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Diamond Edge Cutting Wheels Head to Head

Special Thanks to The Jimbo Slice Workshop for this Guest Post, some great info we think many will find useful!!!

For years we have been using bonded cutting wheels for our metal cutting needs, and for years we’ve understood their limitation and danger. A rotation disc at 13,000 rpms that could explode at any minute. Not only can they break up and hurt users and people standing by, they don’t really last that long. (more…)

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Stanley Buy Newell’s Irwin & Lenox for $1.95 Billion

Stanley Aquires Lenox Irwin

The giant conglomerate that is Newell manages a ton of different brands which include Irwin, Lenox and Hilmor under their tool division but also Graco Car Seats and Yankee Candles and many many more. We are guessing it is hard to effectively cover so much ground and at nearly $2 billion this is not chump change. Stanley, Black & Decker obviously does well in the tool space so this is a smart acquisition for them picking up a good portion of saw blade market with Lenox and a good chunk of the hand tool market with Irwin. Investor reports are saying cost savings (combining management and manufacturing) could be up to $90 million in the next 3 years. (more…)

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Sawzall / Reciprocating Saw Blade Tourture Test for Demo

Somehow we missed this when it came out a few months ago in Fine Homebuilding Magazine. It is a very nice detail comparison of 15 major demo blades for wood. Looking at price, TPI, cut speed, cuts, flexibility, etc it really goes deep with each blade. It was pointed out to us while having a discussion about metal cutting blades in Garage Journal forum which is obviously a different kind of blade but though it was a good read anyway. For the full story check it out here at Torture Test – Demolition Blades

You can also purchase a wide variety of demolition and other Sawzall / Reciprocating Blades from the fine people at Ohio Power Tool.

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Lenox Tools – Facebook Contest – Guess Hackman’s Time

Starting now Lenox Tools has a new online contest to win free tools and gear. It goes until the end of the month and is pretty easy to enter if you have a Facebook account. Basically it’s a shameless way to get more Facebook and YouTube fans, how shameless… but while you are there also checkout the CopTool Facebook Page and Coptool YouTube Channel 

Apply your best guessing skills to win LENOX tools and gear!  LENOX’s HACKMAN cut a Double Decker bus in Fradley, UK with a T2 recip blade! How long do you think it took HACKMAN to cut an entire Double Decker bus in half with the LENOX T2?

Guess the duration of the cut (HH:MM:SS) and post your answers on LENOX’s Facebook page ( between September 15th, 2009 and September 30th, 2009.

The first one to guess the right duration in order, will win a LENOX recip kit (9 pc – Plumbing/Electrician kit), a HACKMAN World Tour T-shirt and a Koozie! The winner will also be featured on LENOX’s Facebook page.

The video will be released on September 30th at 12:00 am on LENOX’s YouTube channel: and the announcement of the winner will be posted by LENOX Tools in the comments section of the video. (After being contacted, the winner will have ten days to claim their prize. After ten days, unclaimed prizes will be awarded to the person with next closest guess)


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