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Hougen HMD508 High Speed Mag Drill with Free Carbide Kit

The Hougen Copperhead Carbide Rotabroach Bits have been available for some time however the new Hougen Mag Drill HMD508 ($1317, Ohio Power Tool) is the first drill designed to fully take advantage of the higher speed possible of the 18,000 series bits. Similar to the HMD505 ($1270, Ohio Power Tool) the unit features a build in gravity feed coolant tank and 2 speed options for different size cutters. The HMD508 is a little different in that it is rated at 450 & 750 RPM (vs HMD505 at 250 & 450 RPM) so for all the 12,000 series Rotabroaches you would use 450 RPM and for Copperhead Carbide Bits 750 RPM.


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New Hougen Swivel Base Magnetic Drills HMD925S & HMD914S

Hougen, invented the Magnetic Drill many years ago and continues to improve upon their designs. The original swivel base unit, HMD904S ($929), has become a very popular addition to their lineup. Now Hougen has just launched the HMD925S ($1438) and HMD914S ($1345) swivel base models. These units are basically the same motors as their stationary base counterparts however the swivel base allows for 1-1/8”W x 1-3/8”L travel. The swivel base saves a great deal of time lining up the hole as well as improves accuracy with one stroke lock & unlock handle.    

For more information on Hougen Mag Drills or Rotabroach metal cutting bits, contact the professionals at Ohio Power Tool 800-242-4424 or email

Tips for Using a Portable Magnetic Drill Press:

  • #1 cause of broken or prematurely dull cutters is too slow of feed rate. Slower feed rates will not add life to your cutter but actually reduce the cutter’s life. Use firm steady feed pressure throughout cut.
  • Always make sure to clear all chips from your cutter before starting the next hole.
  • Make sure support system for drill arbor is in place and not worn out. If using on a drill press, a support system must be used.
  • Make sure mag drill is on a clean work piece and securely attached. Uneven or large build up of debris can cause drill slippage. Material must be at least 3/8" thick. Painted material can also be troublesome if paint buildup does not allow magnet to hold securely.
  • When slug ejection becomes unreliable or tool resists cutting, resharpen or replace your cutter.
  • Always use coolant when drilling. For best results use Hougen’s Slick-StikTM or RotaMagicTM cutting lubrication.     

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Hougen Metal Cutting – RotoCut & Holcutters

If you are constantly working with metal sheets up to 1/2” thick and using traditional twist drill bits, you need to try out the Hougen RotoCut. These bits work in either a hand held drill or drill press, last 10x longer and cut 3x faster than traditional twist drill bits. The design of these bits is similar to a hole saw where the inside of the bit leaves a slug helping the bits cut faster and last longer. RotoCuts are available in Kits or individually sizes up to 1-1/2” diameter.  


For larger holes in sheet metal up to 1/8” Hougen also has the Holcutter line of bits. These are not your traditional metal hole saws, they are 3x faster and leave a much cleaner hole. The cutting action is much smoother preventing tool jerk and extending the life of the tool and your wrist. Each bit also has a lip around the cutting edge stopping the bit from pushing through, very useful when working with electrical boxes or any tight spaces. These are available as Holcutter or Carbide Holcutter with individual sizes up to 3” on each.

Don’t forget to also get some Hougen Slick-Stik lubricant to extend the life of the bits and ensure a smooth cut. These bits are ideal for: Electrical, Piping, Conduit Work, Sheetmetal Fabrication, Spotweld Removal, Maintenance Installations, HVAC, PHCC, Automotive Aftermarket and many others…

RotoCut Video
Holcutter Video

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Happy 50th Anniversary Hougen

This year, 2009, marks Hougen Manufacturing’s 50th year in business. Dr. Douglas Hougen founded the company in February 1959 to develop his new concept in metal hole cutting that would revolutionize the business. Eventually this lead to the patented Rotabroach Annular Cutter which changed hole cutting forever.


He saw a lot of potential in his new cutter outside the industrial market place and later invented the first light-weight portable magnetic drill press that would use his cutters. He used the new mag drills to go after the fabrication and construction industries with tremendous success that continues today.


Ohio Power Tool would like to honor Dr. Douglas Hougen and his incredible inventions as well as congratulate Hougen on celebrating their 50th anniversary; a great accomplishment. For the month of February Ohio Power Tool will offer additional discounts up to 20% off already low prices for all Hougen Mag Drills and Rotabroach Cutters. Below you will find links to some of the video demos for these great machines.

HMD115 Movie

HMD904S Movie

HMD915 Movie



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Perfect Power Tools & Accessories for Stocking Stuffers

48-32-1500 Milwaukee 38 Piece Quik-Loc Kit – $30.94
This Milwaukee Bit Set is critical to get the most out of your hex shank driver. Many of the new 10.8V-12V compact tools use the hex bit system which can limit the tools use without the right accessories. This kit not only has a wide range of driver bits but also several sizes of drills and impact bits.   

