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Jobox Mobile Field Office vs On-Site Field Office

A few months ago we got to check out the new Jobox Mobile Field Office at STAFDA show, it’s here and we wanted to compare the new Jobox Mobile Field Office 1-510990 ($2399) vs the existing Jobox On-Site Field Office 1-674990 ($2199). Both units will continue to be available and while both provide a everything necessary to run the jobsite remotely they do have different features & functionality.


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Jobox Safety Cabinets and Gas Cans Rate Highest in UL Testing

Jobox Safety Cabinet

We had an opportunity to see the Jobox Safety Cabinets last year and were very impressed at the time. Unfortunately it takes some time to get a safety cabinet approved by all the necessary governing bodies including OSHA, NFPA, IFC (for self closing models) and an UL Listing which we were surprised to learn many safety cabinets on the market are not UL approved. In addition to the safety cabinets Jobox has also launched a full line of Jobox Safety Cans for storing gas, diesel and kerosene in either type I or type II configurations.


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