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New Hougen HMD130 Ultra Low Profile Magnetic Drill

The inventors of the portable magnetic drill press continue their commitment to producing the highest quality USA made magnetic drills with the release of their new HMD130 Ultra Low Profile Magnetic Drill. The Hougen HMD130 ($837) is the ultimate combination of power and compact design.


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Hougen Mag Drills with Free Cutter Kits

Annular Cutter Kits

If you are in the market for a new portable magnetic drill Ohio Power Tool have a very attractive offer if you purchase any Hougen Mag Drill you can get a free annular cutter kit (up to $260 value). This is a mail-in rebate but still a very nice deal that runs all of October & November. An additional deal from Ohio Power Tool on the HMD904 ($845) and swivel base HMD904S ($956) you’ll get a free Coolant System ($100 value) ships instantly.


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Hougen HMD905 Mag Drill with Free Fabricator Kit

Hougen Mag Drills

Recently Hougen overhauled their line of magnetic drills with updates to most of their models and the addition of the new HMD905 ($1185). We thought this new mag drill had the potential to becoming their most popular drill as it is about the same size/weight as the HMD904 and while it doesn’t add a ton of capacity it does add 2 speed for more precision in drilling. It also features a very slick built in coolant tank which is normally a $100 add-on to the HMD904 ($845) however the bottle currently comes FREE from Ohio Power Tool. (more…)

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Hougen Mag Drills Get a Full Line Redesign

HMD904 new vs old

Announced at the FabTech Trade Show recently Hougen Mag Drills are getting a full line upgrade. As the inventors of the portable magnetic drill press Hougen is dedicated to continue their tradition of high quality, built in the USA and innovation in the field. These new models feature some very smart upgrades which will take an already tough as nails design to the next level.

Hougen Drills (more…)

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Hougen FREE Annular Cutters with Any Hougen Mag Drill Purchase

Hougen Annular Cutters

From now until the end of April if you purchase any Hougen Mag Drill from Ohio Power Tool you can get your choice of FREE Annual Cutter Sets. This offer is valid for any US or Canadian customers. To take advantage of this deal simply complete the instructions on this Mail-In Rebate Form after purchase and the Cutter Set will be sent directly to you.

Annular Cutter Kits Options:
12002 Rotabroach Kit 2” DOC – $225
12004 Rotabroach Metric Kit 2” DOC – $268
17700 RotaLoc Kit ¾” DOC – $121
17701 RotaLoc Kit ¾” DOC – $126
17704 RotaLoc Metric Kit ¾” DOC – $123
17800 RotaLoc Plus Kit 1” DOC – $102
17801 RotaLoc Plus Kit 1” DOC – $108
17804 RotaLoc Metric Plus Kit 1” DOC – $113

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Free RotaLoc Cutter Kit with Purchase of Qualifying Mag Drill

hougen free rotaloc cutter

Starting today, when you purchase a new Hougen HMD150 or HMD115 Low Profile Mag Drill, you will receive a free cutter kit through mail-in rebate. This mail in rebate is good for mag drill purchases made any time during the month of June, just so long as the mail-in rebate form (which you can download here) is submitted before the end of July. (more…)

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Kickbike Scooter Powered by Milwaukee M28 Right Angle Drill


Unfortunately we can’t take credit for being the first to power a bike or scooter with a cordless power drill however we did feel there might be some different ways to do things that have not been done. Our desire to build this came in the course of doing research for a recent Blog-A-Geddon, “What device, vehicle, object, etc would you like to see powered by a cordless drill and how would you do it?” We found several interesting rigs online and eventually our inner 8 year old took over and we had to build something.


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FEIN acquires Magnetic Drill Manufacturer Jancy Engineering

This could be a nice acquisition for Fein, headquartered in Germany as their line of portable magnetic drills are not that popular, in the US at least. Jancy is the number two line in the US market behind Hougen Manufacturing so it will definitely give Fein a nice foothold here in the states. Jancy, based in Iowa, sells their machine under the popular name Slugger. It does not look like Fein is planning to make any great changes in management at this point but at the same time they probably didn’t make the acquisition just for business as usual. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out. Read more at Construction Supply Magazine.


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Hougen Mag Drills Free Accessories on HMD904 & HMD914

Hougen Magnetic Drills are some of the most popular on the market and arguably some of the best. Doug Hougen patented the first Rotabroach Annular Cutter back in 1973 and since then a whole industry has obviously taken off. If you are in the market for a new Mag Drill now is a good time. Until the end of this month 2/28/2011, you can take advantage of this mail-in rebate promotion for your choice of: Drill Chuck & Adaptor, Twisted Drill Adaptor Kit, 1” Arbor Extender or 2” Arbor Extender. The promotion is good with the purchase on any of the Hougen HMD904 or HMD914 models.


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Hougen Ogura New 18V Cordless ¼” Metal Punch 76000

At the STAFDA (Specialty Tools & Fasteners Distributors Association) tradeshow this week Hougen is launching a new 18V cordless Metal Punch with a capacity up to ¼” steel plate. The Hougen 76000 ($2248, Ohio Power Tool) weighs only 16.5lbs and will be a real blessing for many folks on the job site. As you can see from the picture above this unit will use the Makita 18V Lithium Ion 3.0Ah batteries which charge to full strength in under 30 minutes and is readily available throughout the country.


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