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New Lincoln 20V PowerLuber Cordless Grease Gun 1882 & 1884

Lincoln 1884

When it comes to cordless grease guns the Lincoln PowerLuber has been the top dog for many years. Since that time however there have been several new competitors in the marketplace looking to take their share of the pie. Milwaukee is probably the most notable recent entry into the market with popular model options for both M12 & M18 platforms. With the launched of the new 20V PowerLuber kits; Lincoln 1882 1 Battery Kit for $249 & 1884 2 Battery Kit for $299 it looks like Lincoln has added some features that really will separate these cordless grease guns from the rest of the pack. (more…)

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Lincoln Grease Gun Digital Display PowerLuber 18V Lithium 1864

For those responsible for maintaining large construction or farming equipment this gun may offer some very important benefits that will more than pay for itself. Over greasing a lube point can do more than just waste valuable grease. It can also damage seals, load bearings and create excessive heat that shortens a bearing’s operating life. The new Lincoln PowerLuber 1864 ($449, Ohio Power Tool) allows the user to monitor grease output for extended equipment life while saving lubricant and maximizing run time.


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Lincoln Lube Gift Card Deal on Cordless Grease Guns & More

Take advantage of great deals on popular Lincoln cordless grease gun models 1244 ($199, Ohio Power Tool) and new 1844 ($249, Ohio Power Tool). Simply fill out this Mail-In rebate form along with your proof of purchase and take advantage of your choice of popular gift card rebates. Visit Ohio Power Tool to view the full line of Lincoln Lube or Mityvac equipment.   

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Lincoln Lube & Mityvac Gift Card Promotion

If you are shopping for some new Lincoln Lube or Mityvac tools it’s that time of the year again for the gift card promotion. Mail-in this Rebate Form with any amount of the selected items and get up to $250 in gift cards. This year some of the gift card options have changed to include Home Depot, Bass Pro Shops, Target, Best Buy, Applebee’s & Starbuck’s. Also some of the products included in the promotion have changed, the new & very popular PowerLuber 1844 ($276, Ohio Power Tool) is included. The promotion runs until June 30th 2010 so there is still plenty of time to get your orders in.  


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Milwaukee M12 Grease Gun 2446-21XC – New Kid on the Block

Announced officially today Milwaukee Tool has come out with a M12 Grease Gun 2446-21XC (Ohio Power Tool, $199). This is a new category for Milwaukee and will go up directly against the Lincoln Lube 12V PowerLuber 1244 (Ohio Power Tool, $199) which has been the most popular cordless grease gun for several years. When compared head to head, Milwaukee vs Lincoln Lube the 12 volt Milwaukee has several advantages. The two kits cost about the same however M12 2446-21XC offers higher pressure with 8,000psi, a battery that can dispense 7 tubes, almost double the lincoln (although 1244 includes 2 batteries vs 2446-21XC kit with 1) and possibly most significantly the Milwaukee M12 battery is shares with 20+ other tools while the Lincoln 12V battery can only be used on the one tool.

The Milwaukee grease gun also offers many innovative new features right down to the basic design of the tool, which has a base and more supportive tube enclosure. Hopefully this new design will prevent some of the damage we see every day with cracked handles and housings. Lincoln does offer an 18 volt PowerLuber 1844 (Ohio Power Tool, $267) which can pump 8-10 tubes per battery and has 2 speed transmission, high volume & high pressure but even their high pressure option is only 7,500psi. The higher pressure is required for some applications, also very useful in cold weather or clearing clogged zerk fittings.        

Overall I think the Milwaukee Grease Gun 2446-21XC Kit (also available as tool only 2446-20XC, $129) will be a very popular item if for no other reason than there are already so many Milwaukee M12 tools and batteries out there. As the M12 line grows it makes the case stronger for all the other existing tools, also this is the first tool we have seen a kit include the M12 XC high capacity battery but it gives me hope on expanding the line further in the future. Read the full Milwaukee press release below:


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Lincoln PowerLuber Grease Gun (Corded) AC2440

The new Lincoln PowerLuber AC2440 ($188, Ohio Power Tool) is the new corded version that will plug into any standard 120V outlet and uses the 14 oz grease tubes. The AC2440 has similar output as the cordless 14.4V & 18V Cordless PowerLubers with 2 speed options, High Pressure (3.6 oz/min) & Low Pressure (8.0 oz/min) but will never run out of juice as long as it’s plugged in. Basically this is a good option if you need a lightweight portable grease gun to do a lot of volume but will always be close to power or a generator. In certain shops this might make a lot of sense however the new Lincoln 1844 ($267, Ohio Power Tool), 18V grease gun is now available which can do 8-10 tubes per battery so running out of juice with this cordless is less of an issue. Checkout all the Lincoln PowerLuber options.      


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Top 10 Power Tool Gift Ideas for 2009 Holiday Season

Unfortunately I don’t have any celebrity friends like David Letterman to do my top 10 list but these are some good gift ideas on Ohio Power Tool for anyone who loves power tools, ranging from $20-$299. Also all of the following items are eligible for the Free Shipping if part of an order over $99. Just use coupon code: TURKEY before December 7th. All these items are also currently in-stock but can’t promise they won’t run out by the holidays. Checkout the Holiday Specials Page for even more deals from Ohio Power Tool.