290-05 Dremel Engraver – $19.95
At the lowest price we could find anywhere this tool is very handy if for nothing else simply to engrave your other tools so they don’t walk off. The kit comes with extra tips and stencil kit for a professional look. Next time you are in your brother-in-laws garage and you think isn’t that my hammer? Now you will know because it’ll have your name on it.

T308B Bosch Extra Clean for Wood Jigsaw Blades – $9.49 (5 pack)
Possibly the most excitement about a new Jigsaw blade ever the T308B has received a lot of attention this year. These saw blades make such a nice smooth cut it keeps cuts from splintering and eliminates the need for rough sanding. These are a perfect gift for any woodworker or carpenter.  

11075 Hougen Rotaloc Metal Cutters – $78.75
If you do any amount of drilling into metal you know how tough it can be and how quickly the bits dull. The Hougen Rotaloc bits are completely different. These hole saw bits are 4 times quicker and last 10 times longer.

2051100 Irwin 9 in1 Screw & Socket Driver – $8.40
So much more than a screw driver this little tool packs in multiple screw driver bits as well as 3 square drive socket adapters. At that price it’s a great deal for the bits alone.

GT3000 Bosch Glass & Tile Bit Set – $38.91
These specialty accessories are ideal for drill into glass or tile. Install tile perfectly around bathroom plumbing lines or hanging items over tile with ease. The kit features 8 different sizes and is ideal for crafts and other projects.

48-22-8510 Milwaukee Right Angle Attachment – $52.13
Now you can use your power tool to get into spaces with only 2” of clearance. This attachment lets you get the most out of your drills, corded or cordless. 

2078110 Irwin 10” GrooveLock Pliers – $13.63
The Irwin GrooveLock features press and slide size adjustment saving time and making it much easier to size to tool. The uniquely designed grooves allow for much better grip on round, square, hex or flat surfaces.

49-24-0145 Milwaukee M12 Work Light – $19.00
This 12v flashlight works with all the other Milwaukee M12 tools. The tool features a magnet on the back to hold in place while working and an adjustable head to focus on your work. Great for anyone who currently has M12 tools or that might be getting some this holiday season.


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New Hougen HMD904 Mag Drills

Hougen was the first company to develop and patent the Magnetic Drill back in 1976. Since then there have been many improvements made to the original design but Hougen has remained a leader in the magnetic drill industry. The model HMD904 has been one of the most popular mag drills for many years because of its light weight design, significant power and durability. Not to long ago the HMD904S with swivel base was introduced which allowed for slight adjustments after the magnet had been activated.

Now you have two new options for the HMD904 which are the HMD904C ($899.95), which is the basic 904 model with the 16oz coolant tank and fittings. The second option is the Fabricators Kit HMD904K ($1,188) which includes the HMD904C, ½” Jacobs Chuck with adaptor and 12002 Rotabroach Cutter Kit. The fabricators kit provides the basic set up with several Rotabroach sizes to get started but with the chuck the mag drill can also use regular twist drill bits.

The 16 oz coolant tank is also available as an add-on option for existing HMD904 mag drills as HOU05548 (Hex Arbor) & HOU05087 (Spindle Arbor). Call Ohio Power Tool at 800-242-4424 if you need as order any Hougen parts or accessories.


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Tent Sale & Tool Expo – October 22nd

For those of you that might be in or around Columbus, Ohio on Wednesday, October 22nd I would like to invite you to Ohio Power Tool for the Annual Tent Sale & Tool Expo. This year it’s a little later than usual so it would correspond with the launch of so many new lines of tools including: Milwaukee M12, Milwaukee M18, Bosch 12V Max, Bosch 18V Lithium, Ridgid Explorer & New Seesnakes, plus many other exciting product. All of these new tools will be at the show ready for you to demo, so if you want to try out the new Dremel Multi-Max or anything else come on down. Each vendor will be there in full force including the Bosch Big Blue Trailer. Milwaukee, Ingersoll Rand, Ridgid, Chicago Pneumatic, Hougen, Power Team and many others will have tents and tables set up as well. The event runs from 10:00am – 5:00pm or when people finally leave.

This is a great event for any one buying tools or just wanting to test out the new tools! Ohio Power Tool, already known for low internet competitive pricing, really blows it out for the tent sale. Lots of existing products are discounted for that day in addition to overall discounts given on all in-store orders. On top of the Ohio Power Tool discounts the vendors on hand have even more discounts in the form of promotions, instant rebates, free tools, tool trade-ins, etc. For instance, Bosch is offering $75 trade-in on any 18 volt, working or not, to upgrade to their new 18v lithium. That would put the new Bosch 18V compact drill at $129 and on top of that you would still get off an additional discount from Ohio Power Tool.

