the job much easier and will save you a ton of time and energy. It’s such a simple design, why was this not invented years ago. The Core Extractor ($36, Ohio Power Tool) is a little pricy for what it is, but well worth it for the time it will save you.   


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Selecting the Right Concrete Core Drill & Diamond Core Bits

I apologize in advance for the dry material but we get lots of questions about concrete core drilling and hopefully we can clear it up a few of the basics in this post. There are lots of options when it comes to coring drills & rigs in terms of price, quality, size, power source, etc. Each type of drill has its place and it’s not always easy to select the right one and not make the decision totally based on which is cheapest. Ohio Power Tool offers a wide range of different types of core drills to cover the majority of needs out there which we’ll look at but obvious there are dozens of other brands out there that could be matched up.


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World of Concrete 2010 in Review

This was the first year anyone from has had the opportunity to attend the World of Concrete. As a first timer I have to say it was a very impressive sign to see. Perhaps, down from last year but still just an amazing show with all the indoor and outdoor exhibits, vehicles, competitions and hands on demos. There is a true art to a trade show of this proportion, what kind of freebies you got, how you run the hands-on and demos, floor placement, how pretty the girls are if you have any and its probably important that you’ve got good tools as well. Just the shear effort alone that went into the setup and the volume of concrete poured just to destroy everyday… Checkout this time laps video of the effort it took to set up just one of the hundreds of outdoor exhibits.  


All week long there were several competitions which were really interesting to watch and/or take part in. The Bricklayer 500 would have to be the main event where teams build brick walls in 60 minutes and get judged on speed as well as accuracy and precision. There was also a Bosch Tools skills challenge open to anyone and several truck & large equipment contests for anyone with a license. The artistry in Decorative Concrete was surely the most skillful competition. Some real head scratchers as to how they did some of this amazing work. (See some pictures here)


Everyone in the concrete product business was here it felt like. Some personal highlights in tools; seeing Concrete Cutting Saws & Wall Saws in action from Diamond Products, Bosch had nice hands on demos for breakers, hammer drills as well as a few new products (post coming very shortly), Makita had some attractive girls I wasted some time talking with and alright Hilti’s booth was kinda impressive (which is saying a lot because Hilti is my mortal enemy). For the bigger equipment like the Ride on Trowels and smaller compaction, Wacker had a huge area (see video below) as well as Multiquip and a slew of others. Two days of 9 to 5 walking and I still didn’t see close to all the booths.

All in all it was a great show and really could not even begin to do it justice in just one post. There are new videos popping up every minute on YouTube and Also checkout all my photos in this facebook album.   


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Selecting a High Speed Diamond Saw Blade


In this post we are just going to look at selecting portable wet/dry cutting Diamond Saw Blades which would typically go on a handheld gas saw such as the SpeediCut Core Cut 12”, 14” or 16” saws. One would think this would be very simple right, possibly 3 or 4 options but you would be very wrong. In a 14” x .125 size alone we are looking at over 50 options so with the different sizes there are hundreds of possibilities. Why so many options… it comes down to money, after all we are talking about real diamonds.

Diamond Quality – Just like gemstone diamonds there are quality grades to cutting diamonds. High quality solid diamonds are more expensive than “flawed” diamonds with lots of carbon imbedded; they also cut better, longer. Diamond Quality is the main factor in pricing any diamond blade, without the diamonds these are basically just big pieces of sheet metal.

Segment Height – The metal in the segments are used for one basic thing to control the cut rate of the diamonds. The segment metals are far less expensive than the diamonds baked into them and really play little significance in the price; often the taller segments are used with lower grade blades. This seems counter intuitive because there are more diamonds in a larger segment, but often these are lower quality diamonds. Since the lower quality diamonds have more flaws they will not last as long and the metal needs to wear quicker exposing fresh diamonds to make more cuts.

