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Holiday Tool Deals for the Pros 2015

Happy Holidays

Every year around the holidays we see some great deals in power tools hitting a wide range of audiences and price points. Deals for people buying their first cordless drills all the way up to serious pros looking for great deals on tools they use every day. If you open your local paper to the home centers deals or look on major tool website you’ll find  $99 cordless tool kits from pretty much all the top tool brands: Black Friday, Cyber Monday and other specials of the Holiday Season. We wanted to highlight a couple other deals aim more at professional tool users which you might otherwise miss if you aren’t paying attention. (more…)

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JET Cyclone Dust Collectors Takes Vortex to Next Level

Dust Management System

The technology of dust collection has certainly changed over the years. There are really no excuses with such a wide range of options and very low entry level price points for collecting and handling dust. These new Jet Cyclone Dust Collectors are a great example of 3 machines that can handle production level work for a very reasonable price tag. These additions make a nice next step up from the Jet Vortex Cone single stage collectors we’ve been using for years. A tried and true style of design these units add some premium features such as remote control, solid connectors and high quality Jet Tool construction.


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Jet Air Tools Relaunch Takes Aim at Ingersoll Rand, Snap-On and CP

Jet R12 Series Pneumatic Tools

By the time you read this the full line relaunch of over 60+ new Jet Air Tools will be packed up on trucks and headed to Jet Tool distributors across the country. While Jet has been in the air tool market for some time it was somewhat of piece-meal offer that did not have a consistency across their tools or Good, Better, Best options necessary for the very popular tools like impacts and ratchets. Without having tested any of these new air tools we can at least say we do like the simplicity and clarity of their new offering.


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Jet Oscillating Spindle Sander JOSS-S is Built for Dust Collection

Jet Sander JOSS-S

The team at Jet have been on a mission for the last several years to really take a closer look at common workshop equipment and overhaul their lineup making improvements at all levels. More than just a few spec tweaks to keep up with the competition but a real rethinking of how the spindles are used, changed and stored make the Jet JOSS-S Spindle Sander ($1499) a good example of how Jet is setting themselves apart. (more…)

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Powermatic & Jet Woodworking 15% Off Sale Starts Today!

Powermatic Woodworking Sale

For those that know the Jet and Powermatic brands they have come to love and count on the annual 15% off woodworking equipment sales available through select dealers. All the prices on Ohio Power Tool during the sale reflect the 15% off sale price for any item that qualifies. After Monday, March 9th pricing will return to everyday sale price.

Free Shipping is also available for most of the stationary machinery, see individual items to confirm. If you have specific question on any of the woodworking equipment or accessories give these pros a call 800-242-4424 and they will be more than happy to help.  (more…)

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Jet & Powermatic Woodworking 4 Day Sale, Black Friday – Cyber Monday

Powermatic Black Friday

The annual sale for Jet Woodworking and Powermatic Woodworking equipment as well as accessories starts Black Friday 11/28 and goes through Cyber Monday 12/1. Most machinery will get 15% savings off minimum internet pricing and select accessories can get as much as 50% off. All the pricing from Ohio Power Tool is already discount in the sale price from now until the end of the day on Cyber Monday 12/1 so there are no additional coupon codes to apply. (more…)

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Coptool 2014 Holiday Power Tools & Gear Gift Guide

Holiday Tool Guide

We’ve put this list together to help find a great gift for any level of handyman (or women) from a beginner to seasoned professional as well as a few suggestions for any budget. Just because it’s inexpensive doesn’t mean it can’t be really cool. Even if you’re looking for that person whose got it all, not to fear there are plenty of new tools that just came out in time for the holiday season, which have never been available before now.


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Jet Hoists and Lifting Systems, New Innovations Mean Top Safety

Jet Hoists Breakdown

If you were to ask most people in a plant or on a job site how could manual and electric hoists be improved you first two answers are probably going to be make them safer and able to last longer. While Jet has not always been a product leader, over the past several years they have really begun to lead the way in innovating products for many categories and lifting systems is a shining example of that. The need for better safety in lifting systems have lead to several industry firsts from Jet.

Jet L100 Chain Fall

On the Jet manual chain hoists L-100 series several new features really separate the Jet product from the rest of the professional grade competition of Harrington CB, CM (Columbus McKinnon) Cyclone 646 or Coffing LHH. Each of these brands has a mid-range less expensive unit as well as a higher-end offering. Many people, including myself at one point thought the higher priced units (L-100 vs S-90) simply meant better chain (100 grade corrosion resistant zinc coated vs 80 grade black oxide coated) which is true but that’s just the beginning. Another huge differentiator for Jet is the 1 piece fused brake design which is guaranteed for life and as of the publishing of this story they have not had to replace a single one of these breaks due to failure. The more traditional 3 piece break system is what is used by Harrington, CM & Coffing on all their hoists in addition to Jet’s mid-range S90 chain hoists. (more…)

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Jet 4 Day Woodworking Machinery Sale Save 15 to 50% on Most Everything!

Jet Woodworking Sale


Starting tomorrow Friday, May 30th and going to end of business Monday, June 2nd you can purchase Jet Woodworking machinery at 15% off already lowest allowable internet pricing, very few exceptions. For the mobile bases and outfeed rollers mentioned in the ad you will get 50% off! All the pricing will be an instant savings reflected right in the sale prices with no mail-in rebates or every coupon codes to mess with.

For questions about any Woodworking tools or accessories give the pros at Ohio Power Tool 800-242-4424 and they will be happy to get you an answer on any questions you might have.

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The JET 14” Steel Frame Bandsaw is a hit with Fine Woodworking Magazine & Pro Tool Review

Jet Bandsaw JWBS-14SF

If you have been patiently waiting for the annual Jet & Powermatic 15% off sale wait no longer, because it is now in full swing until March 10th! Every woodworker who’s been at it sometime knows this is the best opportunity to purchase Jet and Powermatic woodworking equipment each year. The large equipment manufacturing landscape has been shook up over the past couple years with JPW (Jet Powermatic Wilton) coming out on top in our minds. Last summer we had the opportunity to sit down with the bright minds behind all the new woodworking machinery and we are extremely confident in the leadership as well as continued quality and innovations of these brands.

One of the new products launched at last year’s media event was the new Jet 14” Bandsaw 714500 ($1614, $1899 with 15% off coupon). If this is what we should be looking forward to in the future we will be very happy but don’t take our word for it. (more…)

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