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Dremel to Be the Model-T of 3D Printers, Meet the Idea Builder

Dremel 3D Printer

In 2009 Dremel hit a home run with their Multi-Max, the oscillating tool everyone could afford. Not that those tools hadn’t been around for years before it was just Dremel made it so a lot more people could afford them and it became the most sold tool of the year. Dremel is looking to recreate that magic with the Dremel 3D Idea Builder 3D20-01 ($999, Amazon). While this is still a sizable investment Dremel is hoping the simplicity of the design and interface is going to make this the go to tool for schools, makers, hobbies and anyone looking to start from zero and get up and running fast. (more…)

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Dremel Rotary Tool 4200 with EZ Change Accessory Swapping

Dremel 4200 Case

Dremel has been synonymous with the rotary tool for as long as I can remember, although in recent years we have seen Dremel start to get into new complimentary tool areas with their Multi-Max oscillating tools, Saw-Max and most recently the Moto-Saw (read our recent review). These complimentary tool lines, however, have not taken their focus off their long standing heritage of being the premier brand in rotary tools. This is reiterated with the launch of the Dremel 4200-6/40 ($129, Ohio Power Tool) their latest rotary tool that not only adds the convenience of tool free accessory change but receives a number of additional upgrades that really make the 4200 series the complete package.


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Dremel Moto-Saw MS20-01 Comes Out of Retirement


Dremel has decided to re-release the powered fret/coping saw that they developed in the 40s called the Moto-Saw ($99.99, Ohio Power Tool). The Moto-Saw, which was advertised as “more like magic than any tool you’ve ever seen” upon its initial release, is still a powered coping saw, with a throat that is about 9” deep and a reciprocating blade. The Moto-Saw gains a lot of functionality due to the fact that it can be fitted into an easy to mount table with a vacuum attachment, allowing it to double as a small scroll saw.


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What’s New at 2012 STAFDA Tool Trade Show


Last week we were at the Specialty Tools and Fasteners Distributors (STAFDA) Trade Show, where tool and accessory manufacturers get together to promote their products to tool distributors around the world. There were some exciting new products we finally had a chance to get our hands on, some of which we already knew about, but others that were pretty exciting new things. In the coming weeks we will circle back and do full reviews on many of the products we take a look at here. Also check out our Facebook Album for more photos from the show. (more…)

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Dremel 8220 Cordless 12V High Performance Rotary Tool Review

cordless dremel

When presented with a cordless dremel to use, I immediately flashed back to the week I spent working in Panama City, Panama, where I made the ill advised purchase of a cordless dremel. The tool only came with one battery, and the run time on one charge was so short that I spent about 10% of my time on the job using my brand new dremel and the other 90% of my time trying to make cuts I should have been making with my dremel using a box cutter. Needless to say, it was not a fun time. Due to this experience when I first looked at the box of the Dremel Cordless 12V High Performance Rotary Tool  8220 ($157, Amazon) the first thing on my mind was to tool’s run time on a single charge. (more…)

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New Dremel Multimax Accessires – Multi-Knife & Jab Saw Blade

Dremel MM430 Multi-Knife Accessory

The Dremel brand is expanding its line of Dremel Multi-Max accessories with the introduction of a new, multipurpose blade to the market, the Dremel MM430 Multi-Knife. The Dremel MM430 provides do-it-yourself enthusiasts and pros with an ideal solution for cutting flexible materials with a Dremel Multi-Max oscillating tool.


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Dremel & Rotozip Father’s Day Gold Partner Promotions

Earlier this week we mentioned the very aggressive Father’s Day Bosch Gold Partner online promotion, see post, good for up to 20% off basically everything. Ohio Power Tool is also a Gold Partner for Dremel and Rotozip and both companies also have online Father’s Day Promotions good until June 23rd, 2012.

The Dremel deal is only good for the Rotary Tools & Accessories. Promo Coupon Code DREMEL10 can be used on the first page of checkout for an additional $10 off orders $125 and above. Unfortunately this coupon is not good on the Dremel Multi-Max Tools or the new Saw-Max Tools.


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Dremel Multi-Max MM40 with Quick Lock Oscillating Tool


The problem we were faced with was how to make a clean cut in a tight space on a desktop computer stand. The space was too small to fit a jig saw or reciprocating saw and needed to be a clean cut to sand down and touch up with paint. The solution came in the form of a Dremel MultiMax MM40 ($139 Ohio Power Tool) which would be able to make the cut and sand the piece down using only one tool.


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Official Coptool 2011 Holiday Power Tool Wish List & Gift Guide

We tried to pull together some of the most popular power tool and related gift ideas for the 2011 holiday season. These would be gifts for real men who like to actually build things and use their hands, also women who can kick our asses; we definitely don’t want to leave them out.


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Rotozip ZipSaw RFS1000-20 vs Dremel Saw-Max SM20-02

A little over a year ago Rotozip launched the ZipSaw RFS1000-20 ($89, Ohio Power Tool) and then more recently Dremel a similar tool with the Saw-Max SM20-02 ($129, Ohio Power Tool). Because the two are fairly similar we thought it might be helpful to look at some of the differences between the two units. Their price points and barrage of TV commercials will no doubt make both hot holiday gift items this year but which one is right for you (or whomever is receiving it)?


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