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2011 Milwaukee Grinder Overhaul – Hype or Serious Contender

At the beginning of summer Milwaukee announced it was doing a complete overhaul on all of its 4.5”-6” grinders promising more power, better performance and better overall tool life thanks to a variety of electronic improvements. In talking to Milwaukee’s product development team they were promising to outperform and outlive any of the pro grinder competition in electric tools. A pretty bold statement from a company whose grinders have historically been ok but never considered class leaders.

Working in conjunction with Ohio Power Tool more than a dozen of these new grinders were placed in high usage environments around the greater central Ohio area with some simple instructions. Use the crap out of them and see what you think. So how do folks like them after the first 4-8 weeks?


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Milwaukee Hand Tools to Take on Channel Lock & Klein Tools


The veil of secrecy has been lifted; Milwaukee Tools has officially announced their second round of hand tools and are very clear in their target of Electricians, HVAC, Plumbers, Mechanical and Maintenance/Repair professionals. In all we counted 18 new tools including various sizes of snips, strippers, pliers and cutters. There is no doubt in our heads, Milwaukee is going right after Klein Tools and Channel Lock to be the tool of choice for professionals. It will certainly be an uphill battle as there are long track records of pros using both these brands but the new Milwaukee tools certainly do make a good argument.

We had the chance to see all of these new tools about a month ago and have actually been using the lineman’s pliers for several weeks now. They are very heavy duty tools but also add some nice features. Most of the pliers get added pipe reamers on the head and some pliers also get them on the handle tips, a common modification we’ve seen to Channel Lock Pliers. These new tools should be available in October, check back under Milwaukee Hand Tools. In the meantime see pictures and specs on each tool below along with the full Milwaukee Press Release.


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Milwaukee Tool New M18 Cordless Caulk Gun 2641-21CT

We had a chance to test out the new Milwaukee M18 Caulk Guns recently and the most impressive feature was certainly the control this gun provided. Not only does the trigger offer very sensitive variable speed control but it also has a dial gauge to really fine tune the flow rates. If you have ever used cordless caulk guns in the past this is normally the biggest complaint, they are just sloppy. Also the Anti-Drip feature cuts off flow right when the trigger is released so you don’t get that last glop of material. With a claim of 200 tubes per charge this is the perfect tool for heavy caulk and adhesives. Read the full Milwaukee Press Release below and check out this video from our Friends at Chales & Hudson.


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Kickbike Scooter Powered by Milwaukee M28 Right Angle Drill


Unfortunately we can’t take credit for being the first to power a bike or scooter with a cordless power drill however we did feel there might be some different ways to do things that have not been done. Our desire to build this came in the course of doing research for a recent Blog-A-Geddon, “What device, vehicle, object, etc would you like to see powered by a cordless drill and how would you do it?” We found several interesting rigs online and eventually our inner 8 year old took over and we had to build something.


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Return of the Utility Knife… The Final Showdown


Well several months back we took a modest selection of 5 utility knives and compared a few common features in the original Utility Knife Showdown. However just after that launch Irwin launched several new knives that brought some interesting new features to the table as well as some very trade specific knives so we did the follow up Showdown 2 – Irwin Strikes Back. Not wanting to be left out of the party the Stanley Group sent over 3 additional knives from Stanley, DeWalt & Bostitch. At this point we feel it is safe to say we can do a pretty robust comparison with a good majority of the utility knives you will find in the market, in all we narrowed it down to 8 finalists with a good mix of unique features.


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Milwaukee 2260-21 Thermal Imaging Camera vs Fluke vs Flir


In the previous post we did a quick rundown of all the new Milwaukee Tools we got to see at the latest Milwaukee press event. Of all those items the most impressive to us was the M12 Thermal Imaging Camera 2260-21. This tool is a little outside the box for Milwaukee but it does stay true to their mission of providing the best products to their core customers. So most importantly how do the Milwaukee stack up against the competition?


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Milwaukee Tool, What’s to Come Second Half of 2011


We are not sure how many times the words “disruptive innovation” were used in the single day Milwaukee press event but certainly it was much higher than we could have counted. While we are still not 100% sure how their new products are disruptive; it was clear the guys at Milwaukee have been hard at work on the innovation side of things. With a narrow focus on who they have identified as their core customers in the areas of Plumbing, Electrical, Mechanical, HVAC & MRO (maintenance, repair, operations) Milwaukee has really seemed to figure out who they want to be when they grow up. Below are just a few examples of new products we were not sworn to secrecy on.


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Would You like Your 12V Hackzall in Red or Blue?

Yes we did cover this a few weeks ago in a post announcing the new Bosch PS60-2A reciprocating saw. But thought we would share a few pictures now that both items are actually on the shelf so you could see just how close the Bosch is to the Milwaukee 2420-21 ($129, Ohio Power Tool). Please don’t get us wrong we really think both of these tools are awesome for their respective 12V lines, we just personally got a big kick out of the similarity.


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Milwaukee M12 Heated Jacket Now Available in Camouflage

We were lucky enough to be one of the first to get to test Milwaukee M12 Heated Jackets last year, early in the season. Unfortunately not everyone was as lucky; many of the jackets did not make it to stores in time for the holidays… or even by the end of winter. Heated jackets don’t do a lot of good in March or April when the last of the back orders were finally cleared. It seemed that the small size was really popular and perhaps unexpected that women might really like a heat jacket as well?  

Next winter this will not be the case as the Milwaukee Jackets 2331 ($169, Ohio Power Tool) will be in plentiful supply as well as in a new color, Camo. This makes sense to us because the most benefit we found with this jacket last year was when we were sitting outside not moving around, like you would be when you are hunting. But what about a BLACK jacket fellas? (UPDATE: Realtree AP Camouflage Jacket ready to order 2332 Jacket Only or 2333 Jacket Kit with battery)


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3 New Milwaukee SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drills

We got our first look at some of the new hammers at the Milwaukee 2010 STAFDA Booth Visit back in November. Now we are finally getting our first real info on the 3 that will launch first. It looks like they are starting with the smallest in the lineup but these new hammers look to offer some very nice features in compact SDS Plus hammer drills. Milwaukee has not been a player in Rotary Hammer Drills for sometime but with their solid engineering and focus on professional tradesmen we have pretty high hopes for these new drills.


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