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New Generac iQ2000 Inverter Generator 6866 – Quieter, Smarter, Long-Running

Generac Inverter iQ2000

Generac has been hard at work for over 3-5 years testing and perfecting their new iQ Series inverter generators. Of course when you say Inverter Generator everyone is going to think Honda EU2000i or Honda EU3000iS because they have done an excellent job of dominating the market for years with these extremely reliable and amazingly quiet units. The team at Generac is very excited to launch the new Generac iQ2000 ($799) inverter generator because they are confident they’ve created a “Quieter, Smarter, Long-Running” unit that will outperform the Honda and still be $200-$300 less expensive. Bold words which they know will need to be field test for some to become believers. (more…)

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New Generac Guardian 22kW Home Standby Generator Better Value & Fuel Consumption

generator 6551

When it comes to standby power for the home Generac is the leader with their Guardian series 8kW-22kW generators. Generac has continued to update this product line and just recently announced a new 22kW unit, configured with the whole house 200 amp smart switch as model 6551 ($4599). In a never-ending battle to improve the performance of their generators Generac has managed to get 22kW out of the same engine displacement, 999cc, as their 20kW 6244 (to be replaced by the 20kW 6729 model soon). The new higher output generator will also get better fuel economy, running at 100% 3.68 gal/hr vs 3.85 gal/hr or .167 gal/kWhr vs .1925 gal/kWhr. When you are talking about powering a whole house for a few days or even weeks this makes a huge difference. (more…)

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Skil iXO Vivo 2354-10 Wine Opener Giveaway

It is that time of year again when we are reminded that it is better to give than receive, so CopTool is giving one lucky person their very own Skil iXO Vivo power screwdriver with wine opening attachments 2354-10 ($48, Amazon). You can click this link to take you to the entry form for the contest (you will have to “like” on Facebook to enter) and fill out the form for your chance to win. You can also find the contest at the “Sweepstakes” tab on the Facebook In my totally unbiased opinion the Facebook posts some pretty entertaining stuff, so they are worth a like anyway and the opportunity to win something is just icing on the cake.


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2012 Super Awesome Power Tool Gift Guide

Christmas Gnome

Black Friday and the holiday shopping season will be upon us shortly which means it’s time to start thinking about the perfect gift for the handy guy or gal on your shopping list. We here at Coptool put together a few nice gift ideas we personally wouldn’t mind unwrapping Christmas morning. With a wide variety of price ranges and interests in mind hopefully some of the items on this list will be that perfect gift or at least give you some good ideas for yourself.

The Latest & Greatest Gadgets of 2012 (more…)

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Generac Generators Supply those without Power

In the wake of hurricane Sandy millions are left without power, some completely flooded out. One of the best companies we’ve seen at supplying hard hit areas is Generac Generators. Since last week the Wisconsin based company has been working around the clock shipping truckloads of generators to the east coast to get power to those in need. Nice video and coverage on them below from the new station 620WTMJ. We hope now that the storm has passed and water levels subside they can get everything back up and running soon!

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Backup Power: Standby Generator vs Manual Transfer Switch


Here in Columbus, Ohio last week there were hundreds of thousands of homes without power for a week or more. All thanks to a storm that rolled through in about 10 minutes. Portable generators became a hot commodity and a very common topic of conversation for everyone with or without power during that time. Unfortunately portable generators are only so useful because everything needs to be plugged directly into the generator leaving AC, well pumps and other critical electronics off line.


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Generac New XP Professional Series vs GP Series Generators

Generac Generators have been around since the 1950’s and has built a name now synonymous as the standard in automatic stand by generators with their Generac Guardian line. These generators carry the only industrial OHVI engines, designed and build specifically for needs of power generation. In addition the OHVI engines are build right here in the USA at the Generac factory in Wisconsin.


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Generac Propane Generator LP3250 Uses Standard Tanks

The recent STAFDA trade show was our first chance to get a look at the new Generac portable propane generator LP3250 ($649, Ohio Power Tool). These new generators are setup on a cart that holds standard size propane tanks making it very easy and safe to store additional fuel. In talking with the product manager there are several other advantages to running propane for power generation, especially for traditional standby needs.


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