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Ingersoll Rand Impact Socket Sets

The Ingersoll Rand impact socket sets are extremely well built sockets and can handle the toughest abuse. Each set comes in a hard plastic case which holds the individual socket into place. The cases feature strong metal latches and an easy grip handle for carrying. These socket sets are ideal for service vehicles or any mechanic. Price competitively against even the cheapest knockoffs you might as well spend the extra few bucks and get the Ingersoll Rand quality. Select from the standard sizes 3/8”, ½”, ¾” and 1” available in American (SAE) or Metric. You also have a choice of regular or deep sockets and even a few 1” sets specific to truck maintenance that feature both such as the SK8C5T & SK8H9T 

Currently there are two great specials on Ohio Power Tool for free SK4H13 ½” socket sets with the purchase of either the 1/2" air 2135TiMAX ($249) or the 1/2" Cordless IQv Impact Set W360-LSP ($359). Each great deals on their own but with a $30+ socket set these are some of the best deals on the internet. If you would rather have the ½” metric set SK4M14 you can also place the order by phone and ask to switch for that set instead.  


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Selecting the Right Air Compressor

Air tool systems have some significant advantages and disadvantages in comparison to electric tools. The main advantage of air tools is there is only 1 motor which is on the compressor where as with electric tools each tool has its own engine. What this means is the individual air tools last longer, are more durable, cost less, weigh less, have smaller size and can provide more torque. The disadvantage is they require a compressor to operate which can be very large in size and inconvenient to move around. Once you have decided to commit to buying an air compressor you need to pick the right one that will work for you.

There are many factors in selecting the right air compressor including horse power, tank size, pounds per square inch (PSI), cubic feet per minute (CFM), noise, portability and power source. In addition to the stats of the air compressor you also need to make sure you are buying a quality product. A good compressor should last you years and years so make sure you can get a quality machine from a known manufacturer and that it will be easy to find maintenance supplies and replacement parts.   

Horse Power is typically the first consideration when selecting a compressor but it is only part of the whole equation. In electric compressors it’s important to also look at voltage and amp ratings to see how much power the unit is truly able to produce. For instance, a 3 hp Ingersoll Rand compressor using 230 volts can probably out perform many import 5 hp compressors using standard 110 volt. In another case you are may be comparing two models of portable compressors each rated 2 hp 110 volt but if you look at the amp rating one may be 12 amp while the other is 15 amp.

Pounds per Square Inch (PSI) is also very important but again don’t over look the basics here. You only need enough PSI to power the tools you operate or plan to operate. If all your tools are 90 PSI a 110 or 135 PSI compressor is more than enough power and you don’t need to purchase a 175 or 200 PSI compressor.

Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) perhaps is the most telling single stat for compressors as this measures how much air is flowing in a minute. CFM is used interchangeably with the terms Actual Cubic Feet per Minute (ACFM) or Inlet Cubic Feet per Minute (ICFM).  Check your tool owner’s manual it should clearly provide your CPM for the tool. It is important to remember air pressure can change based on environmental variables such as temperature.

Tank Size is also an important factor however it is almost counter intuitive as a larger tank is actually more beneficial when using a smaller motor. The larger tank is used to store air so that the tool can actually use more air than the motor is able to produce for short periods. When a more powerful motor is used there is less need to store compressed air so the tank can actually be smaller in size. You would think the larger machines would need equally larger tank but that just is not the case.

Portability can be another big factor and often a disadvantage for air systems. The best environment for an air system is a shop or garage where there is room to permanently place a unit in a controlled environment. If you need a portable unit there are some options that do work well. A smaller electric unit such as the Ingersoll Rand DD2T2 works well with portable tools such as air nailers which typically have lower CFM. For a heavier user there are the air sled designs good for up to 14 CFM. For real power on the move the best solution is a truck mounted gas compressor which is capable of 25 CFM.

Hopefully this post will help you select the right air compressor for your needs. Ohio Power Tool carries a wide range of compressors from Ingersoll Rand and Chicago Pneumatic. Ohio Power Tool also offers free shipping on all compressors anywhere in the continental United States. If you have more specific questions about air compressors or air tools in general feel free to call the experts at 800-242-4424.


