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Jet Woodworking Tools – Code Red Black Friday Deals


Nothing would make us happier than to wake up Christmas morning and Santa had dropped a 2HP 16"x42" wood lathe under the tree. Then we could promply knock that tree down and turn that sappy green wood into some kind of decorative spindle post just cause.

JET Tools has issued a code-red, high alert on Black Friday exclusive values. From November 25-29, you’ll save up to 28percent off selected JET woodworking machinery and 15 percent off all JET accessories and mobile bases. Over the course of the code-red sale, JET will highlight its major product categories with tools to keep your workshop humming at peak performance. Click the following link to see products on sale now

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Jet Tools – Vortex Cone New Dust Collection Machines

The Jet website for their new Vortex Cone Dust Collection units really impressed us with some good information and a ton of nice YouTube videos (see below) from the guys of Extreme Makeover Home Edition. The site has a helpful index of different shop machines and their required amount of air flow for proper dust removal. Here are just a few basic measures from their Dust Collection 101 section that might be helpful to review before you visit the site:


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