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Johnson Laser 2 Dot Plumb Laser 40-6670 Review

Plumb dot lasers are popular among plumbers, electricians, finish carpenters and many other trades for finding well plumb. This Johnson laser 40-6670 ($89, Amazon) is a fairly inexpensive laser tool with the complete package of self-leveling, locking off switch, carrying case and target included. As prices among laser leveling tools continue to come down we are more and more questioning the need for laser companies to have both a 2 and 3 dot laser in their product lines. At some price point it’ll probably make sense to simply cut the 2 dot lasers all together. 


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Stud Squared Tape Measure 1812-0025 by Johnson Level


This is a pretty interesting new take on a tape measure from Johnson Level that incorporates many of the basic features of a speed square into the tape measure itself. The Stud Squared 1812-0025 (coming soon) measures just like any other tape however the measurement of the tape itself is unique, exactly 1 stud width (1.5”) by 2 stud widths (3”). It also has a lip on each side and strait edges to mark your work surface once it has been measured. The only drawback we found was for those use to carrying their tape on a clip unfortunately this design leaves no room for a clip.


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Johnson Laser Cross Line Level 40-0921 Full Kit – Review


When looking for a good quality inexpensive line level there are plenty of options out there. We recently had the opportunity to review Johnson’s entry level line laser kit 40-0921 ($82, Amazon) and thought it offered some real nice features for the money.


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Johnson’s Magnetic Torpedo Level for Welding 1404-1000

We have been pretty impressed with the depth and innovation of the new levels coming from Johnson Level & Tool. The Glow-View is one such innovative feature which lights up the bubbles (no batteries required) on several of their new units. Most recently they launched a new 10” Welder’s Level, which is able to handle the high temperatures associated with welding work surfaces thanks the all cast aluminum frame and three v-groove magnets. This unit however does not incorporate the Glow-View feature, our assumption being the glow material may melt under high heat, but it does feature their SurrondView technology for maximizing reflective light in dim work areas. Check out the 1404-1000 Welder’s Torpedo Level if you are in the market for a really tough level. Read the full Johnson Press Release below.     


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Johnson Self-Leveling Rotary Laser 40-6532 Review


Johnson Level sent us this unit sometime ago for review however once it was here we realized we don’t have that many opportunities where a rotary laser is really necessary. When the Idea Foundry made its move last month to a space 4 times the size however instantly there were plenty of jobs, so we left it there for the built out for everyone to use. See some of the picutres in this photo album.


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2011 Spec Mix Bricklayer 500 Competition Las Vegas 1-19-2011


Less than a month away is the 2011 World of Concrete in Las Vegas and one of the highlights of the show is the Bricklayer 500 competition. Last year we were there for the 2010 World of Concrete and were really surprised at the turnout and excitement around this event. With over $100,000 on the line the competition is pretty fierce and many of the contestants have entire cheering sections with 20 or more friends & family. See the official press release below.  


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Johnson Levels Adds 18 New Measurement Tools

Recently we received one of Johnson’s 48" Magnetic BIG J Heavy Duty Aluminum Level 1501-4800 for review and our initial impressions were very positive. The construction is solid and very nice design with large viewing bubbles, rubberized end caps and even the comfortable center grips. The magnet along the side is a very nice feature, personally had never used a magnetic 48” level it’s like having 3 hands, I’ve seen the light. That being said we handed it off to one of our favorite contractor and long time Ohio Power Tool customer with a mission to try and break it. We will report back soon, in the meantime Johnson Levels has some other cool products like free Android Apps (Leveling Bubble & Visual Level) and just announced today a full line of measuring tapes and long tapes, check out the full press release below.  


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