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Ingersoll-Rand Impact Wrenches – Lowest Price

IR impacts

For some time Ingersoll Rand has been one of the top names in pneumatic tools. Even when Ohio Power Tool started modestly 25 years ago servicing and selling mostly pneumatic tools they were one of the leaders. In fact before starting Ohio Power Tool in 1983 our company president had spent many years prior as a saleman for Ingersoll Rand products across the mid-west. We have grown tremendously and now offer a wide range of pneumatic, electric and hydraulic products as well as rentals and repair service. Since 2008 marks our 25th anniversary in business we wanted to honor of humble beginnings by making serious efforts to be the lowest price supplier for Ingersoll Rand pneumatic tools on the internet; not an easy task with the hundreds of other suppliers out there. I encourage you to do some searching but I think you will find we are one of the cheapest for most products. On top of great prices we also have an extremely knowledgeable staff that will actually pickup the phone and answer your questions, not an overseas call center or automated system… this is done intentionally to provide the best service possible, don’t believe it call 800-242-4424.

Popular Ingersoll-Rand Impact Tools        

2135ti impact 
The ½” 2135 Impact Wrench has been one of the most popular impact wrenches on the market for some time. The newest model is the 2135TiMax ½” Impactool which replaces the 2135Ti. The Ti indicates Titanium Duty, “Max” is the newest line of Titanium Duty which provides additional controls and new triggers, among other improvements. This has become such a popular model because it provides 780 ft. lb. torque and weighs less than 4 lbs. The best power to weight ratio in its class. Our price is $249.72.

For the 1” heavy duty impacts with 6" extended anvils there are two popular models the 285B-6 and 2190Ti-6. Some differences in the models are the 2190Ti is lighter by 11.8 lbs. at 15.5 lbs and provides 200 ft. lb. more power at 1650 ft. lb. torque. It also features a chainsaw style handle specifically made to change large tires on trucks and other equipment. The 285B-6 is an extremely capable machine and if you can handle a little extra weight the price is right at only $399.00, while the 2190Ti-6 is $619.86, also a great price.      

IQv cordless tools
Still fairly new to the Ingersoll Rand brand of tools is the IQv cordless impacts and complete line of cordless tools. Since IR traditionally makes air tools we were pretty skeptical that they would make a cordless line that could really compete with the high end Milwaukee or Bosch lines. I assure you this was not some ill though out re-branded product which we have seen in the past when other manufactures trying to expand their product offerings. The IQv cordless line offers some significant advantages including complete interchangeability with NiCd and Lithium Ion batteries between similarly powered tools. A universal charger and light which work with all the batteries: 7.2v, 14.4v and 19.2v. This line is specifically made for automotive work with size and weight as key factors in design. They weigh up to 35% less than traditional 18v, 24v, 28v and 36v tools but provide 2.4 Ahrs higher than many other cordless tools. The specific tools are also automotive in design with several impacts, drill/drivers, ratchets, grinders, a cutter and the universal light.

There are hundreds of other great products I could go on for days about and obviously IR is extremely well known for more than just impacts. They have so many great pneumatic products including grinders, sanders, cutting tools, drills, air compressors and many more. Find many of our IR products listed on our Ingersoll Rand Home Page. Let us know if you would like to more information on any IR products.

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Car Guys – Power Tools and Discount Accessories

It may be too late to shop for Christmas gifts on the internet, unless you are willing to pay for overnight shipping but I got an email discount code to a few days ago and looking at their prices I think it’s a good deal. The coupon code OMKS9 is good for 10% off everything and lasts until the 31st. I can’t use it but maybe there is some people that can. They have all sorts of stuff for Hummers, Cadillac, GMC, Chevy, Pontiac and all the other GM brands. I actually don’t have a GM car or truck, I got on their email list from buying a trailer hitch bike carrier for my Jeep and they were the cheapest so you can probably find stuff for any car. Maybe they should change their name.

