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Ingersoll Rand Hammerhead – Air Ratchet or Impact Wrench?

What type of tool is the new IR Hammerhead? Significantly more powerful than any ratchet with more than 10x the free RPM speed, it must be an Impact. On the other hand at 13.1”, 3.4lbs and under 2” head height it fits into tight spaces better than any impact could. The 3/8” 2015MAX ($293, Ohio Power Tool) and the ½” 2025MAX ($299, Ohio Power Tool) will be available in July and these hybrid tools should make a pretty big splash. Here is the official info from Ingersoll Rand.    

From Ingersoll Rand, the company that invented the Impactool in 1934, comes a revolutionary product that is unlike any other on the market today. The Hammerhead Low Profile Impactool offers the power and speed of an impact with the reach of a ratchet, and it’s going to change the way you work. The combination of MAX power, MAX control, and MAX access now allows you to use an Ingersoll Rand Impactool for virtually any application. Say goodbye to awkward extensions and swivel sockets, and watch your productivity soar as you conquer tasks in minutes that once took you hours.

MAX Power – With 180 ft-lb max torque and 7,000 rpm, Hammerhead offers more than twice the power of the leading competitor’s ratchet

MAX Control – A feather-touch trigger, two-position forward power regulator, and conveniently located forward/reverse ring provide precise control.

MAX Access – A head height of under 2" and reactionless torque allow you to safely use this powerful tool in tight spaces.


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Ingersoll Rand Twin Tank Air Compressors: P1IU-A9 vs DD2T2

The Ingersoll Rand DD2T2 has been a very popular twin tank portable air compressor for years. It was recently upgraded/replaced by the P1IU-A9 ($312 w/Free Shipping, Ohio Power Tool) which produces about equal numbers to the previous model, 4.3cfm, for the same price. The design of the new unit is a little more user friendly with controls and two connections (previous model only had 1) on the front of the unit. The air filter is also more efficient and easier to service, right on the front of the unit. The overall dimensions changed slightly from 21”x17”x15” to 18.5”x18.5”x17” which isn’t a big deal unless you plan to install the unit in an existing enclosure.


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Ingersoll Rand New 4.5″ Air Grinder 3445MAX

New to the Ingersoll Rand Max family is the 3445MAX ($227, Ohio Power Tool) 4.5” air grinder. The Max family of tools indicates the top of the line in terms of Power & Comfort (power/weight). It looks as though IR is really expanding the Max line to include not only impact wrenches, but also ratchets and now grinders. Checkout the video below for full stats on the new 3445MAX.


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Ingersoll Rand Air Ratchets – 4 Models, 1105MAX & 105 Series

Recently IR Tools announced 4 new air ratchet models. I haven’t had a chance to test them out but the numbers look pretty impressive, especially for the MAX Series ratchets. Check out the YouTube video and full IR press release below. These ratchets and many others are also available now from Ohio Power Tool, see Air Ratchets.

Ingersoll Rand, a global leader in automotive and industrial tools and equipment, has launched the 1105MAX and 105 Series mini ratchets in both 1/4" and 3/8" square drive sizes, offering improved power, control and comfort.

The new 1105MAX Series mini composite air ratchets join the Ingersoll Rand MAX Series of tools established by the 2135QTiMAX Impactool™. Building on the best-in-class legacy, these new tools deliver a high torque of 41 Nm (30 ft-lb) and a free speed of 300 rpm. The easy-to-operate power regulator is very convenient for sensitive applications, such as small or plastic fasteners. In addition, the feather-touch lever allows better control of speed and power. These tools also feature a composite handle that ensures maximum comfort and provides insulation from cold compressed air. The 1105MAX Series are available in two drive sizes, 1/4" for the 1105MAX-D2 and 3/8" for the 1105MAX-D3.

The new 105 Series mini air ratchets also provides improved torque at 34 Nm (25 ft-lb) and a free speed of 250 rpm combining great performance with price-competitive value. They are available in two drive sizes, 1/4" for the 105-D2 and 3/8" for the 105-D3.

Both ratchets series feature a unique head construction that provides improved durability and more consistent performance over the life of the tool. The tools also share a low-profile forward/reverse control that has a wide diameter for easy gripping. In addition, the design also eliminates accidental changing of directions in confined spaces.

The new Ingersoll Rand ratchet models are an ideal solution for a wide range of vehicle service applications. They are perfect for car maintenance, mechanical repairs or body panel removal.


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New Ingersoll Rand ¾” Impact Wrench 259

The new IR 259 essentially replaces the 258 as their mid-level ¾” gun for Ingersoll Rand. However there is nothing mid-level about this tool. It’s smaller and lighter than any other gun in its class. The gun delivers an impressive 1,050 ft lbs torque in both forward and reverse and only requires a 3/8” air inlet hose, unlike many others which require ½” inlets hose. The new design has better weight distribution, easier to switch from forward and reverse and I imagine easier to service and repair from the looks of the large bolts on the front.

The new Ingersoll Rand 259 ($299.99, Ohio Power Tool) is very competitively priced, offers variable control trigger and is assembled in the US. Although, is assembled in the US what we really get excited for these days? All around this is a great gun at a great price and it looks pretty cool as well.      