Material Being Cut – It is very important to match the right blade with the right material if you have any intention of preserving the blade and getting the most value for your dollar. The basic rule of thumb is you want a harder blade for softer material and softer blade for harder material. This of course has everything to do with controlling the rate the diamonds are exposed. Asphalt is very soft, a hard segment will hold the diamonds in place and allow them to cut much longer. Cured reinforced concrete would be much harder and in ture use a soft metal for the blade, if an hard blade was used it would hold the diamonds in place too long and you would end up trying to cut with very dull diamonds. Good news is if you went back to asphalt or other soft material the blade would eventually recover provided you hadn’t pushed it and burnt the blade up. A hard concrete blade on the other hand will work like butter in asphalt because the soft segment in the soft material wears away quickly exposing new diamonds constantly. The bad news is the blade will be used up very quickly.

Blade Size & RPM – Each size saw spins at different speeds, 12” have the highest RPM while the 16” spin the slowest. The 14” saws spin at 5400 RPM for instance so all the 14” blades are made for that speed. The 12” blades are will work on the 14” saw because they are being used at a slower speed which may not be ideal but work just fine. Never however use a blade above its max RPM rating. The blades have a concaved shape and spinning them faster will cause them to heat up and potentially be very unsafe.       

Wet vs. Dry – All the dry high speed blades can be run wet or dry for most applications. With large surface area and intermittent cutting the saw blades are constantly exposed to plenty of air cooling the blade. If the same saw blade however were used in a walk behind saw, half buried in concrete for continuous use water would need to be applied or the blade would over heat.    

Hopefully this will help when you make your next diamond blade selection. Typically if you are working with a knowledgeable company, like Ohio Power Tool and have a general idea what you will be cutting they will be able to help you select the right blade at the right price. Everyone’s situation is different if these blades are going to be used by new employees with little training the inexpensive Star Blue blade with high segment and low quality diamonds will ensure limit risk due to improper use. For the professional with many years of experience cutting the same material a Heavy Duty Orange or Premium Black blade will be a better value in the long run, lasting longer and cutting faster.  

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Free Diamond Products 14” SpeediCut Gas Saws

If you are shopping around for 14” Diamond Saw Blades, now is the time to buy, while supplies last you can pick up a 14” SpeediCut Gas Saw for Free just by purchasing a few blades. If you purchase 10 Cut-All Multi-Purpose Blades 14” x .125 which sell for $334.10 each, then you get a Free 14” SpeediCut Jr Saw SC6514 (Sale Price $629.10) instantly. You could also purchase 15 of the Heavy Duty Orange Blades 14” x .125 which sell for $364.65 each and get a Free 14” SpeediCut SC7314 (Sale Price $1032.40) instantly. Either way both of these deals are instant rebates so the saw will be delivered with the blades in a few days. No mail-in rebates or any of that nonsense, just a high quality gas saw to your door for free.

If you have any questions about this deal, Diamond Products or any concrete sawing applications please feel free to contact Ohio Power Tool at 800-242-4424 or email With some many different style blades and applications if you would need a different style blade or 16” saw or any other kind of substitution please contact us and Ohio Power Tool, there probably is a way to accommodate you.


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New CoreCut SpeediCut Jr Concrete Saw from Diamond Products

The new SC6514 SpeediCut Jr. handheld gas saw is a great new product at an incredibly low price. The unit is powerful with a 4.8 HP “hemi” engine and a poly V-belt for maximum torque transfer. It is also versatile using 12” or 14” blades with 22mm or 1” arbor. These units are used to cut concrete, steel, masonry, stone, asphalt, wood and many other materials. Handling the SpeediCut Jr. is pretty easy thanks to the compact lightweight design at 22 lbs and enlarged protected trigger guard which allows the user to wear gloves. Emissions and noise concerns are a growing factor these days but with advanced exhaust features, digital ignition and fuel efficient gas tank this is one of the most efficient saws on the market.

Ohio Power Tool is currently selling the SpeediCut Jr. SC6514 for $629 which is a great price for such a versatile saw. The similar size Partner/Husqvarna saws are in the $900-1000 range. If you are looking to save some money this is defiantly a great saw. If you have any other questions about the CoreCut SpeediCut saws or any of our other Diamond Products please call 800-242-4424.   


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