If you are looking for tools to work on your car, you can find those on Ohio Power Tool. Recently we created an automotive page specifically for these products. It’s funny because for the past 25 years our focus was always professional mechanics and we never went after home mechanic. Auto Zone, NAPA and others all sell cheap tools made for home users which we would never carry but now that we have many of our products on our website it’s really surprising how many calls we get from home mechanics that really want top of the line Ingersoll Rand or Chicago Pneumatic air tools. If you have any questions about power tools feel to give us a call and see if we can’t help you find the right tool for the job.


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Holiday Gift Ideas Part 2 – Dream Gifts



What do you really want for the holidays? Here are some ideas for dream gifts for those who want to do a little more around the house… or perhaps build another house. Personally I’m obsessed with tools and I’ll look for any excuse to get all the new tools. The Micro Seesnake is a good example of that. How did anyone ever live without this thing? Some of the things on the list are defiantly overkill but for the most part pretty reasonable, in my mind.

First off everyone needs a good set of cordless power tools. The Bosch Litheon 36 volt 4 tool combo kit CPK40-36 should work nicely. At $642.50 with the $100 off tool trade-in deal, these tools are within reach. The Bosch 36 volt Litheon tools are some of the most powerful on the market today and with 2 FatPack batteries you’ll be able to work all day long without waiting for batteries to recharge.

In addition to a good set of cordless tools you’re going to need a really good saw that is portable enough to travel but still make extremely accurate cuts. Most likely you will already have a circular saw and reciprocating saw so the next step would be to get a miter saw and/or table saw. If you have a nice big work shop you might as well get both. On the other hand if you do need to do some work away from home base it’s great to have something that travels easily. In the past a table saw was not a good option for portability.  This is not the case today, check out the Bosch 4100-09 10 inch table saw. It is extremely portable and sets up in about 5 seconds. Bosch also makes several amazing 12 inch miter saws checkout the 4212L and 5412L models.

For working at home an item many of us would like to have in their garage is a lift. Is that really out of the question? Not with the Norco 2.5 ton air lift jack. These fine lifts have wheels so you can store them away when not in use and move them into position when you are ready to turn your garage into a full blown mechanic shop. For $865.33 each these are a great investment for any garage.

Once you got that hot rod up on the lift you are going to need to get some work done. Ohio Power Tool sells a wide variety of other automotive tools and everything you might need to really make a lot of noise in the garage. Obviously the first place to start is a good air compressor to run all your new pneumatic tools. No need to mess around with a wimpy little compressor for the garage that can barely keep up. Ingersoll Rand makes a nice 5 HP, 80 gallon, two stage compressor that will ensure you never run out of juice. For only $1807.20 this monster will power your home workshop all day long. 

For those people that really what to get serious the perfect gift to have under the tree would be a Power Team shop press. I don’t know if Santa can haul the 600 lb unit into my garage or shell out $3936 but it would make for one sweet Christmas morning. This unit is a 25 ton press with a 6.25 inch travel and provides plenty of punch for any home or shop.

These are just a few suggestions for under my dream Christmas tree. I’m sure I’m missing something obvious like a light weight portable magnetic drill and new 35lb jack hammer which I would easily find some uses. See some more reasonable gift ideas on Ohio Power Tool where they have a list of 12 more reasonable items and thousands of other tools that will make great gifts.      

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Holiday Gift Ideas Part 1 – Cordless Power Tools

This holiday season give the gift that keeps on giving, Power Tools. When it comes to power tools the most popular gifts and probably the most fun are cordless power tools. Cordless power tools are however a tricky gift to give. Many people are very loyal to their favorite line of tools (i.e. Bosch, Milwaukee, etc) and it’s not always the cheapest option on the list. Also there are a lot of discount cordless tools you can pick up next to the checkout at any big box home improvement store which aren’t even worth the plastic they are made of. Seriously be careful some cheap cordless saws can only make 3-5 full powered cuts on a charge? Who know why they even make these things other than to trick uninformed buyers. You would be much better off giving a nice quality corded model that will last for years. Power Tools are not like that store brand cereal that’s almost the same as your Lucky Charms you can buy for half the price.

