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Ridgid & GreenLee Are Now One Company

Ridgid Greenlee Sluggo

Just announced Emerson (Parent Company of Ridgid) has just acquired the Tools & Testing division of Textron (Parent Company of GreenLee). For many years these iconic brands were focus exclusively on their respective trades Ridgid was synonymous with Plumbing Tools while GreenLee Electrician Tools. In recent years these once near monopolies have been the target for many brands to challenge; Milwaukee, Dewalt, Southwire – Maxis – Sumner, Current – Jackson, iTool, Wheeler Rex, among others have all been able to take chunks of business away with new tool innovations, more aggressive pricing and keeping ample stock. With both brands now part of the Emerson Family, will they be able to leverage them together to reclaim some lost ground? (more…)

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Ultimate Productivity K09-SYNCRO Crimping Tool

The Greenlee K09-SYNCRO is a lighter, more ergonomic, and simplified mechanical crimper that provides a solution to eliminate misalignment of dies. Productivity in mind, you can rotate dies simultaneously one handed. The dies are built into the crimper so no need to worry about any loose pieces. Also, the dies have a 10,000 crimp cycle life span and are phosphated, polished, and tempered for increased durability and corrosion resistance.  (more…)

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GreenLee Collapsible Reel Jack Stands RXM

GreenLee Reel Stand

For electrical professionals in the field that have to work with large spools have several very common complaints. Why do the stands need to be bulky and heavy? Why is there a left and right? Why do I need to crank all day to even get the stand to the material? Greenlee answers to the demands of electrical contractors with the release of their new GreenLee RXM Reel Stand ($479). (more…)

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GreenLee 18V Gator Crimping Tools – Dieless VS Die

Greenlee dieless crimp tool

When it comes to crimping tools for professional electricians Greenlee has been one of the industry leaders also since the process was invented. They have a wide range of manual and hydraulic tools but more recently the trend has been moving toward cordless tools (technically these are still hydraulic tools but powered by a battery).

Another trend we are seeing more often is dieless crimping tools which don’t require carrying a case with various sized dies which can easily get lost. The dieless system offers some advantages as well as some disadvantages and has not been fully accepted in the industry. To take a closer look at two of Greenlee’s most popular cordless crimping tools we asked Blake from Greenlee Tools to stop in and help shed some additional light on the subject. The first is the die crimp tool EK628L11 ($1639) which doesn’t include any dies as well as the EK06FTL11 ($3699) for dieless crimps.   (more…)

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Greenlee Gator 18V Cordless Knockout Kit LS50L Includes Free Speed Punch Kit

Greenlee LS50L

Greenlee has been the industry leader in electrician’s knockout tools and accessories for many years and until a few years ago remained moderately unchallenged. In the last few years however hole making has opened up to several new players and techniques that are testing their supremacy in this category.  Several competitors, most notably Maxis, GB & Current Tool 162PM ($899) all very similar in operation, have hit the market with some slightly less expensive mechanical solutions that adapt to your 18V drill.

In addition Milwaukee Tool has announced their dedicated M18 Knockout Tool ($1549 for 1/2″-2” kit) which should be launching in the next month or two. One positive outcome of all this competition is if you are looking for a great deal on a Greenlee Gator 18V Cordless Knockout Kit LS50L11A ($1299) there’s never been a better time to get in! (more…)

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EPA Lead Free 2014 Mandate Means No More 50/50 Leaded Solders

EPA Lead Free Water 2014

According to regulations January 4, 2014 marked the date when, nationwide you could no longer use leaded solder on plumbing pipes. Since that date has come and gone we would hope nobody is still using leaded wire. According to websites like Get The Lead Out it looks like there are some exceptions to this rule including nonpotable applications in industrial, irrigation, bath/shower drains, toilets and other purposes not intended for human consumption. So if you do have a supply of leaded wire left there are still some opportunities to use up what you’ve got, legally. This is probably also how big box stores and plumbing suppliers are still even allowed to sell the product but the rumor is these products will not be available much longer from the larger suppliers. (more…)

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Greenlee Speed Punches Are Exactly That

greenlee speed punches

Time is money. It is a simple phrase heard often enough, but in the world of professional contracting it can take on new and very real meanings. Whether you are trying to improve your labor cost to increase your bottom line or simply trying to get a job done faster so you can make it home for dinner or a hockey game, the time you spend in each part of you work process is a very real factor in the performance of your business. Greenlee is ever the tool manufacturer for the professional electrical contractor, and with the needs of this group in mind they have introduced the Speed Punch. (more…)

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What’s New at 2012 STAFDA Tool Trade Show


Last week we were at the Specialty Tools and Fasteners Distributors (STAFDA) Trade Show, where tool and accessory manufacturers get together to promote their products to tool distributors around the world. There were some exciting new products we finally had a chance to get our hands on, some of which we already knew about, but others that were pretty exciting new things. In the coming weeks we will circle back and do full reviews on many of the products we take a look at here. Also check out our Facebook Album for more photos from the show. (more…)

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Greenlee PROVL Lithium Ion Cordless 3.6V, 14.4V, 21.6V, 28.8V

Recently Greenlee announced they would be launching several new cordless tools in their lineup of PROVL lithium ion tools. Greenlee is one of the most respected names for specialty electrician tools and have one of the largest book of products, everything from hand tools to knockouts to large cable pullers. These new cordless tools are among the most common which they surprisingly did not have previously including several varieties of drills and a metal cutting circular saw. Greenlee has made many cordless tools before for their specialty crimping and punch tools however those tools have all used the Makita 18V Lithium Ion platform batteries.


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