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3 New Milwaukee SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drills

We got our first look at some of the new hammers at the Milwaukee 2010 STAFDA Booth Visit back in November. Now we are finally getting our first real info on the 3 that will launch first. It looks like they are starting with the smallest in the lineup but these new hammers look to offer some very nice features in compact SDS Plus hammer drills. Milwaukee has not been a player in Rotary Hammer Drills for sometime but with their solid engineering and focus on professional tradesmen we have pretty high hopes for these new drills.


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New Milwaukee Rotary Tool 2460-21 vs Cordless Dremel Tool

Milwaukee Tools now has a cordless M12 rotary tool which basically goes right after the cordless Dremel rotary tool we reviewed last year. The Milwaukee rotary tool kit 2460-21 ($99, Ohio Power Tool) only includes (1) Red Lithium battery which you really want two or more with a tool like this but with such a wide offering already it makes sense to keep the price down and offer their current users more tool versatility. The M12 rotary is also available in tool only 2460-20 ($79, Ohio Power Tool) but at only a few bucks more it makes sense to get the extra battery and charger.  


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18 New Grinders Launching this Summer from Milwaukee Tools


It was not that long ago (about 2 years) Milwaukee Tools launched a full line of brand new 4.5” to 9” grinders and they are at it again. With 18 new grinder models just in the 4.5” to 6” category Milwaukee is serious about reclaiming a larger portion of this market. It looks as though the new Milwaukee grinders will replace the existing units with several key improvements including tool free accessory changing, improved internal electronics such as overload protection, soft start and Constant Power Technology. The other critical improvement everyone always wants to see is more power output, which is achieved through either a compact 11amp or 13amp motor. These new grinders will be released a few at a time between June and August.


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Milwaukee Red Lithium Battery Features Explained in Video

Here is a nice short video highlighting several of the features of the new Milwaukee Red Lithium batteries we first wrote about last September. For more specs on individual tools specifically visit Ohio Power Tool, either the Milwaukee M12 or Milwaukee M18 product pages.


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Milwaukee Tool Cain Velasquez Flight Trip Sweepstakes

You have until the end of this month (April 30, 2011) to enter to win the Milwaukee Heavy Duty Fight Trip Sweepstakes at The grand prize includes roundtrip airfare for two, hotel, $500 spending money, tickets to a UFC fight and a meeting with the champ himself Cain Velasquez. There are also 15 other chances to win Milwaukee Tool Cain Velasquez Prize Packs and 5 of those include a $250 gift card.  

For more information on Milwaukee Tools visit Ohio Power Tool or call the pros at 800-242-4424.      

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Milwaukee M18 Metal Circular Saw 2682-22 Reader Review

A few weeks ago we did a quick post and video announcing the launch of the Milwaukee M18 2682-22 5-3/8” metal cutting circular saw. We had a little experience with the unit but still had some lingering doubts about how it would perform in the real world. Then last week one of our local contacts purchased one of these saws (tool only 2682-20, no Red Lithium batteries) so we pitched in a free blade and asked them to test its limits. Honestly we were a little nervous for the results because we knew they were not going to be nice to this tool.


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Free Milwaukee Tool Tee-Shirt with New Ax Sawzall Blades

Back in September we announced Milwaukee had upgraded their wood cutting Ax Sawzall Blades with several new features including “Nail Guard” and “Fang Tip”. We have had a chance to use these new blades and can say there definitely is a big improvement in terms of durability and usefulness in demo applications. To encourage everyone to give the new blades a try Milwaukee is giving away a Free Tee Shirt when you buy just two 5 pack of blades (6”, 9” or 12”). The Tees look pretty cool and for buying just $20-30 in Sawzall blades, a pretty nice freebie. Here is the PDF for the Mail-In Rebate information. Offer is good April & May.

**Warning** When ordering online make sure you are getting the new Ax Sawzall blades, Milwaukee kept the same SKU numbers as the previous Ax blades so double check you are not getting their old inventory or simply order from Ohio Power Tool who made the switch months ago.     

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New Milwaukee M18 5-3/8” Metal Cutting Circular Saw 2682-22


Last summer we were lucky enough to get to test out this new metal cutting circular saw 2682-22 ($349, Ohio Power Tool) and while it was still in its prototype form it was very impressive. For such a compact light weight tool it was very powerful for cutting through metal strut, threaded rods, pipe and others metals with up to a 2” clearance. Battery life is reported at 200 cuts per charge on the new Red Lithium XC batteries, up to 40% longer than the competition. Cutting visibility is also very well thought out thanks to the clear cutting window and LED light. While we probably won’t see one in every home in America this saw definitely has a place among several professional trades, and it appear Milwaukee remains committed to developing new products for those trades specifically.

Checkout all the Milwaukee M18 Tools at Ohio Power Tool and for more info on the Milwaukee Metal Cutting Saw 2682-22 check out the video below and the official Milwaukee press release below that.


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Milwaukee M12 Flashlight Challenge – Xenon vs LED

Our friend Stuart over at ToolGuyd recently asked us the question which is brighter, the Milwaukee M12 incandescent Xenon light 49-24-0145 ($22, Ohio Power Tool) or the M12 LED Light 49-24-0146 ($49, Ohio Power Tool)? At over double the price you would hope there would be some real advantages here. The lower power consumption on the LED give the flashlight significantly longer run time. Incandescent bulbs get very hot and also burn out leaving you literally in the dark and costing a few bucks to replace, not to mention a trip to the hardware store that might not have them. The light is also brighter and more natural white, but how much so is the question…


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Milwaukee M18 Cordless 3/8” Right Angle Drill Driver 2615-21

This new tool will be available shortly on the Milwaukee M18 page of Ohio Power Tool. Check out the video and official press release below. We will update again when we get our hands on one but looks like a nice addition to the line.



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