Cordless drills are a safer bet as they normally hold a charge a little longer, but again don’t go cheap. There are several models of compact cordless drills that are relatively inexpensive, are very compact (i.e. Bosch Pocket Driver or Milwaukee Micro Driver)and hold a charge much longer than the discount brands. If you want to give a quality cordless tool gift at a low price this would be the way to go. If you have a little larger budget there are great deals on multiple tools and combo kits.  

Recommended Cordless Lines to look at: Milwaukee V18, Milwaukee V28, Bosch Litheon & Ingersoll Rand IQV

Visit Ohio Power Tool to see their top 12 holiday gift ideas as well as all the other thousands of tools they supply.


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Top 7 New Power Tools of 2007

Below are the top 7 new tools of the year. Obviously everyone will have their own opinions but this is an overall composition of our opinions with customer reviews and insight.    

1. Ridgid SeeSnake Micro – The SeeSnake Micro is not like any other tool you have in your garage. It’s a 3 foot long waterproof snaking camera with a light on the end. With it you can look into walls, ducts, heating & cooling units, engines, pipes, drains and any other confined space. Additional 3 foot extensions are also available. It would be nice if in the future you could take some kind of picture with this but that’s about my biggest complaint. This is a very handy tool and has a wide variety of uses. More than anything it is really just lots of fun to play with. 


2. Bosch Breaker 11335K – The 11335K Breaker Hammer is the newest Bosch electric demolition tool. This is a great addition to the existing arsenal of SDS-Max hammer drills & Bosch Brute tools. At only 35 lbs. this jack hammer is very versatile with vertical, angled or horizontal positioning. I had to make this one of the top tools of the year because who doesn’t feel like a bad ass using a jack hammer horizontally? Like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Total Recall.    


3. IR Mini Air Tools – Ok so this is really a whole line of air tools but I was having trouble picking just one of these new Ingersoll Rand tools and they are pretty cheap so buying the whole line is still very reasonable. These are great tools all around, perfect for home user or professionals looking for compact tools to fit into those hard to reach places. Mini Grinder – Mini Drill/Driver – Mini Sander – Mini Polisher 

4. Milwaukee V18 Battery – How can a Battery be one of the top new tools for 2007? It is because the V18 Lithium Ion battery works with all your previous Milwaukee 18 volt Ni-Cad tools. If you already have several 18 volt tools or a combo kit you can upgrade to Lithium Ion for $179 (see previous article). Additionally the charger still charges your old batteries so you can use them as back ups.  


5. IQv Cordless Impact – Ingersoll Rand’s new line of IQv cordless tools is pretty impressive. Everyone knows IR as the trusted name for air tools and especially impact wrenches but not necessarily electric or cordless tools. The IQv line really had some big shoes to fill and I think they did an excellent job. You have a wide selection of IQv impacts powered by Lithium or NiCd in either 14.4V or 19.2V. The IQv line also includes other tools common to IR users such as grinders, drills and ratchets which can use the same batteries and chargers.    


6. Bosch 36V Circular Saw 1671K – Obviously everyone has seem a cordless circular saw before so why would I include the 1671K? Simply put this is the first cordless circular saw I would actually want to bring to a job site. In my mind cordless circular saws are still not an alternative to a good corded saw because saws need lots of juice. Previous cordless saws were good for 4-5 cuts which is a joke if you are building anything larger than a door stop. The 36 volt Bosch is good for at least 20 which if you have a few extra batteries and a good corded miter saw or portable table saw should be extremely useful on any jobsite. Around the house with an extra battery the 1671K by itself would get most jobs done without any down time.


7. Milwaukee 12V Micro Driver – There seems to be a theme here with the micro & mini tools. Everything gets smaller but at the same time more powerful and the 2401-22 is no exception. It’s not a secret Milwaukee created the Micro driver to compete directly with the very successful Bosch PS20-2 & PS40-2 (I’m sure we’ll see a micro impact shortly) and with good reason. The Lithium Ion tools have added seriously power and battery life making it possible to have small tools that can do big jobs. Plus I think this thing just looks cool. 