10. Hougen RotaCut Metal Drill Kit 11075 – $74

This hole cutter kit includes 7 different size metal drill bits from 5/16” – ¾” which are faster and last 10 times longer than standard twist drill bits. Ideal for any electrician, mechanic, HVAC, metal fabricator or anyone that does any work with metal. These bits work with standard chuck drills found in almost any toolbox.

9. Milwaukee Right Angle Drill Attachment 49-22-8510 – $49

This handy accessory can get you into very tight places and is compatible with any drill that can accept ¼” hex bits from 2.4V to 36V or corded drills. Ideal for driver bits, spade bits, ¼” hex drill bits and many other accessories.

8. Bosch DareDevil Spade Bit Set DSB5013P – $27

Every carpenter, remodeler, handyman or weekend warrior should have a good set of Spade Bits in the tool box but Bosch reinvented the spade bit with the new DareDevil bits. This is a great gift because even if they have some spade bits they will love to upgrade to these.

7. Ingersoll Rand Titanium ½” Impact Gun 2135TiMAX – $249

Probably the sexiest impact gun you could own. This titanium impact wrench is the lightest, toughest, most powerful tool on the market today. Any serious mechanic will love this gun.

6. Lincoln 18V PowerLuber Grease Gun 1844 – $267

Now a cordless grease gun is probably not going to be on most people’s wish lists however for many farmers, mechanics and other service pros this may be the ideal present to see under the tree. The brand spankin new 18V extends the battery life to be able to hand up to 8-10 tubes per battery. This alone can be a huge advantage when out in the field away from the charger.



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New 18V PowerLuber Grease Gun from Lincoln Lube

A new addition to the cordless Lincoln PowerLuber line is the 18V Grease Gun 1844. Currently the 14.4V and 12V PowerLubers are considered the top guns on the market and starting under $200, very reasonably priced. The new 18V will also use the current 14.4V chargers which could be a very nice feature for those that use multiple grease guns. Here is a quick comparison of the 3 cordless models:

PowerLuber 12 Volt1244 ($199)
– (2) 1201 Batteries
– Single Speed – High Pressure (2.9 oz/min)
– 6,000 PSI
– 3-5 Tubes per Battery

PowerLuber 14.4 Volt1444 ($248)
– (2) 1401 Batteries
– 2 Speed – High Pressure (3 oz/min) High Volume (8.5 oz/min)
– 7,500 PSI
– 5-7 Tubes per Battery

PowerLuber 18 Volt1844 ($267)
– (2) 1801 Batteries
– 2 Speed – High Pressure (3 oz/min) High Volume (9 oz/min)
– 7,500 PSI
– 8-10 Tubes per Battery

When looking at the stats it’s clear the 18V is similar to the already very popular 14.4V model but does improve the work time for each battery 30-60%. Which gun is right for you will depend on your specific application. The PowerLubers are used in a wide range of industries including automotive, farm equipment, heavy construction equipment, factory machinery, wind turbines, general maintenance & much more. It is recommended to use the Lincoln Lube Guardian Grease Tubes ($1.99) with the PowerLuber guns but there are many other brands and specialty grease that could work as well.


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Lincoln Lube & Mityvac – Gift Card Promotion 2009

Similar to the promotion Lincoln Lube & Mityvac have run before, after you purchase one of the selected products simply fill out the rebate form and presto gift cards. The choices for the gift cards include: Applebee’s, Best Buy, Bass Pro Shop, Starbucks, Land’s End and Darden’s (Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Longhorn, etc).


The rebate is good for $5-50 depending on the item. See the full PDF Rebate for specific models and amounts. Ohio Power Tool stocks a wide range of Lincoln lube and Mityvac equipment. If you have specific questions call Ohio Power Tool at 800-242-4424 or email



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Tent Sale & Tool Expo – October 22nd

For those of you that might be in or around Columbus, Ohio on Wednesday, October 22nd I would like to invite you to Ohio Power Tool for the Annual Tent Sale & Tool Expo. This year it’s a little later than usual so it would correspond with the launch of so many new lines of tools including: Milwaukee M12, Milwaukee M18, Bosch 12V Max, Bosch 18V Lithium, Ridgid Explorer & New Seesnakes, plus many other exciting product. All of these new tools will be at the show ready for you to demo, so if you want to try out the new Dremel Multi-Max or anything else come on down. Each vendor will be there in full force including the Bosch Big Blue Trailer. Milwaukee, Ingersoll Rand, Ridgid, Chicago Pneumatic, Hougen, Power Team and many others will have tents and tables set up as well. The event runs from 10:00am – 5:00pm or when people finally leave.

This is a great event for any one buying tools or just wanting to test out the new tools! Ohio Power Tool, already known for low internet competitive pricing, really blows it out for the tent sale. Lots of existing products are discounted for that day in addition to overall discounts given on all in-store orders. On top of the Ohio Power Tool discounts the vendors on hand have even more discounts in the form of promotions, instant rebates, free tools, tool trade-ins, etc. For instance, Bosch is offering $75 trade-in on any 18 volt, working or not, to upgrade to their new 18v lithium. That would put the new Bosch 18V compact drill at $129 and on top of that you would still get off an additional discount from Ohio Power Tool.

I’m sounding like a used car salesman now but it is definitely worth checking out if you want to get some really good deals on power tools or just get your hands on some of the new tools.      


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