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Top 10 Power Tool Gift Ideas for 2009 Holiday Season

Unfortunately I don’t have any celebrity friends like David Letterman to do my top 10 list but these are some good gift ideas on Ohio Power Tool for anyone who loves power tools, ranging from $20-$299. Also all of the following items are eligible for the Free Shipping if part of an order over $99. Just use coupon code: TURKEY before December 7th. All these items are also currently in-stock but can’t promise they won’t run out by the holidays. Checkout the Holiday Specials Page for even more deals from Ohio Power Tool.

10. Hougen RotaCut Metal Drill Kit 11075 – $74

This hole cutter kit includes 7 different size metal drill bits from 5/16” – ¾” which are faster and last 10 times longer than standard twist drill bits. Ideal for any electrician, mechanic, HVAC, metal fabricator or anyone that does any work with metal. These bits work with standard chuck drills found in almost any toolbox.

9. Milwaukee Right Angle Drill Attachment 49-22-8510 – $49

This handy accessory can get you into very tight places and is compatible with any drill that can accept ¼” hex bits from 2.4V to 36V or corded drills. Ideal for driver bits, spade bits, ¼” hex drill bits and many other accessories.

8. Bosch DareDevil Spade Bit Set DSB5013P – $27

Every carpenter, remodeler, handyman or weekend warrior should have a good set of Spade Bits in the tool box but Bosch reinvented the spade bit with the new DareDevil bits. This is a great gift because even if they have some spade bits they will love to upgrade to these.

7. Ingersoll Rand Titanium ½” Impact Gun 2135TiMAX – $249

Probably the sexiest impact gun you could own. This titanium impact wrench is the lightest, toughest, most powerful tool on the market today. Any serious mechanic will love this gun.

6. Lincoln 18V PowerLuber Grease Gun 1844 – $267

Now a cordless grease gun is probably not going to be on most people’s wish lists however for many farmers, mechanics and other service pros this may be the ideal present to see under the tree. The brand spankin new 18V extends the battery life to be able to hand up to 8-10 tubes per battery. This alone can be a huge advantage when out in the field away from the charger.



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Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Who Cares, Power Tool Deals Now!

Why would you need to wait in line at 5am, uphill both ways in 10 feet of snow just to fight Pit Bulls with lipstick (aka Hockey Moms) to try and save a few bucks? Ohio Power Tool is already putting out lots of awesome power tools at special discounted pricing and not refurbished or last year’s leftovers but the new good stuff. Check out the Top Tool Deals page to get some great gift ideas. Remember these prices also work with any other deals for Free Tools, Mail-in Rebates and/or Free Shipping.

The Free Shipping Deal is good until Monday December 7th, a week after Cyber Monday on many major brands including Bosch, Milwaukee, Dremel, Ingersoll Rand, CST/berger & Ridgid. Simply use Coupon Code TURKEY at checkout for free UPS ground shipping.

Visit Ohio Power Tool for a wide selection of tools at everyday discount prices. There are also a variety of mail-in rebates and other deals you can check out on the home page. You can also call 800-242-4424 during business hours to place any order, just mention the Free Shipping special.  


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Ingersoll Rand Cash Back Stimulus – Round 2

Many of you took advantage of the Ingersoll Rand air tool stimulus plan rebate program that ran back in April, well guess what we are doing it again from Now until December 31st. The deal applies to many of the most popular Ingersoll Rand Air Tools. Get up to 15% off current deals and other promotions. Check out the mail-in rebate for full details and the complete list of tools that apply. If you have any questions, the pros at Ohio Power Tool (800-242-4424) are happy to help, also you can email any questions to for a quick answer.   


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Air Hammers, Scalers & Needler Basics

Air hammers have a wide range of uses in many different industries from automotive service to construction to foundry use. Coupled with a wide variety of air hammer chisels and different attachments these are incredibly versatile tools. An interesting fact, Air Hammers are also called Zip Guns and if you search on that term, you will get a whole other list of results in Google. Apparently “Zip Guns” are also a term used for homemade guns, typically fashioned to look inconspicuous, like a cell phone or ball point pen, not what we are talking about here although it would be a fun post to write.

Some Air Hammer basics; there are 2 common sizes for air hammer chisels the .401 shank and more heavy duty .498 shank. There are also 2 styles for each size, turn type and non-turn type chisels. The turn types are far more common and have a collar to hold the bit in the tool. The non-turn type, do not allow the bit to rotate by locking the bit in with 4 ball grooves; it also requires an Ajax Kwik Connect Retain (both chisel types work with kwik connect retainers).


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Air Tool Sale on Chicago Pneumatic & Ingersoll Rand

All month long you can get great deals and Free Shipping on Ingersoll Rand and Chicago Pneumatic power tools from Ohio Power Tool. Discounts and special sale pricing have already been applied to many of the most popular IR & CP tools however to take advantage of FREE SHIPPING simple use coupon code: SEPTEMBER in the checkout. If you don’t want to mess with the coupon code or have any questions at all please feel free to call the pros at Ohio Power Tool directly 800-242-4424.


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