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Rotary Screw Compressor vs Reciprocating Air Compressor

Choosing a stationary air compressor for your facility can be a difficult decision. Some common questions you will need to answer are: Where will the compressor be located? How much room is required? What is the total budget? How much maintenance is required? How much air is used throughout the day? How much does that air requirement fluctuate? How much pressure or PSI is required? How much horsepower is needed? What are the electrical requirements? Are there any noise restrictions?  
The basic things to look at when comparing compressors are:

Horsepower – This is directly proportional to Cubic Feet per Minute CFM.
CFM – Cubic Feet Per Minute

PSI – Pounds per Square Inch must not exceed the requirements of pneumatic tools and equipment.
Tank Size – Size of the air reservoir is important for continuous operation and also determines the size of the overall compressor.
Dryers & After Coolers – Air treatment is important for removing moisture from compressors under heavy use.
Electrical Requirements – It is important to make sure your facility can handle the electrical requirements of the selected Compressor.   

When comparing reciprocal air compressors with rotary screw compressors you will see many advantages to choosing the screw compressor. They are more compact, operate quietly, built for continuous operation and typically see less maintenance. The down side is the initial costs are higher. When you compare a 5 HP reciprocating air compressor at $1807 with a 5 HP rotary screw compressor at $3688 do the advantages out weight the initial cost?

Reciprocation Air Compressors
Ingersoll Rand 2475N5 – 5 HP – 175 PSI – 16.8 CFM – $1807 – With Air Cooler $2337
Ingersoll Rand 2545E10V – 10 HP – 175 PSI – 35 CFM – $2410 – With Air Cooler $3519
Ingersoll Rand 7100E15V – 15 HP – 175 PSI – 50 CFM – $3217 – With Air Cooler $4792

Rotary Screw Air Compressor  
Chicago Pneumatic QRS5HP – 5 HP – 155 PSI – 16.6 CFM – $3688 With Dryer $4824
Chicago Pneumatic QRS10HP – 10 HP – 155 PSI – 30 CFM – $5732 With Dryer $7170
Chicago Pneumatic QRS15HP – 15 HP – 155 PSI – 45 CFM – $6684 With Dryer $8352

Each application is different, if you have any questions it is best to call or email one of our trained professionals and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have. View more industrial air compressors and pneumatic tools at Ohio Power Tool.

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Ingersoll Rand – Mini Tools

 IR Mini Air Tools

The Ingersoll Rand family of mini air tools perfectly complements its existing lineup of full-size automotive maintenance and repair tools to provide you with a complete solution for all your jobs, big and small. Whether you’re working in tight spaces or doing finely detailed finish work, our mini tools deliver the power, versatility, and durability you want, in a conveniently smaller size.

This new line of tools is perfect addition for any garage whether a professional mechanic or working in your garage at home. There is a full line of these small but powerful new tools including:

3103K Mini Surface Prep Grinder Kit – Ideal for removing rust, surface deposits and welds in areas it may be hard to reach with a traditional grinder
3128K Mini Random Orbital Sander Kit – Works as good as any normal orbital sander but in a more compact design
3129K Mini Polisher Kit – Buff and polish metal, paint or plastic to a high gloss finish
2101K Mini 1/4" Impact Wrench Kit – Powerful Impact Wrench able to deliver 50 ft-lb of torque, this tool packs a lot of punch for its size.
7804K Mini 1/4" Drill/Driver Kit – Five vane motor delivers smooth but robust power to where you need it most.   

These mini air tools are exactly what you are looking for and each come with a complete kit which include all necessary attachments to get started. To learn more about any Ingersoll Rand Tools visit Ohio Power Tool and talk to the experts.

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Ingersoll Rand IQv Cordless Tool Series

This new line of cordless tools from Ingersoll Rand really adds a lot of versitility to their world renowned line of pneumatic tools. By adding the ability to go cordless now you can take your tools with you anywhere. Of course Ingersoll Rand wouldn’t put their name on just anything, the IQv line really is build for an industrial grade work load. IQv Cordless Tools 
iqv cordless


Annandale, N.J. October 2, 2006 Ingersoll Rand, a recognized global leader in technology, tools and solutions, unveils a new series of cordless tools engineered specifically for professionals who demand peak power and durability.