I’m sounding like a used car salesman now but it is definitely worth checking out if you want to get some really good deals on power tools or just get your hands on some of the new tools.      


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Selecting the Right Magnetic Drill Press

There are a small number of people that use a mag drill on a daily basis and you are well aware if you are one of them. These tools are becoming more popular for much more than just working on I-beams. If you are considering a mag drill or an upgrade there are several important things to consider.

Hougen and Milwaukee are probably the two best known and most reliable makers of mag drills. Magnetic drills vary greatly in their size, weight, height, depth of cut (d.o.c.), amp power, RPMs and several other features. Hougen makes the smallest mag drills available, HMD115 & HMD150, which have an extremely low profile. The small sizes makes these incredibly useful for working in tight spaces such as with automotive and trucking applications.

One of the most popular mag drills and a real work horse is the Hougen HMD 904. This model is light weight at 27.5 lbs, powerful with 450 RPM and d.o.c. of 2”. It has a height of 16” and easy to work with if not in a tight spot. This model is also available as the HMD904S which features a swivel base. The swivel base allows you to get the drill close to the hole and then do a more precise line up with the tool in position. This is an especially huge advantage when using a mag drill in the horizontal or overhead position.

For more heavy duty applications consider the Hougen HMD925 with Powerfeed or the HMD505 that has a d.o.c. of 3” and 2 RPM speed options. The Milwaukee mag drills on are larger machines ranging from 57-72 lbs. heavier than any of the Hougen drills available although they do have some good features. These Milwaukee units feature adjustable bases for lining up your hole exactly. Also the Milwaukee drills feature keyed chucks which can use regular drill bits, hole saws or the Milwaukee Steel Hawg Cutters up to 6”. Milwaukee does have a smaller Hougen style mag drill 4270-20 but there are many reasons why the Hougen outperforms it. Please comment if you disagree, this will probably be a future article.

When considering drilling into solid metal the drill bit itself is a large considerations. Hougen features several varieties of Rotabroach Annular Cutters engineered to be one of the best metal cutters on the market. The Rotabroach cutters will work with other mag drills but will not work with chuck type mag drills. The smaller Hougen drills use different cutters all together which are more compact the Rotaloc (HMD115) and Rotaloc Plus (HMD150). If you are looking for cutters that work with a 3/8" chuck, the Milwaukee Steel Hawg Cutters work with traditional chucks and range in size from 7/8” to 6”. For cutting thin metal, such as sheet metal, Hougen makes several kits (RotaCut & Holcutter) which work in a traditional chuck style hand drills.    

Deciding which type of mag drill and cutters you will need is not an easy decision and not something you can determine easily by reading a quick blog post. I would recommend calling the professionals at Ohio Power Tool (800-242-4424) if you have any questions.


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Metal Drilling with a Mag Drills – Hougen or Milwaukee

mag drill

There are many different models of portable magnetic drill presses available however Hougen’s line up shows some clear product advantages over the competition. In size, power, price and durability Hougen Mag Drills and their line of Rotabroach Annular Cutters are defiantly leaders in the industry.
The HMD925 may be one of the best Power Feed Drills on the market today. It weighs only 37 lbs, and is 16% lighter than competitive models. It has the capacity to drill holes to 1-1/4 diameter in power feed mode, up to 1-1/2 diameter in manual feed mode, and up to 2” deep using Rotabroach annular cutters.
Utilizing the latest developments in technology, the HMD925 incorporates smart circuitry, designed to monitor and automatically adjust the feed motor control, maintaining optimum performance throughout the cut while extending cutting tool life. The HMD925 comes complete with a coolant bottle and standard Hougen safety features. It’s also priced less then popular competitive models.
If size is a concern there is probably no better or more portable mag drill to consider than the HMD150. The big brother to the HMD115, The HMD150 is small, powerful, and a has a full 1" depth of cut. The HMD150 is a fabricator’s dream. It gets into tight spots with the low profile 7-13/16" height. Also it has the lift detection safety feature, eliminating safety switch adjustments. The HMD150 uses the Rotaloc PlusTM cutters from Hougen. They have a bayonet-style twist and lock shank for quick cutter changes. Rugged and full of power the HMD150 is great tool for construction and fabrication.
Milwaukee Tools also produces a line of portable magnetic drill presses that most closely rivals Hougen’s excellent line of products. While Milwaukee does not focus primarily on Metal Cutting as Hougen does, they do product a superior product when compared to the rest of the competition.  
If you have any questions or would like to check out other portable magnetic drills available please visit and our expert staff would be more than happy to assist you. Don’t forget to ask about our wide variety of annular cutters, we will be happy to help you find the right tool for the job.


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