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Multiquip Announces Fuel Cell Light Tower at World of Concrete

Today is the official start of the exhibitor part of the World of Concrete which will last until this Friday the 21st. If you have never been to this show it is quite a sight with 3 huge indoor halls and 2 outside areas. Over 50,000 people are expected to attend this year with a ton of new products being announced for the first time. “Going Green” is of course a buzz word in any industry and the World of Concrete is no exception. Multiquip has announcing the first ever fuel cell light tower which in addition to being economically friendly also offers several other advantages in operation.


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World of Concrete 2010 in Review

This was the first year anyone from has had the opportunity to attend the World of Concrete. As a first timer I have to say it was a very impressive sign to see. Perhaps, down from last year but still just an amazing show with all the indoor and outdoor exhibits, vehicles, competitions and hands on demos. There is a true art to a trade show of this proportion, what kind of freebies you got, how you run the hands-on and demos, floor placement, how pretty the girls are if you have any and its probably important that you’ve got good tools as well. Just the shear effort alone that went into the setup and the volume of concrete poured just to destroy everyday… Checkout this time laps video of the effort it took to set up just one of the hundreds of outdoor exhibits.  


All week long there were several competitions which were really interesting to watch and/or take part in. The Bricklayer 500 would have to be the main event where teams build brick walls in 60 minutes and get judged on speed as well as accuracy and precision. There was also a Bosch Tools skills challenge open to anyone and several truck & large equipment contests for anyone with a license. The artistry in Decorative Concrete was surely the most skillful competition. Some real head scratchers as to how they did some of this amazing work. (See some pictures here)


Everyone in the concrete product business was here it felt like. Some personal highlights in tools; seeing Concrete Cutting Saws & Wall Saws in action from Diamond Products, Bosch had nice hands on demos for breakers, hammer drills as well as a few new products (post coming very shortly), Makita had some attractive girls I wasted some time talking with and alright Hilti’s booth was kinda impressive (which is saying a lot because Hilti is my mortal enemy). For the bigger equipment like the Ride on Trowels and smaller compaction, Wacker had a huge area (see video below) as well as Multiquip and a slew of others. Two days of 9 to 5 walking and I still didn’t see close to all the booths.

All in all it was a great show and really could not even begin to do it justice in just one post. There are new videos popping up every minute on YouTube and Also checkout all my photos in this facebook album.   


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GloBug Balloon Lights from Multiquip

GloBugs are ideal for emergency lighting, night time road work, outdoor events, and movie/television production. Multiquip GloBugs provide the absolute whitest, brightest output with 360 degree glare-free light. These Balloon Lights come with collapsible stands that can easily be set up and taken down by 1 person in only a few minutes and plug into any 120v standard outlet.

For a more portable style light tower solution Multiquip also makes GloBug Carts which are easy to pull and maneuver with 1 person unlike a trailer light tower. The carts are also compact enough to fit several in the back of a pickup or trailer and can work with any standard generator (although are ideal for Multiquip Generators).

Checkout this YouTube video below to see the actual size of some of these balloon lights and light towers. If you have no interest in Balloon Lights but love cheesy synthesizer music you may also enjoy this video.    


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