Featuring patented IQv technology, the IQv Series is comprised of a broad range of cordless tools, including the compact W040 1/4" quick-change Impactool, the versatile W150 3/8" Impactool and the powerful W360 1/2" Impactool. IQv Series tools also include two best-in-class drill / drivers the 19.2-volt D650 and 14.4-volt D550.

IQv technology was designed to deliver improved performance and longevity of cordless tools and batteries, said Christian Corrigan, global marketing manager at Ingersoll Rand Productivity Solutions. For the customer, this means cordless tools that are lighter and more powerful, and batteries that require significantly fewer replacements over the life of the tool.

Enhanced Performance
Since 1934, when Ingersoll Rand developed the first pneumatic impact wrench, engineering expertise has focused on building durable impact mechanisms and geartrains to maximize power for reliable tool operation.
The IQv Series cordless tools combine the same precision engineering with efficient battery technology to provide the best power per volt available. This means that more power is generated from smaller, lighter and lower voltage batteries. When compared to leading competitive brands, the IQv Series cordless tools have up to 110 percent better power-to-weight ratios and provide up to 40 percent better maximum reverse torque.

Industrial-grade Tool Durability
In addition to power, the new cordless tools match shop / plant requirements with industrial-grade engineering for tough, heavy-duty jobs. All IQv Series cordless tools are engineered with composite housings to deliver maximum structural strength with minimum weight.

The composite housings protect against damaging chemicals and fluids common in shop or plant environments and are reinforced with a patented metal design that provides extra strength for excellent drop resistance.

We spent a lot of time trying to understand both our customers and competitors in order to build the best cordless tools available, said Corrigan. In developing the IQv Series tools, we looked at products and programs that would change the way cordless tools are perceived and provide real value for our customers.

Ingersoll Rand IQv Series cordless tools utilize a new battery interface to lock the battery securely in place. With competitive designs, batteries can be difficult to use and even fall out when mounts and clips become damaged. The new line of cordless tools employs the IQv Grip, a patent-pending twist-to-lock design that grips the battery into the tool, providing superior holding strength.

Revolutionary Battery Technology
To support the new line of tools, Ingersoll Rand partnered with global leaders in electronics and battery technologies to produce the IQv cordless power system, delivering the most advanced battery technology available. IQv technology makes it possible to have one charger that charges all voltages and chemistries, including nickel-cadmium and lithium-ion batteries from 7.2-volts to 19.2-volts.

IQv technology gives cordless tool systems intelligence not found in typical systems, said Corrigan. The ability for batteries and chargers to communicate opens the door for dramatically improved performance, longevity and compatibility.

The IQv charger automatically detects battery voltage and chemistry and chooses the correct charge algorithm. By reading the battery, the charger can optimize its charge to improve performance and longevity. The chargers renew feature deep cycle restores the battery to like-new condition and calibrates onboard battery electronics. For nickel-cadmium batteries, the renew feature eliminates memory effect, extending the usable battery life up to five times and significantly decreasing the number of replacement batteries over the life of the tool.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction
Ingersoll Rand backs IQV Series cordless tools with the industry-leading IQV Warranty with registration. This includes a one-year, hassle-free tool and charger replacement; a two-year or 1,000 charges limited battery warranty; and a three-year limited warranty on tool and charger.

We realize that our customers are professionals who need their tools to do their jobs, said Corrigan. The IQv Warranty is a way for us to share our confidence in the quality of our products and make sure we keep our customers satisfied.

IQv Series cordless tools also offer convenience and savings. Unlike standard cordless combo kits, Ingersoll Rand offers the IQv Series cordless tools individually. Users may choose from an extensive line of cordless tools, batteries and accessories, buying only what is needed, which can dramatically reduce the cost of ownership.

Ingersoll Rand Industrial Technologies provides products, services and solutions to enhance the efficiency and productivity of our commercial, industrial and process customers. Our innovative products include air compressors, air systems components, tools, pumps, material and fluid handling systems and microturbines.
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