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Will LED Light Take Over the Jobsite in 2016?

DIY LED Lighting

We are seeing huge leaps forward in LED lighting especially in temporary and cordless, ideal for jobsite lighting. At the same time we are seeing DIYers and LED hobbyists making some very impressive leaps as well. Will 2016 be the year we see LEDs take over the jobsite? First lets start with our criteria for a really good general purpose jobsite worklight. Light output of 12,000-20,000 lumen would be key, ideally some sort of adjustable control to direct light between 180 and 360 degrees. It would be tall and adjustable with light from above eye level. It would be easy to setup/transport. It would be tough enough to take a fall and handle jobsite conditions. It could run all day with several hours between battery swaps or recharging, possibly using multiple batteries or something else. It could run off AC power and charge the battery when not in use. It would do all this for under $400 and the price would go down steadily from there. Obviously all the jobsites won’t change overnight but it would start the ball rolling.

The video above shows a homemade LED Light system using 10x 100w LEDs for a total of 1000W with roughly 90,000 lumens. Basic supplies of LED 100w chips, voltage converters and convex lens can be purchase for under $25 a set, SEE HERE. Basic components, plus heat sinks and a power source you can build your own crazy spot light for mid $300ish.  Using a couple of RC batteries this array can be powered for 10 minutes, of course to use constantly as a jobsite light this thing would overhead way to fast (video said never used for more than a few minutes at a time) but it’s a very cool concept. Apparently there a few other folks out there looking for a better LED lighting solution as the video currently has almost 3 million views. We’d be happy with just 2 chips and 18,000 lumens. (more…)

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IN360LIGHT Jobsite Tough Work Light, 20,000 Lumens of Daylight

360 degree worklight

When it comes to jobsite work lights it seems there has always been a frustration to get a decent quality light source that can handle the abuse of the job. Halogen work lights have been the staple because they are cheap and put out a lot of light. Unfortunately the bulbs also break super easily and the whole units get so hot they cause hundreds if not thousands of fires and injuries each year. These are also mostly for task lighting when it comes to portable lighting for an entire shop or jobsite there are even fewer options. The IN360LIGHT ($249-269) was developed by a team with over 25 years of construction background with the simple goal to make a light that is bright, easily portable and can hold up to tough jobsite conditions.


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