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Video Test Milwaukee Grinder vs DeWalt vs Makita vs Metabo

We mentioned the overhaul of the Milwaukee Grinders in a recent post and how several of our contacts have been testing them in heavy abuse environments with very positive results. Check out the YouTube video below to see the Milwaukee vs DeWalt vs Makita vs Metabo small angle grinders in action for yourself. These are the 4.5” models cutting into thick steel plate until the motors basically die. The Milwaukee higher 11 Amp motors and overload protection allow the Milwaukee is able to handle the abuse better than it’s counter parts.


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Metabo Tools Introduces Its First 18V Cordless Grinder

Metabo is one of those tool brands that you’re not going to find at the local big box stores, sure a little more pricy but also very dependable and well engineered. What Metabo is most known for is their grinders, we say this pretty confidently because other manufacturers use Metabo as the target comparison when redesigning their own grinders for power and durability.

The Metabo W18LTX ($123, Amazon) is Metabo’s first cordless lithium-ion grinder and we are pretty confident it’s going to perform very well if Metabo is going to put their name on it. We were also very surprised how reasonable priced the unit is compared to other 18 volt grinders. We only found it sold as an add-on bare tool however, not in a kit with battery and charger so you would also need to purchase a Metabo LTX Cordless tool kit. Check out the video below for more info on the Metabo 18V cordless line as well as the official Metabo Cordless Grinder press release after that.  


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